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Do you appreciate your dolls less when you have more of them?

Dec 21, 2005

    1. I just have a question about owning a whole bunch of dolls (I can't define 'a whole bunch')

      I was just wondering if it makes any of them... I don't want to say "less special" since that sounds really bad.

      But does it ever make you appreciate any of your dolls less just because you have so many?

      I simply ask this because I set a doll limit for myself, I'm only allowed to have 5 dolls. But since that limit is coming up (I'm at 4 dolls) and there are at least three more dolls that I would ADORE having. But that would then set me at 7, which is obviously above my limit. And I couldn't even consider selling the ones I already have to get other ones when I have no clue if I'd love the ones I 'traded' them for as much.

      But part of the reason I set the limit is because I don't think I'd be able to handle more than 5. Handle meaning just appreciating all of them. It seems to me that if I got much more than 5 I might not love them as much (each individually).

      This might just be me being stupid about 'not loving them as much', and if it is someone correct me. Tell me what you think!


      PS If there's already a thread on this feel free to delete mods! Just point me in the direction of it ;D
    2. I don't think having alot of dolls makes any of them less special.. I do know however that there are some I would almost never sell, and some that I loose feelings for over time.. I think the whole idea of collecting is adjusting the size and selection in your collection over time.. (there are so many BJD choices)

      Some of my dolls have very distinctive personalities, and some are just pretty to look at, while some others either grown on me or not.. Besides, every month there seems to be new dolls coming out with various company.. Some of these dolls are purchased without seeing them IRL, then when they come, they don't hold up to their image, or surpass that image.. And then you can change eyes and outfit and wig, and you feel like you have a new doll!

      That what makes this whole hobby so much fun!
    3. You sound a lot like me! For a long while, I told myself I couldn't have more than three dolls. As I've gotten more dolls though, I've gradually raised that limit! When I had one doll I thought that any more than three would be just too many, but having four dolls now I realize that's not true. I know this partly because my sister keeps her dolls in my room with mine, and so I actually have SIX dolls in my room most of the time! And even though I'm rather attached to her dolls too, having such a crowd doesn't seem like too much. I have room in my heart (and shelves!) for all of them.

      I think the key to being able to have and love so many dolls is to get them gradually, so you can properly bond with each one. And I am very, very picky about who I keep, too.
    4. I have a big doll family and while there are certain ones that more special to me (my first doll, a special gift,a very strong bond) I love them all the same :) There are some that I like to dress up and take pictures of, some that I use as preferred models for my jewelry and there are some that I enjoy for myself ^-^I like to play with them, and even if not all of them get the same attention when it comes to picture taking I love each doll very much. Every single one is special and I would never want to let one go *smile*
    5. I have a big families. And I love them all. XD

      They all have different personallities, and attitudes. There may have been one I concidered selling, but so far, that is about it. I'm very fond of the dolls I have. I see many dolls that I 'wouldn't mind' having. But when it is merely that, I generally don't get it. Then there are dolls that happen to be love at first sight. That was what happened when I first saw El in person. heh heh heh
    6. I have some conflicting emotions about that. Part of it is how I really do think I need less dolls, but then when I think "I'll sell this doll" then a part of my brain/heart goes "NOOOOOOOES".

      I have everyone I'm going to get. New dolls are pretty when they come out but I don't want or need any more than I have which is a lot to be sure.

      The thing is that each dolls evokes a different feeling from me. Some I feel more strongly about, bit each of those feelings is important for one reason or another. It would be like asking are there some friends you like more than others and saying yes. But do I feel compelled to stop talking to any of my friends because there are too many of them? No.

      It's sort of like that. Maybe if they were "just dolls" I would feel differently but these are special and every one of them brings me joy. You have to go with what is comfortable for you.
    7. What having multiple dolls does do is reduce the time you can spend with any of them. The less dolls you have, the more gets done for the doll in question. Having too many of them also causes indecision. Where once you would have made doll 1 a dress, instead you now spendthe time trying to work out if doll 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 gets the dress, but in the end nobody does.

    8. Deleted...
    9. It's like having too many flesh and blood children. I should know I have four (and five dolls). The problem is that they are all so cool, cute, precious etc.
    10. I also agree with otherunicorn - love is unlimited, but time isn't. When I get a new doll, it means that my limited sewing time is now divided further, so they end up with fewer outfits made especially for them.

      It's also harder to decide who to bring along when meeting other doll owners - I can't bring them all, it's simply too much to handle.

      But I've decided that if a doll calls to me, I'll find a way to make time for them!

    11. I have oh I forget how many... more than what appears on my signature, like twenty-two and counting???

      I love them all, they all have distinct selves and they don't all require equal time or outfits or accessories.

      Sometimes I think "Oh if I had fewer I could do more with them", but I find it's not necessarily true. I adore looking at them, fiddling with them and all that... but I am not extremely creative and don't come up with great photostories and suchlike... I wish I could! I'm also so technically inept that I can barely post pics at all. :-(

      Maybe I tend towards "collectordom"... maybe after long years of habit collecting antiques!! I love surfing DOA and seeing how so many owners turn their BJD into little people, complete with personalities, likes and dislikes etc.
      Hmmm that's not to say mine don't acquire those, however... their numbers don't preclude that at all I find!!

      I guess it's a measure of my obsession! That is to say... I'm VERY obsessed!!!

    12. I will second Marcia. Time. Sigh... time.

      I truly love all my dolls. And I TRULY don't know how I ended up with so many. I have let a couple go but it wasn't so much due to time, it was just not loving them enough. I don't have enough time to play with all of them all of the time, and that does pain me. I WISH I did!! I HONESTLY wish I was one of those people in the "do you have just one doll" thread who love looking at all kinds, but really only want their one kid. My visa would be in better shape, I'll tell you that much. But, sigh, that's not me.

      There's enough love to go around, just not enough time.
    13. That's part of my rationale for raising my limit T.T

      I love having dolls, but when is too many really TOO MANY? I also agree with what Otherunicorn said, that time is limited. But that's also part of the other side of my rationale that I can't raise the number.

      I don't want to spend this much money on something that I won't spend time with. But even so, I know that just having them will make me happy (or at least satisfied) regardless of whether or not I'll play with them.

      I do play with the ones that I have currently and love them all dearly, and I really don't want to compromise how much fun I already have with them.

      But will it make me happier to have more? Or will it make me sad that I wouldn't have enough time to devote to each of them?

      As I'm typing this I realize I've listed more cons than pros but it's like a relationship, if you don't try it you kind of end up thinking that you passed up something great.

      It's all so complicated u.u

    14. I'm sure everyone's number of what's too many is very, very different, and of course it's up to each individual.
    15. I have a buttload of dolls, and all of them are special in their own way. I can't spend as much time with each, obviously, but then I can't spend as much time with any of them as I'd like. They all get attention fairly often...some more than others, because they're new or easier to play with (Fee gets the lion's share of attention, usually, because it's easier to take her places and take photos of her), but they all have their time. I don't think any of them suffer, just my wallet <G>

      When I go to a meeting, normally I bring the new dolls that others haven't seen yet. But then, I don't mind carting a dozen dolls around, it's just as easy as 1, IMHO.
    16. I collect variety of dolls not just asian BJD, I love my collection and each one is special, if I am no longer interested in them or if not bonding then i sale it, my taste change as time goes (i have been collecting doll for over 10 yrs) but there are some dolls I still keep bec. they hold a special place in my heart.
    17. I have over 90 bjds, and I am currently waiting for a few more, it doesn't make any of the dolls less special. I find the right time and look for every doll and I appreciate each doll in a unique way.
    18. This subject always reminds me of 'the cat lady'-an old woman generally, she has dozens of cats. Why? Well, she loves them. Should she have all of them? No. There have been perhaps thousands upon thousands of cases where the cats have starved or gotten horrible diseases, or the owner has died. Yes, you can love all of those cats, but is it practical to have all at once? No. Is it practical for most people to buy every doll they fall in love with at first sight? Same thing. You can't take care of them all like you could if you had a more 'managable' number. You are spending quite a bit of money on these things, be they dolls or cats. Food for the cats, clothing for the dolls, space for each.. For me, just as my opinion, I hear a few people say "Well, yes, I have (insert huge number) dolls. But that's okay! I'm the exeption. I can handle them all properly." Well, many people who collect cats say, "I can take care of them! I know most people can't, but I'm special. I can." I know that some people collect these dolls more than actually 'coddle' them, and I respect that, but there comes a point you really are just collecting, like plates, figurines, or anything else.
      Sorry for it being so long, but that's my opinion..
    19. Each time I look at a new doll, I think- How does this fit in? I have set a limit on my self, three dolls max (Plus one tiny, if the right one comes up :) ).
      So to curb my spending, I tell myself that if this is the last doll I can ever buy, would I still buy it?
      It's a matter of personal choice to how many dolls is "too much". For me, I can only see myself with three.
    20. I'm another person who can only see myself with three dolls. Right now I have two, and cherish them. I can see getting a third some day, but right now I'm having too much fun with my two to be looking to buy another. ANYWAY .... I wouldn't WANT dozens of dolls. Knowing me, having that many would actually take away from my enjoyment of them as individuals, I think. I'm not saying that is how everyone would feel about having a lot of dolls .... that's just how I would feel.