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Do you bother with eyelashes?

Nov 20, 2011

    1. I know there's a thread already about male dolls with eyelashes, but that's not what I'm asking about.

      I don't stick eyelashes on my dolls. I paint them on in faceups, but I don't stick the top eyelashes in like most people do. I'm not sure why, but it's never bothered me not having eyelashes - I don't think they look strange without them - and it's just not something I find is worth the effort, or that I have really thought about.

      My reasons are these:
      -My dolls travel between places a lot, often not too delicately :sweat and I feel like I'd crush the eyelashes all the time.
      -I tend to redo face ups quite often, and taking eyelashes on and off is just too fiddly for me to bother :lol:

      So my dolls don't have eyelashes.
      Does anybody else have eyelashless dolls? Why or why not?
    2. I never put eyelashes on my dolls. They're an extra expense, tricky to put on, and my dolls get manhandled a lot. I never feel bad letting kids touch them and play, or what have you. Eyelashes would hinder that.

      That said, I do think they add something to a faceup. Much in the way that curly wigs can really make a doll look beautiful-- but is just a lot of maintenance for my liking
    3. This.:lol: I play with my dolls almost like a kid plays with dolls, plus my cat likes to whop them about with his tail, causing many face plants.:doh
    4. Yeh, I don't really bother with upper eyelashes. My first two dolls didn't come with them so I got used to the look. I might put upper eyelashes on my dolls if I want them to have a dramatic look but otherwise I'm not too fussed about it c:
    5. Yes, I actually have a character who has really long, feathery white eyelashes, and this is an important part of his appearance for me, so he'll have eyelashes. :)
    6. Eyelashes will be the exception and only applied to the dolls that would be especially served by them. I've loved some of the dolls I've seen with very fair, light eyebrows and no lashes,,,not even drawn on ones.
    7. I have two dolls with lashes and two dolls without and it does give two very distinct looks. My DZ Mo and my RS An have lashes, though the An has white hair and blue brows, with black lashes. XD So it's a little strange but they work on him, giving him a more feminine, dramatic look, while the DZ looks like a female with his. The two without are my BBB Sprite and my DF Wind, and the Sprite doesn't have full bottom lashes either, only a few little red ones at the outer corners, and the Wind has no lashes at all. But his face is meant to be very masculine and so I thought lashes would be too girly for him. It depends on the look I want the doll to have if he gets lashes or not.
    8. Upper lashes? Not really. I think one or two of my dolls have them, the rest I don't bother trying to keep lashes on. (At least one of them used to have lashes and had them damaged but never replaced. They're too much bother for me.) Most of them do have lower lashes, though some don't have those either. (And hey *I*don't have eyelashes at the moment either, so they're in good company. XD) Part of the lack of lashes is laziness and disinterest in having to worry about the top ones, and the other part is my inability to do decent lower eyelashes when doing faceups. I just work the lack of lashes (and, on at least one doll, eyebrows) into the design of the faceup.
    9. XD Don't feel bad, Hominivorax, my BBB Sprite has neither lashes nor brows either. It just became part of his look. At this point I'd be weirded out by him having either one, it just seems natural for him NOT to have them.
    10. Yep, it definitely has a dramatic look... Well, I just pulled them off my teeny gem today and I thought "ya'know, she looks quite alright without them...so why did i bother with them in the first place?" but then, I remembered that I wanted her to look really something different. I would like my dolls to have eyelashes, but they are diddly and I can't be bothered sometimes and it's is not easy to find something small and subtle, suitable for dolls. My teeny gem actually was wearing human sized eyelashes trimmed to size, thus dramatic. The default face up for my littlefee came with suble eyelashes and I quite like it, but yes... They are a hassles as they have started to fall off already.
    11. I don't bother with them. Every time I change clothes or adjust a wig I'd have to be so careful 'cause they get damaged too easily for my tastes. When I have my girl I do think it would look nice though. So maybe I'll make an exception for her.
    12. I've had a doll come to me with her eyelashes falling off due to packaging so I went ahead and took them off and kept them to put back on later. The difference with and without eyelashes on her was quite drastic. She is a doll that really needs those lashes to be girly (and I'll put them back on her eventually), and I think thats something someone else already said, that one of their dolls has none to be more masculine.. so I think that has a part to play it in too..

      But also, as far as the faceup goes.. sometimes it is possible to go without lashes. Neither or my teenies have actual lashes, but they have the painted on kind and they look perfectly fine. So I think the lashes are just a personal thing :) like how you play with the dolls, someone who might not be as physical will probably want lashes more for dramatic effects or something :)
    13. My dolls have eyelashes. I put long ones on girls and shorter ones on guys. I think they add to the realistic look of them.
    14. On girls, definitely. On boys, mostly. Just in my opinion though. It all depends on what you want your dolls to look like, but I love the extra realism and the details it adds to every face. Of course, for manlier men I wouldn't put the giant huge thick lashes on them, they need the thin and sparse ones.
    15. For a long time I couldn't be bothered, but recently I had a pair of eyelashes lying around and got bored, so I put them on a doll, and they turned out to be exactly what he needed! So now I'm reconsidering the merits of eyelashes. I think you have to have just the right ones though. Blond eyelashes with dark hair drive me crazy, and eyelashes that are too long or short for the doll in question don't really add anything.
    16. One of my dolls has eyelashes, mostly because I haven't bought any for the others yet. I definitely want eyes lashes on a few of them (Specific ones) but I don't really care if a few of the others have them (like my Yo-SD). I'm not bothered that they don't have them, but I do like the way eyelashes look. C:
    17. Yes in fact I wish I knew how to do that over anything I can do for my dolls as far as re-string, and some repairs, but eyelashes, all I can do is fix loose ones. Putting on ones never work.
    18. In general, I do prefer dolls with eyelashes. I like the upper ones to be applied and the lower ones to be painted on. I just like the way eyelashes enhance their eyes. But I do have a couple of dolls without them and I think they look just fine that way. It's really just a personal preference.
    19. I don't use eyelashes, either, mainly because I paint all my dolls and tend to consider them a work in progress. I'm too lazy to put eyelashes that I'll have to remove the next time I redo their makeup ^_^;;;

      The only one of my dolls that has eyelashes is the Volks YoSD, and that's because the only thing I've done to her is to replace her original acrylic eyes for some glass ones.
    20. To me, it really depens on the head and the form of the eyes. There is heads that look better with real lashes and there is others who look better with the lashes being part of the faceup