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Do You Collect Doll Parts & Pieces!!!

Sep 25, 2010

    1. Couldn't find another thread like this

      Does anyone buy doll parts just because they are there???? :o I've got a tendency to buy up cheap doll parts for dolls I don't have in hopes that they'll be compatible with my current dolls or in hopes that I'll eventually get the rest of the doll. I've always got good intentions for these parts...but some of them haven't worked out quite yet. I consider parts to be heads or any pieces.

      I'll probably end up making a project look like a frankendoll or something :x
    2. Yes! I do this. Cheap doll parts (Someone on here was selling $1 hands, and I've seen legs and odd-shaped torso bits go for tiny sums too) tend to draw me in. I never know what to do with them, but they're just nice things to have, sometimes. Also, I'm a complete sucker for "cheap" secondhand dolls, especially damaged ones. If it's less than £100, and looks a bit mournful, I generally end up buying it.
    3. I buy them if it's something I need for a specific resin person. However, that is how I end up with floating heads -- they're affordable, where as a whole doll all at once isn't always. So then I end up with a head that has to sit for awhile, because I don't have cash for a body. I currently have two floating heads.
    4. Yay I'm glad I'm not the only piece collector! The only time I won't buy up a piece if it's cheap is if it was an odd color, I'm not really big into fantasy colors and tan pieces are probably too hard to match (I've only got one tan doll so I dunno).

      Ratty - Ah, I've never been lucky enough to grab up any cheap hands. I'm starting to prefer secondhand dolls over new...I like the prices better and the slight color change with age. Mod parts & dolls make me sad so I think I buy them out of pity.

      Taco - I like that term, "resin person". Buying extras for a certain doll was my initial idea, but I can't always find hybrid comparisons so I'll buy the pieces in hopes of something working out...sometimes it works....but right now I've got a little box of fails. I just glanced at my box of floating heads...I know how you feel about a doll having to wait.
    5. I used to do this. If ever i had extra monies lying around i would tend to spend it on Damaged heads in hopes that i would mod them later. Only to find out i wasn't ready until just recently.
      I am glad that bought those heads because now i have almost finished modding one and she is turning out wonderfully.
      I tend to buy parts that i know i will use later only because i am really poor so i have to conserve...

      If i had spare money lying around i know for a fact i would buy cheap parts just because they were going for outrageously cheap...
      I love spare parts! Frankendolls are awesome!!!
      i am going to start on one in a few months or so... :)
    6. Hands. I dread the Yakuza Pinky Syndrome, especially with most of my collection being older dolls in various stages of color change (mostly Delfs), so I have various "backups". Then too, I have the fantasy of actually doing every project I think of, and changing finger positions through heat is one of them. So I have extras of certain company hands that sort of annoy me and are begging to be repositioned, to practice on.

      Oh yes, floating heads. I have a Tote Bin of Heads by now....

      And the occasional pair of feet. A spare body for a favorite doll, since her company subsequently changed the body and I prefer the old one. And an upper/lower arm for a future true Frankendolly....

      And I do feel a strange impulse to buy, on the rare times someone is selling off a separate torso top.....
    7. Yes, I'm a little floating head princess (I have 3 right now and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be 4 by the end of next month).
      Whenever I see a pretty head with a good price tag on I just can't resist .. especially because it is usually a lot easier to get the matching bodies later, the heads though .. not always.
      Also, hands. I love doll hands, I can never have enough. Even if I don't actually use most of them.
    8. I try not to because it sways me away from my doll plans! HAHAHA! But sometimes it ends up being the better way. For example, for about six months I have had plans for a specific doll sculpt to be a character of mine. However, I found another doll sculpt while I was scouting around the marketplace that fits her character much better. I am much happier going this route than the one I was previously going on.
    9. Muahaha, I'm thinking about getting some more random parts. I'm really starting to like the idea of a frankendoll...it would greatly reduce my box-o-parts and then I could start getting more parts! :aheartbea

      repulsive333 - I love damaged heads. I never seem to have enough of them. I've wanted to mod for a long time, but I only recently got a head I could actually mod...and I could finally find milliput. I try to conserve and buy only what I need...but sometimes I find that things go too cheap to do that sometimes. I'd love to see your frankendoll when you make one! I'm thinking about making one in the future, but I don't have enough compatible pieces (go figure) lol.

      hobbywhelmed - I've been thinking about repositioning one of my El's hands..but I'm a bit too scared to do it. I can't seem to get any extra hands that would work though :(. An extra body? That's awesome! My floating heads wish they had any kind of body haha!

      Hatsya - I love doll heads...I've got a bit of an obsession with painting doll heads so the more the merrier. It seems like the cheaper the doll the prettier they turn out to be.

      masala_chai_tea - My doll plans get the boot everytime I find something cheap. I'm glad you got your character!