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Do you bring your dolls to work?

Mar 27, 2011

    1. I'm a stay at home mom now but I was a receptionist for many years. I didn't have a doll back then but I don't think I would have been distracted from work if had brought one. It really varies from person to person. Not only what type of job you have but what type of person you are. If you think you would want to play with them then don't bring them to work. For me I would have just liked to look at her. No more distracting than pictures of my family I had next to the computer.
    2. The answer is: NO! No way. I think that my college's think I am childish. But I take my hobby as an adult seriously. When I retire and I would take one of my doll's with me. Only to show how beautiful they are. Some of my nearest college's now and see some photo's of them. But openly no one knows.
    3. Almost all of my doll openings have been at work. So many of my coworkers are intrigued by them. So I stalk the tracking and as soon as I see "delivered" pop up, a friend and I take our break and jump in the car to grab her. When we get back almost everyone loves to see the doll arrive. Even if they are not in the hobby they know it makes me happy and have fun watching me so excited. Every once in a while Maggie is requested at work and spends her days on a coworker's desk who adores her. (At least once a week I get asked, "How is Maggie?" and my response it always "Still a doll".) Lately I have been taking my puki everyday but not taking her out. I work at a place where you could take some amazing pictures, and I keep thinking I will get a break and go have some fun with her. :)
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    4. Well... I'm not working yet, but I did bring my MD Miho to university once! xD Everyone was surprised ^^
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    5. Yup. I've taken my tinies with me everyday for the last two weeks. My work has been really crazy and unnecessarily stressful for the type of work I do, so having them around has kept me from going postal. A lot of my coworkers know about my dolls and they're always excited to see them. I kind of consider them to be unofficial aunties. Unfortunately, my resin babies have to spend most of the day in my locker. My unicorn girl did get to spend some time up in the reception area on Thursday. Normally I wouldn't leave her somewhere where I wasn't and she could get knocked over, but it was slow and I was going to be going to lunch in a few minutes.

      I honestly can't wait to have a job with a cubicle. I'd keep a few pieces of doll furniture in one corner.
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    6. Im a crossing guard for middle school kids, and tho i have never thought of taking my dolls with me, perhaps a photo of a guard stopping traffic for all of them to cross in the crosswalk would be cute! thanks for the inspiration!!
    7. I work at an assisted living and I talk about them all the time. I brought my 60 cm Weylin in on my day off to show my boss because he kept saying he wanted to see him.
    8. When I was working as a waitress or as an extra in movies, no. That just wouldn't work well, but I have brought my dolls to the costume shop the last time I was assistant designing for a play. I think my coworkers thought that it was pretty, but a little creepy.

      I found that funny because actually the actors thought they were very cool and asked me if all costume designers had them to make clothing for.
    9. Never. Never ever! I don't trust customers OR my co-workers around them. They just wouldn't understand.
      Just the thought of bringing them to work makes me shudder! :shudder
    10. Haha, I am working outside in the woods all day! That is no place for a doll. If I had a desk job I might consider it though, especially if I had my own office.
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    11. Nope... I work in an office but I would be too scared something would happen to them... I wouldn't care much about what people would say, I already have teddy bears on my desk, and I have photos of my dolls on my wall anyway and every one in the office knows about them.
    12. no i dont bring my doll to work because i work in a restaurant and i dont want something happen to my doll, plus if i dont keep an eye on him while i'm busy at work, i'm scare that someone might walk out with him. I usually bring him to college.
    13. Well I work at a Daycare, so it would, obviously, be a very bad choice for me to bring one of my dolls there...heehee.
    14. I work in a restaurant as a waitress. There's never a day where I don't get covered in food. I also share a locker with a co-worker, so no. I would never bring a doll to work.
    15. I work at a small hairdressing salon that can get rather humid and steamy so no, not in my case. Plus there is nowhere safe I feel I can leave him there.
    16. I do actually bring mine in - I've got a rather fun desktop as a Systems Administrator, so I like bringing in my boys sometimes and having them sit on my desk.
      Somewhere on DOA is a thread I posted with pictures of my Yo helping me work :D
    17. I don't bring my dolls to my work, because I'm a teacher in a secondary school and I'm afraid the children play and broke one of my precious bjd.
    18. Sometimes I do!
    19. I work in a biology lab, so I have no shortage of eccentric coworkers who can appreciate another person's (somewhat) eccentric hobby. I'm just the administrative assistant, so I don't have a lab coat or have to work with centrifuges, so sometimes I bring Gryffin with me to sit on my desk and have people visit him when they need a break from their bacteria. Everyone treats him respectfully and with healthy curiosity, so it's a very safe environment, but I don't bring him very often.

      Most of the time he's so bored when I take him that he'd really rather just stay at home. When he's here, he just mopes around or plays cards when someone isn't coming to see him, so I usually let him stay in his room and appreciate him all the more when I go home and can take him out. At work, he's pretty, but I can't really do anything with him (because I'm working!), so unless there's a good reason to have him tag along (like a request), he stays put.
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    20. I wouldn't dare. I work in a warehouse, which would be dangerous for them, and it's full of toys, which would confuse the security when I left.
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