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Do you connect with doll's better when they're based after your oc's?

Sep 15, 2017

    1. Do you find that you are more connected to dolls who are based after your own original characters? Do you have any dolls that aren't but love them just as much or the same? I know people collect bjd's because we like them but what makes you really connect with them, possibly in the kind of way that would make it impossible or difficult to part with them?
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    2. I know for me, I'm in love with a BJD once they have a faceup and an outfit that makes them my character. Or several, if they're Tacet, I guess. I'm planning another Etsy spree to spoil her. I become super attached to a doll once they become so much their character that I learn new things about the character through the doll
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    3. My dolls are kind of OCs in that they're sort of the embodiment of imaginary friends, but while I had specific things I was looking for in their dolls, I've already noticed subtle changes to their characters since getting the dolls. The characters they were based on were always a bit mercurial, though, so that's not entirely surprising.

      If I did get a doll without an OC in mind (say because I fell in love with a sculpt), I would definitely end up creating a character for them - it's hard to imagine having a doll that wasn't in some way, shape, or form a character.
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    4. hmmm...what makes me connect with my doll....
      I acutally thing the process of working on her. Making clothes, creating the image I have in my head :3 Trying out new things for her character, realizing it doesn't work...
      If would have the doll just sitting around because she is pretty and do nothing with her...not even thinking up a character....then it might be easier for me to part with them.

      So yeah for me it's all about the process! Doesn't matter if it is a OC or an already existing character :3 as long as there is some kind of process involved I can connect!
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    5. For me is impossible to not create a character for BJDs, it just happen as I look at them. I don't think it makes impossible to part with them because the character could be shelled in another BJD but is what makes it more enjoyable for me, since it gives this extra touch of making them more than a pretty piece of art to look.
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    6. My sentiment for my dolls usually comes before I assign them a character (IF I assign them a character), while I'm working on putting their image concept together.

      The dolls I'm most fond of in my collection and wouldn't want to part with don't have "characters". I just like the doll for the doll that it is.

      I've sold more dolls with "characters" because I got bored of the character concept and so strongly associated the "character" with the doll that I didn't want to try and re-make a character for the doll.
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    7. This is totally me, I so much enjoy the artistry and process of making a doll in it's own way a beautiful piece of artwork, I find my attachment stems from time put into a doll. My one doll was previously owned by a sibling whom I bought her off of, I had already made her clothes constantly and a few wigs, so when my sister wanted to sell her to me I was really happy! I had already had a connection with her.
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    8. Surprisingly, no. I'm just as attached to the ones that aren't my OCs. I'm most attached to the ones that don't have company face ups and aren't hard to find, as I'm not as scared if damaging them. As a result, they get picked up more and played with more.
    9. I feel more attached if they are my OCs because I roleplay those dolls and that helps me get to "know" them better. All of my dolls have characters, but some of them are just pets or have a very simple fantasy character. Those, I find cute and like a lot but don't have the same connection as those with in depth characters. I have also had a few dolls who were based on existing characters and I don't really bond to them at all because I feel to limited to what their creator came up with for them that I can't put my own creativity into them at all.
    10. I've found that I have a much stronger bond with the ones I've already assigned a specific character (an OC, or based of an existing character I love) a lot more than ones I get first and develop later. It's why I've made a policy with myself to mainly focus on bringing in bjds I've already decided are specific characters I've got in mind.

      I discovered this with my first doll, actually. I picked her out because I liked her aesthetic at the time, but didn't have a character in mind for her, or even a name. In fact, I still don't know who she is, even though I've had her for over 7 years. I've made several attempts to grow attached to her, and unfortunately I'm just not bonding with her. The whole situation has taught me where I need to focus on my collection, and how I go about developing it.

      In the end, it helps me limit my interest in bringing in a bunch of new bjds, and saves me from going too crazy on constant spending sprees. And it allows me to still be personal with each one I have. :kitty2
    11. I think there are several ways, and everybody has his own method or even several.

      Personally, I love movies, so I prefer my crew as movie characters. I like to think beyond their films, so they develop new situations and stories. And I happily mix universes - be it Star Trek, Harry Potter or Marvel.
    12. Definitely!
      My first doll was more or less just a random character while my second was an OC I had for a while. And even if I hate to admit it, I definitely love her more. I even thought about selling my first girl... But I could never
    13. Yes, definitely. I got an IoS Ciel Phantomhive and while he's beautiful and I love the character, I ended up selling him because it's just not the same.
    14. All my dolls are my OCs and I love them so much, I have two brothers who totally dont work together as dolls! The oldest brother is a skinny little Impledoll and the younger brother (with about 9 years difference!) is a chunky Dikadoll who's way bigger, but as individual characters, they work so well as the OCs that I cant bear to change it, even if together it looks kinda silly XD Although sometimes I see sculpts I love and an OCs crates itself and fits into the group, I have no regrets about that! They each become a solid character with a place in my head that feels like a long time member XD
    15. All my dolls are OCs. To this point I haven't been able to justify purchasing one who isn't. Recently this has left me with a conundrum- there are a few sculpts I just "like" for no other reason than I find them attractive, and staring at them repeatedly hasn't allowed me to mentally shoehorn them in anywhere.

      If I ever did purchase a doll without an invented persona, however, I'm sure he would spawn one shortly. I don't think I'm capable of retaining interest in a doll who doesn't have a character, because then for me there is no reason for him to look a certain way. Okay scars look cool, but why does he have a scar? Why is he wearing armour or an old hoodie? Without a concept to aim for, there is no reason to make anything for him, and crafting to materialize their character concept is the main way I bond with any doll.
    16. My dolls and I are a great case study for this.

      Alex, my first, had literally no character when he arrived. He technically doesn't have one even now, five years later. Ethan, the newcomer, is based on an OC of mine and he's been here about a week. Guess which one I've bonded better with.

      Answer: Ethan. And it's probably going to be the same with his girlfriend if and when she comes.
    17. For me it's the opposite sadly. Especially with sets - I like to study and understand dolls because I feel like they have stories of their own. Sometimes I embellish them. I'm working on a really simple story for my doll and even though she might be given a very generic story or background, it's open ended. I also like to study them in their modern and immediate surroundings, because it'll add an extra dimension for me to flesh out their personalities.
    18. It does help, but sometimes I still can't connect with the sculpt even if they are based off of my OC's. :sigh
    19. Short answer: yes.
      I have gotten several that weren't based on OCs and most were sold eventually or came to represent an OC.
      If I get a doll just because I like the look, and I can't attach it to an OC, I will only enjoy it for as long as it takes to do a faceup and dress it once or twice. After that, it feels "finished" and I want to move on.
      If it's an OC, I have more direction for it, and I am more inclined to continue to buy new clothes and even have the style change as the character grows, like with a person.
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    20. Seeing as I connect deeply with *most* of my OCs, YES!!! Which is a huge reason why I don't buy a lot of dolls, because if it's not shelled as a character I love, I'd regret buying it cause I couldn't connect with it.