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Do regular Volks SD13 high-heeled feet fit SD16 shoes?

Dec 6, 2006

    1. Sooo....

      Will SD 16 shoes (like the ones being released for dolpa 16) fit the FCS FO-02 (high heeled) feet?

      I dont see why not....
    2. I find that the problem with HH SD feet is that they can't depress enough. The ankle is in the way. This means that HH shoes of more acute angles are an impossibility if you want the doll to stand. :|

      The SD16 HH feet are part of the legs, so they can't have the same difficulty as the pureskin SD13.

      Another question is what foot size the SD13 and SD15 have. They might be significantly different...
    3. hmmmm so its more or less pointless at this point in time to, when buying a FCS doll, get the high heeled feet?
    4. As for the use of HH feet, well... They are cute and dainty...? :sweat

      Perhaps there are some lower heeled HH shoes that the HH feet actually enable the doll to wear, but I wonder...

      Maybe I'm doing something horribly wrong with my HH feet! I just don't know - but it seems reasonable that you should just switch as you switch everthing else on an SD.
      Is there anyone else who manages to get the HH feet to actually enable a pureskin doll to wear curved soled HH shoes?
    5. Really interested in the answer as well. ^^;
    6. I'm probably going to be no help, but I've got an oldskin 13 girl with HH feet and she fits into dollheart HH shoes and poshdolls heels just fine. Luts makes some as well, but I have yet to try them. She stands better in those than in flat shoes with her flat feet. The pureskin ankle is different than the oldskin though, so problems like QuietQ's experiancing are very possibly the norm. (I don't think you're doing anything wrong! You SHOULD be able to switch as you please!)

      There are shoes to be found for the HH girls, there's just not as many out there. ^_^

      I also remember being vaguely excited when Olivia was released because she was HH footed and I'm pretty sure I read that she and SD13 HH girls can share heeled shoes!
    7. Necro-ing this thread.

      I bought the SD16G boots from the Dolpa 16 line-up,
      and they fit - admittedly very tightly - on my SD13 girl (with HH feet).

      She can stand in them, too.
    8. :o :...( :doh :barf

      Why does everyone else get their SD13 girls to stand in high heels...? What am I doing wroooong!?

      gabriel, your girl isn't by chance an oldskin SD13 with default HH feet...?
    9. OMG YAYE!

      Now to wait for Volks to release some SD16 shoes separate from outfits! :aheartbea
    10. ^^;; I'm...not sure about that.

      Nup, sorry.
      SD13G Jun Tachibana - swopped out her feet for HH feet.
    11. I searched the board but didn't find an answer to this question. Can anyone tell me if pureskin girls with the FO-02 high heel feet can wear SD16 high heels (specifically meaning Olivia's default shoes, and the high heels from the Passion Dream, Mermaid, and White Afternoon SD16 dress sets)?

      Thanks so much to anyone who can help! :daisy
    12. Yes. Even flat FO-01 feet can wear SD16 girl shoes.
    13. !!! Now my Cyndy won't ever stop bugging me for shoes :sweat
    14. Hmm, what shoes are you talking about twigling? Can you tell me which SD16 shoes you specifically tried on the FO-02 feet?

      I have 5 pairs of SD16 shoes and the FO-01 feet can't wear all of them. They won't fit in the Mermaid dress shoes or Amelia's default at all. They can somewhat squeeze into the LE FDQ boots, and also the White Afternoon dress heels (which I believe are similar to Olivia Morgan's default), but in my opinion their feet are too wide and make the shoe bulge at the sides. I can't find my Passion Dream shoes at the moment to try on the FO-01 feet, but they don't even really fit SD16 girls properly so I'm not optomistic XD
    15. I have heard of one member using SD16 HH shoes on her HH footed girl and they fit well, just a bit snug. She did have some standing issues though.
    16. I don't own an SD16, FO-02 feet or any of the shoes made especially for this body, so I based my comment on what I have read; someone did say SD16 feet would be able to wear most SD size shoes, and it has been said that SD feet would be able to wear Olivia/Amelia's shoes. I probably should have emphasised that I didn't have any personal experience with trying this. As Vulpes said, there would probably be some stability issues using jointed ankles with HH feet and shoes.

      Although I am also not sure about the fit of the following, (and the skintones wouldn't match) Musedoll HH feet and DOT girl HH feet may be slimmer and thus fit better into those shoes.

      You would definitely be able to use Volks HH feet and maybe sand them down a little along the offending sides if they make the shoes bulge like the flat SD feet do.
    17. It's pretty much a hit or miss with SD16 shoes and FO-01 feet. I imagine most boots would fit okay but the slimmer type heels will definitely not fit. Yes, SD16 girl (flat feet) can wear all SD shoes and they're slim enough to wear SD16 heels too although they wouldn't work out.

      I'd still love to hear from someone who has tried SD16 shoes on FO-02 feet personally and how that worked out. :aheartbea

    18. Sorry, I should probably have clarified. I also read in the same thread that the SD13 girls may have problems pointing their feet enough to properly wear and stand in the high heel shoes with the high heel feet.

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102823 There we go!

      I would also like to add that my oldskin SD13 high heel footed girl stands better in her heels than in her flat shoes. ^_^ No stability issues there! I would imagine the pureskin SD13 would be more stable because of the ankle construction.
    19. I found this in a previous thread about Olivia(http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91661&highlight=olivia):
    20. there were HH shoes released this July at NYC, but I haven't seen any available online expect the 3 pairs on the VOLKS site.
      I tried the 72mm shoes from Monique's but they were made for Tyler and too small. They are planning to have Super Dollfie sized HH like the Tyler Heels. This really rocks because the shoes are $12 a pair and gorgous.