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Playing with your doll(s)?

Sep 2, 2018

    1. Hopefully this kind of question hasn't been asked before but the search function didn't get any similar results - so here we go!

      Lately I've been wondering if some of you guys are also > actively <playing with your doll(s)? Like taking them out, posing them, dressing them up, taking care of their wigs/clothing, etc. Just you and your dolls, no photography or sewing involved.
      Because that's something that brings me great joy! I do like to take some photos of them from time to time but most of the time I spend playing with my dolls :D

      So how do you play with them? Do you even make up some stories along the way you like to play out with the dolls?
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    2. I go through periods of time where I take their pictures and post them, but it's mostly just enjoying them on my own. I love to dress them in different outfits, and yes, I talk to them and tell them how much I love them and how pretty they are. :lol: I love the idea of making up stories and then playing them out, but so far, no I don't do that.
    3. I do this! I'm a dreadful photographer, but I do love redressing dolls, seeing what poses I can get them to hold, brushing their hair. It's very relaxing! Sometimes I'll hold one while I'm watching TV or something so I can braid their hair and have something to occupy my hands.
    4. Yes!:) We try to do a local meet-up once a month in my area and we all bring them out, take pictures, compare, dress them, switch wigs. All that. Sometimes we go to houses and sometimes we do restaurants that have a big enough space, sometimes we do libraries or parks. Some people ask us about them but they're usually nice people. Vacation, all the fun stuff !:) sleepovers
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    5. I was just doing this earlier today actually lol

      It started as "well tomorrow morning I will be going out to take photos, so lets pick out an outfit for a doll or two." and quickly became "Now every single doll I own is out and there are wigs and clothes everywhere."
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    6. I mostly play with MSDs. SDs are too big to have casual fun with. I do like the cracking sound resin makes when bent, though. hehe :lol:
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    7. I do play with mine as described, just little moments changing their clothes or re-positioning them to join me at my desk etc. My end goal usually is for photos but it isn't exclusively.
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    8. I'd say that I do play with mine occasionally. She sits on my desk, so I like to change her clothes and poses every once and a while, often in accordance with the seasons. I really enjoy photographing her, but it's nice to just change her up without having to take photos of her.
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    9. I sometimes take my girls out to dress them matching the weather because even though they are not going out (obviously XD), I feel like they should wear matching clothes when it is hot or cold. I feel so weird now, lol
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    10. No. For me they are more like photography models than dolls. I spend more time doing things for them (clothes, scenaries) than actually using on them. Im also kind new on this and too afraid, so I dont like to touch it a lot.
    11. I love trying on all the clothes and taking care of their wigs. I also carrying them around the house sometimes!
    12. I don't quite have the money for a lot of outfits or anything (in fact, I only own one outfit that is not a fullset that came with a doll...) but I did love redressing Masamune in his outfit I got him. And I carry Bontenmaru around with me sometimes (though not out of the house), same with Ming sometimes since he is so little. Would really like to be able to do "more" with them and do better photography though if I could! Or a meetup...
    13. Yes!

      My sister and I are both adults but we have sleepovers with our dolls sometimes. We've also taken them on vacation and thought up stories to go with some of the places we've been. We roleplay the characters online, which is a form of playing, but in person, we also talk about what they'd be doing in their stories, conversations that might happen, adventures they might have. Even the pictures we take are usually more of "day in the life of this character" than any artistic photography.

      I also can't seem to clean the doll room without spending half the time I'm in there playing...
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    14. That's kind of why I have some of my dolls! I don't *play* with my dolls the same way, say, a child would -- I don't often act out stories with no goal in mind other than acting out stories. I think I've kind of forgotten how. But I do pose them, dress them up, set them up so I have somebody to talk to while doing my homework... Hyacinth can comfortably sit on the base of my desk lamp and watch me. She's got the best "listening" face.
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    15. I'm not the greatest at photography or sewing, so playing with my dolls is mostly what I do with them. xD It's my way of getting to know them/their characters, I suppose. It's also something I find very comforting and joyful.
    16. I take great pains to pose all my dolls properly on my shelf once they're finished, but once they're up there I don't like to mess with them too much out of fear of messing them up. I really like to just admire them, since I feel like they're pretty much perfect as they are.

      I'm much more likely to just sit and pose and dress brand new, un-customized dolls. I love experimenting with joints and poses and different clothing styles, and I'm much more likely to just sit and enjoy a doll hands-on when I don't have to worry about mussing a wig, chipping a faceup or wrinkling clothes.
    17. I take photos of my dolls almost daily, but i am only 2 years in the hobby. :)
    18. I wouldn’t say I do it actively but yes from time to time, just so I can sit and relax (QUIETLY) and do something I enjoy. But I feel like when I take them out, photography is always involved just because they are too precious and I wanna show them to the world lol
    19. Fairly often! Sometimes I take weeks away, but I always come back to fuss with something else eventually.
    20. My dolls have been boxed for..probably far too long poor things. I've just fallen out of love with them.
      But I think it's time I got them out and did something with them. I'm probably going to make a new outfit for one.