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Do Our Dollies Sink or Float in Water?

Jan 8, 2010

    1. Not that I am going to put my doll in harms way, but i wanted to take pictures by the river, but I'm way too scared that she will fall in and sink like a rock right to the bottom.

      So I was wondering if anyone has accidentally dropped their doll in water? Did they sink? If so how fast/slow?
    2. EDIT: Bah! I guessed wrong! :XD:
    3. They sink. One of mine fell into a fountain during a photo shoot gone wrong and she sunk like a stone. I fished her out and unstrung her so she could dry so she was fine. But I assure you, they do in fact sink.
    4. I remember that someone here placed dolls underwater for photoshoots and it looks like they pretty much sunk.
    5. Ah! Then I will not be taking my dollies to the river to get pictures ever! lol.
    6. They sink. If unstrung the torso part will sometimes float but the rest of the parts tend to sink.
    7. I knew they would probably sink but it makes me wonder if you put something like a balloon inside the torso or attach a floating keychain (they do have those for keys for those that do waterskiing and such XD dad has one) if that would make them float so that way you won't have to worry TOO too much but I don't think I'd want to test it out XDD;
    8. It's a density issue, if something has more mass per kubic meter than water, it'll sink in water. But this way you could do really cool underwater photography with your dolls, as long as you make sure it has clean dry string afterwards.
    9. I know they sink, but I've taken photos in around and by the water. So long as you do it carefully, and the water isn't too deep or too fast, you should be fine. The park near me has two ponds and several streams that I like to photograph by, and so far the only thing I've had to do was take off some feet so that strings would dry instead of mould or rot. XD
    10. Can water do a lot of damage to your doll? Or do they dry off decently fast with nothing ruined? I would assume wigs would suffer the most?
    11. is mainly th wigs and elastic that take most of the death.....the resin just gets dirty (unless its clean water....but rivers dont sound clean).....

      i know that plastic dolls float (such as hujoos ect)
    12. Wigs can be washed, so I think as log as you hang it up for drying they won't suffer too much damage (maybe you can wash it with mild shampoo/wig shampoo after a dunk in the river).

      Elastic strings need to be dried out before restringing, otherwise they can rot (or you can just replace the elastic).

      But the dolls themselves and their faceups won't be harmed by water. They can be dried with a soft towel, or just be left to dry by themselves (it's a good idea to let them dry a bit even after toweling, to make sure their insides are dry, too). Metal parts may be affected by frequent dunking, but I guess nobody wants to do water-shoots every second day...:lol: I think bywater/underwater shoots are pretty harmless as long as one knows what they are doing and makes sure not to lose one's doll to the currents of the river :)
    13. Wigs and clothes can be washed, elastic can either be replaced (if you're paranoid) or just let it dry, it'll be fine. The sealant protects any blushing or face-up work, the worst that I can imagine is you might loose any eyelashes that are glued in due to the glue being water-soluble, but that's an easy replacement on the whole. I've had my dolls in water, snow, even a running stream and my BBB Sprite balanced perfectly on an uneven rock in the running water, never even offered to tip over. As long as you use common sense and don't leave it there by itself for a long time, it should be just fine!
    14. Thank you for the information everyone. A water shoot doesn't that bad at all. :3