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Do regular shoes fit on Volks tabi feet?

Aug 4, 2005

    1. Hello, all,

      Does anyone out there have a Volks SD13 boy with the special "tabi" feet? That's the sandal feet with the big toe separated from the others. Ushiwakamaru came with feet like this, and I see at Volks that you can also order the feet for SD13 size boys separately.

      I'd like to know if regular shoes can still fit on the tabi feet, or are they too wide? I would LOVE to get those feet for Hiro (who seems to hate wearing shoes). But I'm afraid if I DO get them, he'll never wear shoes again, only zori and geta! LOL!!

      Any help is appreciated. I did a brief search to find any posts here about the special feet, but had no luck.

      Many thanks!
      Linda S.
    2. There are some pics in this link, of the tabi feet and of him wearing sandals: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17416&

      Fyredancer's Lucien wears boots and other footwear, and the couple other dolls I've seen with tabi feet didn't seem to have trouble either. However, that's a good question you've asked, and one I'm rather curious about as well. I'd love for my doll to be able to wear sandals, but if other shoes become a tight squeeze, well...
    3. I have an FCS F-16 with the tabi feet and regular shoes fit him just fine (mind you I only have one pair) I believe that though the toes are split to be able to wear sandals, they're not much wider (if they're wider at all) than regular feet. Hope that helps %D
    4. My FCS F-21 boy has the tabi feet too. He can wear boots just fine, the ones he has are from dollheart. I even asked when I got his boots if the feet would be a problem too!
    5. Thanks, all!! Looks like Hiro may be getting a Christmas present :) And it looks like he will be keeping good company with other "tabi" boys! The two pairs of shoes he does have are from Poshdolls, plus I made him a pair of sandals.

      Linda S.