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Playing with your doll(s)?

Sep 2, 2018

    1. Of course I actively play with my dolls. I might be of the older generation, but I still feel like playing. They are around me most of the time. I couldn't just buy and let them sit there. They would just turn into very expensive ornaments. Been there, done that with other non BJD's.
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    2. Sometimes, but I go through phases where I'm more or less interested in/inspired by my dolls. When I'm really into them I tend to handle them a lot, dress them up, and take pictures. But sometimes I go through periods where I don't have the time or don't feel like it, so they stay looking pretty on the shelf. :3nodding: Overall I really do like to play with and handle them though, sometimes I have them on the table while I'm studying or in my lap when I'm watching TV.
    3. I wouldn't say I play with my dolls as such, but I do enjoy working on mods, face ups and body blush when I have the time.
    4. for now yes. specially for photography purposes
    5. I really like your comment. 'Escaping adult responsibilities' summarizes it very well.
      When I come from work, completely stressed out, I currently check on my doll first and spend some quality time with him. Posing him differently, changing clothes, wigs... Taking pictures with him on the balkony...
      It all helps to escape the real world for a moment.
    6. I'm quite curious! I'm a very new BJD owner and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what is the way that feels right for me to bond with my dolls. I've heard of a lot of people talking about playing with their dolls, but I was wondering what exactly that means to you. Is it dressing them up? Is it taking photos of them? Do you have tea parties with your dolls? Do you ever give them voices or anything like that? I guess I'm just wondering what playtime looks like to all of you.
    7. For me, it's dressing them, putting them in various realistic poses, taking pictures, or just having them sit next to me while I go about my day :)
    8. The most active version of playing with them that I can think of myself is probably taking them to meet ups, and posing them with other people's dolls, that is pretty fun. Aside from meets, I do tend to let my crew do a lot of hanging around on the shelf. But I will pose them now and then in cute ways to shake things up. I always pictured myself getting around to doing actual photostories of them, but have yet to actually embark on that journey. Posing two or more dolls together is kind of tricky! I sometimes will let a doll sit on my desk through out the day and just practice posing them and seeing how the joints work and balance with gravity. I do a lot of writing, and so the dolls to me also feel like they are being played with when I am creating stories about them. I've never really created little voices for them like one would do with barbies or something, but I have insinuated that a doll would like or dislike a certain thing or situation. Playing with, enjoying, or bonding with your dolls means different things to everyone I'm sure! Just mess around and see where you end up feeling comfortable!
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    9. To me, my dolls are toys (very expensive grownup toys, but toys nonetheless) - so pretty much anything I do with them is playing! I do love shopping for clothing and shoes, and then playing dress up with them...and while I'm unlikely to join them for a tea party and say, "You look lovely today, Mrs. Haversham - would you care for a cup?", I may well buy furniture and props for a tea shop and take photos of them posing. Truthfully, the only things I generally talk to them directly about is how stupid a wig looks on them, or how annoying it is if their knees keep snapping up like a dead bug's. :sweat Mostly, I just like having them around.
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    10. Anything lol I have mostly 1/4th's and they fit some 14-18in doll stuff. Always an adventure! Photography, posing, taking them out places, meet-ups, (my goal is eventually sitting them all together and making them watch Outlaw Star with me. It's the anime most are based off of. Then Ranma 1/2... working on those.) Just about anything. As for "playing" yes I have come up with elaborate stories, posed them, "acted out" parts, took pictures. I just enjoy them be it displayed, on a shelf, or out and about. As long as they are safe I don't mind. People ask questions and I do my best to answer. I wish I was more eccentric and outgoing lol but I get by.

      Do what you like, to the best of your abilities, enjoy them, and have fun!
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    11. I tend to think anything you enjoy doing with them is considered play. My daughter and I love doing dress up with them. I love taking photos and posing them. Eventually I want to make photostories, once my crew is more stable and thriving. I also love making stories for them, so there’s that. (Though, my doll characters are different than my novel characters.) I have played with them like you would a Barbie with my little girl before because she asked if we could. So I think anything you enjoy doing with them constitutes as play :).
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