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Do you actively play with your doll(s)?

Sep 2, 2018

    1. Of course I actively play with my dolls. I might be of the older generation, but I still feel like playing. They are around me most of the time. I couldn't just buy and let them sit there. They would just turn into very expensive ornaments. Been there, done that with other non BJD's.
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    2. Sometimes, but I go through phases where I'm more or less interested in/inspired by my dolls. When I'm really into them I tend to handle them a lot, dress them up, and take pictures. But sometimes I go through periods where I don't have the time or don't feel like it, so they stay looking pretty on the shelf. :3nodding: Overall I really do like to play with and handle them though, sometimes I have them on the table while I'm studying or in my lap when I'm watching TV.
    3. I wouldn't say I play with my dolls as such, but I do enjoy working on mods, face ups and body blush when I have the time.
    4. for now yes. specially for photography purposes
    5. I really like your comment. 'Escaping adult responsibilities' summarizes it very well.
      When I come from work, completely stressed out, I currently check on my doll first and spend some quality time with him. Posing him differently, changing clothes, wigs... Taking pictures with him on the balkony...
      It all helps to escape the real world for a moment.