Do Volks YoSD clothes fit Bambicrony?

Dec 13, 2006

    1. I just ordered a Bambicrony. Now looking for clothes and shoes for her. Will Volks' YoSD clothes fit?

      Also what other shoes will fit Bambicrony?

      Thanks in advance.
    2. They sure will fit :daisy If anything Volks clothes will be a teeny bit more loose as Bambicrony are thinner than yosds. Mattel Ken clothes also fit Bambicrony, and loose Barbie clothes will too.

      I forget what their shoe size is, but sells shoes (also clothes and wigs) specifically for Bambicrony. Hope this helps! :daisy
    3. Ditto~ they fit nicely, but somewhat looser (not noticebly so, like the way MSD clothes are big on unoa, just not super-snug--sometimes volks yo clothes are pretty tight on actual yos... >_<)

      They can wear yo-sd shoes, but they're rather loose. Bambicrony feet are actually like one millimeter longer than yo-sd feet, but they're much slimmer and flatter.

      Fine for boots, or shoes with socks, but others (mary janes without socks, slip-on flats, etc) have trouble staying. I'm waiting on some bambicrony-sized luts shoes I ordered just for my girl, hopefully they will fit better~ :D
    4. I've also been able to fit my Kumi into some looser Barbie clothing, like sweaters and such.

      I have a narrower pair of shoes I got from Juju's...some she makes for Global Bluette, size #41-44. Those fit quite well without socks.
    5. 45mm shoes from monique, kemper, juju fit
      for clothes and shoes, YO , leeke, luts cutie clothes fit.
    6. thank you everyone!