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Do you collect other sizes??????

Aug 21, 2008

    1. I was curious how many of you collect other sized dolls and how well they fit together. Do you have whole families or do you tend to stick with only tinies?I have only 1 Bisou ai little girl, but have 2 petite ais on order, they will be her older sisters, i also have my first msd on order, but she will be stand alone as i doubt i will find another to pair he with.How about you guys?
    2. i dont have a doll yet but i plan on getting a few diffrent sizes, i want anywhere from 60-70 cm dolls for my two boys and the 2 girls i want to be just slightly shorter then them, and then i want one little girl that i want to be pretty small cuz she's going to be the kid
    3. I have a whole family of different sizes :D my sd sized girl has a ghost sister who's an msd (still waiting till she arrives), she also has an adopted daughter who's lati green size :D I also have a few more tiny's but they are elves so they arent in scale with the others. I'm also planning to buy a boy who's 65 cm XD my biggest so far, 10 cm bigger then my sd girl :D
    4. I'm a tiny person for sure. I have plans for at least 5 more dolls, and only one of them is "larger". She'll be an MSD and I'm honestly debating whether or not she'll be too big... Guess I'll find out! I do think that tinies tend to be a bit more exclusive than the other sizes... It's fairly often that you'll see someone with 10+ tinies and no other sizes, but not so much that way with the bigger dolls.
    5. All my ABJDs are tinies. The largest is LaTi Green, going down in size to the smallest, LaTi White. I have LaTi and other kinds in all sizes in between, too. :D I would love to have a larger ABJD ... maybe ElfDoll Sooah, but since I have also collected many antique and modern dolls in tiny to very large (36") sizes for many, many years before ABJDs came along, I am trying hard to not to expand my doll family ... just yet. I think I may sell some of the antique and modern dolls, and then there would be more space in my doll room. I wonder if my husband and daughter would notice if a new large resin girl came home one day ...?!
    6. My largest BJD is Cutie Delf Mary, then I have HDL Teenie, these two who are sisters. It's a large jump down to my other tinies all between 6 & 4 inches. I did have an MSD, but she just wasn't for me. Other dolls I have up to 39", but they are so very different.
    7. Well, I've gone the other way.. My first doll was a 70 cm doll. Then I got a 58 cm. A 55 cm... Then my NobilityDoll squirrel who was the one that got me hooked on a smaller size.. and now I've got pukis on the brain with one home, two on their way and one or two more on my wishlist...

      I still plan to get more of the larger dolls... but every time I look at something for them, even a body for my floating head, I keep thinking "but I can get TWO pukis for that price..."

      I'm doomed...
    8. My tallest is 14 inches...I am tempted by many msds, but haven't bought one yet! We love the tinies in this house.
    9. Not yet, but I plan to as soon as I can afford to adopt more dolls. <3
    10. I started out with MSDs and intended for it stay that way because I thought to mix sizes would offend my sense of symmetry, but I was enchanted by a Bobobie tiny and had to have her. Now, I have 7 MSDs and 4 tinies and surprisingly, they fit very well together. They are a family.

      Now, I'd actually like to have a couple of SDs...I've had my eye on a girl that I think I may start saving for.
    11. I'm desperately eyeballing Yo-SD Ayumu/Tanpopo aswell as Puki Pipi's and Pukisha's ...

      I have a Soom Super Gem Cream White Onyx who will be the odd one out in my family as she is very mature and realistic... debating keeping her for that reason... she wont arrive until next month.

      I held a Puki in my hand at the convention, and thanks to clochette I'm thoroughly doomed. I whine about them hours each day... He will give in soon. I know it.

      "Puki puki puki puki puki puki.. meeeooowww... puki puki puki puki..."
      "Yli wants a Pukisha..."
      "Puki puki puki puki..."
      "Aawwee look so cute, curled up in their hand..."
      "Puki puki..."
    12. I started with MSD sizes and worked down to tinies. I have a single bid SD-13 doll but she's like the mother figure to all of them really. I do have a family units within my dolls: my main family being the mom (SD-13), her preteen fraternal twins (boy & girl MSD dolls), and the baby of the family, a preschooler Yo-SD boy. There are other kids they know and interact with and that where the other tinies I own come into play.
    13. I have an SD, 3 MSDs, an anthro, and three tinies that are all different sizes. I like collecting all different sizes because I like seeing how different they all are. Also, I don't feel like I am overrun with too many dolls since they are all distinct. I like the MSD size because I have a lot of clothing for them already, but aside from them, I think the most I would like of the same size is two so they can be friends. Otherwise they are all separate and not in families.
    14. I have primarilly 60cm dolls, 2 MSD and just got my first tiny -a YoSD Kira. I like the bigger dolls better for dressmaking. The MSD I off and on contemplate selling.

      But the YoSD I'm really liking other than the lack of available patterns. Its also nice to have a doll small enough to travel with as she fits in my purse/backpack. I've lugged the big kids around to Japan and back and to Kyoto for dolpha, and shes got them beat in that dept. Also there are lots of miniature accessories that one can buy, not intened for BJD but that fit nonetheless, like rement and there are these dress your own mini bear stand at gift shops here in Japan.
    15. I have every size from standard Lati White up to SD16. Nothing bigger than that, the 16 seems to be my limit.
    16. I ADORE the tinies, my first love was Belle Lati white, fell head over heels for her but then realized just how tiny she would be, i am so clumsy i would probably end up breaking her! Just think the tines and the animals too are the sweetest creations on the planet i love to look at their pics and drool, maybe one day i will add a few and just not play with them, just to sit and look at myself.
    17. I have a baried amount of sized. at the moment I own a puki, a yo sd, a msd, and a sd. I think YO's are the perfect size tiny to go with my other dolls they look very well in proportion with msd and sd sized ^^
    18. I have one AOD tiny (mimi). She has an older sister Hitomi (aod fei). None of my other girls have sisters yet. But they all will!Im looking at buying a dz tiny for Reiko (DZ feilian).
    19. I always say ...I collect tinys ..
      and I have a couple of larger dolls ...
      (3 SD and 1 on the way and Unoa ,1 and 2 Seola , ...Orientdoll Tae and SDC Kurt ... )
      I do like the larger ones ...they are all dolls I wanted for a long time
      the large dolls are very much working dolls ....different size heads for modeling the wigs ...
      I have tried to get one of every size ,
      so I get the doll I really like

      but its the tiny I am crazy over ...I feel differently about them
      I dont really do the family thing ...I just collect what I like

      ...I have also noticed the past 12 months ...the increase in tiny wig sales ...especially Puki ...so that means that tiny are growing in popularity ...cool
    20. I would love to own another tiny! It's just finding the right one that's my problem x3

      But yes i collect other sizes, i have 2 60cm+ and 2 40cm+.