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Do Minimee dolls of celebrities/real people ever seem weird or creepy?

Sep 29, 2016

    1. So, I don't think this has been discussed before. Sorry if I missed the thread.

      I have lots of Minimees and for the most part I absolutely love them. I've even ordered custom minimees from Doll in Mind myself (not just being part of a group order or buying them second hand).

      But sometimes I feel a bit weird about them because they are based on a real person. I don't know how that person would feel about a doll being made to look like them and that kind of bothered me. I felt like I was invading their privacy in some way. I think I felt kind of embarrassed about it. Especially during the ordering process when I was selecting photos for the sculpt to be based on.

      It's not really that different from an action figure being made of that person or a character they play, but it still felt different to me.

      Has anyone else had these feelings? How do you deal with these feelings? I really like my minimees, but I don't like sometimes feeling weird about them.
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    2. I guess you should not think that way. Celebrities will be happy that they are being adored and loved..that is why you want a sculpt based on them. Just think of it this way, buying a bjd that looks like them is the same as buying their posters to be post on your room. :)
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    3. Oh, that's a really good point. I hadn't thought about it like a poster or something like that.
      Usually celebrities are really happy about action figures made of them, so they'd probably be happy about dolls too.
      Thanks! :)
    4. I do think it's different to own a poster than own a likeness of someone you can dress up, pose, interact with - that's very different to a static image of a person

      I find it a bit weird personally but each to their own... a lot of people probably think the BJD hobby in general is weird and I don't care xD
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    5. Yeah!!! They will surely be happy about it!! I for myself, if I am a celebrity, I will be happy if a fan made a bjd sculpt which exactly looks like me. :)
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    6. I think it's most like having an action figure of the celebrity/character they play, since some of the expensive action figures are a lot like ball jointed dolls.

      Yeah, I'm sure a ton of people think ball jointed dolls are weird in general. I should try to be less bothered by what other people might think. XD
    7. I've heard of where some people have made a doll of a celebrity or a character they play and shown the doll to the person and they've always been really excited about the dolls. :D
      Yeah, I'd be really happy to if I was a celebrity and someone made a doll of me! XD
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    8. I think if I were a celebrity, and people were making a doll of me without asking my permission first, I would be pretty upset. Is that something that happens? I think if it were marketed as a doll of me specifically and I wasn't asked to endorse the product/people were making money off my image without having asked me first, I would probably not like it at all. But if someone asked me, I would probably be very flattered and endorse the product :D
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    9. I think it's a case-by-case thing, as far as whether or not I think it's weird/creepy-- most of the time, I think it's cool, and I like seeing the different ways people express their fannishness. There's certainly potential for someone with a minimee to be creepy in their adoration of whoever their celeb is, but I see far more people just having fun and creating something beautiful out of love. I mean, I know someone who collects every action figure of any character played by one of their favorite actors (well, any character to get an action figure, at any rate), and tbh a single minimee (even with finding a body to go with) probably isn't so much more than that collection as a whole, so it's not even like the money is a 'crazy' thing. It's just a question of whether you're dropping it on a single large item or on a collection of merchandise.

      I'm more likely to feel 'creeped out' by a bad body match than I am by the celeb-lookalike head, unless it's a matter of one person saying creepy things about their love for their fave. But I see more of that from people without dolls anyway, so I never go into seeing a minimee assuming that the owner is overly-obsessed.
    10. Well, as someone who's got both a Minimee of a celebrity (Zachary Quinto as Spock - not using him as Spock, though, but as an elf character) and several of those ultra-realistic Hot Toys action figures - the action figures are "creepier". Maybe it's because my Spock head doesn't look anything like Spock (ice-blue eyes, long red hair, etc.) Those Hot Toys figures, however - they ARE mini Hawkeye and Black Widow and Loki and Coulson. I mean - holy cow! It's that kind of "Ok, if they start moving on their own I'll scream - but I won't be surprised at all" realistic. I've seen pics of Minimees who look as real and I wasn't particularly creeped out by them (I remember in particular one awesome RDJ/Tony Stark Minimee and one Mark Dacascos/Eric Draven one). I don't know how I'd react to them "face to face" but the pics - absolutely great!
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    11. I agree that a movie poster and a doll are different... the doll is creepier, because you can dress it up and pose it how you want. I think we've all seen x-rated BJD photos whether we like them or not, and frankly just the potential for that to be done with a BJD of a celebrity is really creepy. For me it's the same with sexual fanart where the characters are drawn to resemble the actors. Having seen actors react to those fanarts, they looked uncomfortable.

      Basically I think the concept of celebrity lookalike dolls is fine, but it's been ruined by perverts. :lol: (For the record, I am not offended by sexy doll photos or fanart, but I think using a celebrity's likeness for it is sooo inconsiderate.)
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    12. I think on its own, it's not creepy, but it can become creepy.

      Owning a BJD of your favorite celeb/character is just fan art to me. It is like the action figure or fashion doll thing. Using a Minimee head for your OC is fine. It gives the doll a basis without actually being that person.

      It becomes creepy (to me) when people start role playing or writing fanfic using the doll. Then again, I just find roleplaying or fanfic of real people (not their characters) to be extremely creepy anyway, the doll just takes it to a whole new level. Celebs may be in the public eye, but they are still human beings. Imagine if you came across sexy BJD photostories of yourself and a coworker or friend! Super weird and uncomfortable.
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    13. I have a Benedict Cumberbatch minime from Modoll, and sometimes I feel super conscious about it. After I saw a post of "10 creepy Benedict things you can buy online" I felt so bad, like I was a freak and a stalker.. but all I wanted was my Khan character come to life.. but I still am unsure sometimes about posting pictures of him. I also recently bought a second hand Jensen Ackles head, but he is a more "neutral" sculpt so he isn't spot on like the Benedict head is...
    14. Personally, I think it's a bit on the creepy side when it's of the actual celebrity themselves. If I was famous, I would not like the idea of someone having a doll that was supposed to be me. I don't mind if it's of a character that a celebrity has played, of course, since that's not a real person, but a fictional character. (Example: A RDJ doll would be creepy, but a doll of his version of Iron Man would not be)
    15. ^ Ditto. I can definitely see the fun of having a BJD of an actor's portrayal of a fictional character! But to me, anyway, the idea of having a BJD of a celebrity, rather than a character they portray, might be, well, sorta...kinda...a li'l bit stalkerish...especially since BJDs are somewhat anatomically correct - which pretty much takes them out of the realm of action figures. :sweat But again, that's me. This is definitely an 'each to his own' type of hobby!
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    16. I don't think it's weird really. I mean as long as you don't like take naked pictures of them and post them online cause that would be kind of weird I guess XD But in general I think it's pretty cool! I love looking of dolls based on people I am a fan of. If they make you happy then go for it! :D
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    17. I don't think I would own a celebrity look a like but I have seen some really cool ones of fictional characters like Solas from Dragon Age. I kinda agree that having a doll be the celebrity feels a little invasive of their privacy but having the same sculpt and having it be a character they played is a little different and doesn't have that same privacy issue. Its more like an action figure and isn't nearly as personal. People have posters on their wall of celebrities too so its really up to personal opinion and how you feel about it.
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    18. Does anyone know if the person they are based on ever get some money for these kinds of dolls?
    19. It does seem a little creepy to me but I guess it depends on how well it's done and how respectfully it's handled. Like if someone gets a doll sculpted like Daisy Ridley to look like Rey from Star Wars and gives it a beautiful faceup and costume and maybe takes cool in-character photos like Hot Toys did with their 1/6 figure of her then it's cool but if the person is like taking sexy naked pictures or doing weird and creepy photostories then yeah it's creepy to me.
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    20. I don't know. If I were a celeb and someone had a doll made of me, I'd be flattered.