Do Volks SD10 and SD13 girls have the same height?

Nov 1, 2004

    1. Hi everyone! :D

      Thanks to a very nice member of this forum I have finally found the soulmate for my beauty white Chiwoo! :daisy :D

      Now, I started to think my little SD boy would like to have a companion, too...

      Maybe he would like a girlfriend, so I was thinking about getting him Shirou's pretty sister, some day... (for my Birthday, maybe?)

      Anyways, my boy is an SD 10, whereas Jun is an SD13 girl!

      Will she be as tall as him,or taller?

      Please,let me know, thank you!

      Cheers! :daisy
    2. This depends! If your SD boy has long legs, he will be the same height approx. as SD13 girl. If he has the standard legs, he will be shorter.

      Then again, I don't know if the new SD13 girl bodies are shorter than the old SD13 girl bodies ... They don't have high-heeled feet anymore? And the new SD girls are shorter... More help is needed! :oops:
    3. Thank you, Broken! :daisy

      Maybe the DoA members might create a data base for all of the different Volks dolls' heights, what do you think? :wink:

      Maybe we should ask the mods... :daisy

      PS: my boy has the first pureskin body for SD boys, but I truly don't know if he has long legs...
      His legs look wonderful, but maybe they are standard legs.

      All the best,
    4. Aw. They'd be a sweet couple.

      It'd be fantastic to create a giant database for stats of BJDs. If I had one, I'd help. (this is probably already in the works, I'm so out of the loop :D. )