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do tenshi wings fit bambicrony?

Aug 17, 2007

    1. the title says it all!:aheartbea
    2. I was wanting to know about this too. I think maybe the Yo wings are a little too heavy?
    3. No - one will stick and the other repels (opposite polarity compared to Bambicrony).

      I think there are other issues too but I can't remember who tried them.

    4. The shape of the back doesnt match either I heard. You gotta sand it down a little for that one wing to actually stick...
    5. The problems I had (I have one of the first generation bc magnetic bodies, so my comments can only apply to that ^^) was definitely the polarity, and the fact that the magnets are a solid clump in the middle of the back. Volks wings are such that you don't quite have enough space for both when they're both vying for the spot in the middle. They're also much heavier than the magnets can safely hold.

      Of course, you can solve all of this by getting a volks tenshi body and plopping a bc head on it *grin*. This was an experiment of mine a month or so ago, and I was really pleased with the result. Having a kips at the neck really helps, and the resin matches wonderfully. But it does end up being a rather expensive investment.
    6. You should talk to Aarie elf (So sorry dear if I am spelling that wrong). She has been playing around with tenshi wings on her bambies.
      The problem is that reverse polar thingy. But I think that if you actually take one of the magnets inside your bambi and turn it around... that with slight sanding it could work. But getting those magnets out without damageing the doll might be tricky. And then they can never again wear the default bambi ones. Unless you pluck the magnets out of the wings and reverse one of those aswell...

      P.S. I seriously considered doing it when I was about to get Pinku... I didnt much care for the bambi ones. But now I am happy that I didnt because the bambie wings have grown on me and look great!
    7. wow i was very curious about this, does anyone have pictures of them side by side?
    8. BC current wing placement, BC initial wing placement (only found on the first elves sent), Yo Tenshi

      Through clothing (current, Yo, initial)

      From front (initial, current, Yo)
    9. omg thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a huge life saver, hubby is helping make the descison! *huge hugs*
    10. That's not quite true. It depends on the wing shape being used and if it's the higher placed magnets.

      One Volks winged BC bodies example



      I sanded neither wing nor back and they fit fine.

      I haven't decided yet how much I want a BC body to wear volks wings permanently to go ahead and mod the BC body by flipping the other magnet.

      So far I'm happy by taking pictures at certain deceptive angles
    11. My girls are glad to help in any instance of tiny adoption ;)
    12. wow thanks AreeElf, those are some super cute photos they show how the look just fine. waht kinds of bambis are those? im bambi clueless.
    13. The pink one is a pepe and the brunnete is a roko.