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Do MNF hands fit Kid Delf?

Sep 24, 2007

    1. I prefer the Kid Delf bodies (jointed torso!!!) over the MNF, but I dislike the chubby kid hands. Would the MNF hands fit the Kid Delf arms?

      Thanks! :D
    2. Just a suggestion - put that in your title - "Do MNF hands fit Kid Delf"?

      And I guess you know the MNF's are all the old skin colors (snow and ns) and all of the new KD's are Realskin (some older snow skin or ns ones are still available).


    3. Thanks! I didn't know there was a skin color change...that does complicate things a bit! Oh well, lol.
    4. [​IMG]

      it does~!
      however yes skin tone is an issue. my cherry is the oldskin, so it matches the mnf hands, but my newer dreaming cherry's realskin isn't a skintone match :sweat
    5. I'm sorry to jump in your thread DenaliWind, but i'd like to ask:

      Intermission since you have both , could it be possible for you to take a comparaison picture of the minifée hands and the new kid delf hands in real skin, please ?
      They seems to be a lot more thinner than before but i wonder how they looks next to the minifee ones.
    6. and im guessing KD hands are too big for MNF?
    7. Here's a comparison between MNF and Kid Delf hands:


      I think that MNF hands would look REALLY small on a KD -- they're already awfully small for the MNF, almost disproportionately so.

      Here's a SSIN MSD-sized doll, a pair of KD hands, and a MNF:


      I am dead certain that there's another thread about this somewhere, but I can't for the life of me find it.

      Hope this helps!

      -- A <3
    8. Yes i have already seen the comparaison with the old body but i'd like to see if the new one hands look better in proportion next to minifee.
    9. Intermission: i notice that the ball of the MNF hands seems to get lost in a KD arm...does it still move alright??????
    10. omgosh I'm so sorry I completely forgot to check this thread :sweat

      anyway here are the requested pics..


      new KD realskin hands on left, minifee on right

      oldskin minifee hand on realskin KD arm
      the resin difference isn't HUGE, but it's there (which thwarted my plan for a cute pair of Cherries that can make heart hands :()

      also to reinedelaseine, the ball of the hands ARE a bit too small, so the mobility is pretty limited.. she can hold her hand up a little, but can't really bend it down. it doesn't bother me because I swapped her hands for aesthetic purposes rather than mobility :sweat

      hope that helped, and sorry for being so late with this!
    11. [​IMG]

      They fit :) But there a few things to considerate...

      -First, when the hands arrived i had to torn up their little hooks a bit or they wouldn't fit the kid delf wrist.
      -Second, like @intermission already stated, the mobility is very limited because the handball sink inside the body wrist, but it is still possible to tilt the hands up and down a little.
      -Third, like @Ashbet already stated as well, the hands are very unproportional, but for chibi-intentioned characters this detail isn't a real problem i guess.

      The doll on photo is 2008 Beautywhite, and i bought Beautywhite hands from DDE (probably from an older batch), and the resin match is perfect o_o i can't even notice any color difference personally.