Do you consider any of your dolls andro/ non-binary?

Oct 20, 2017

    1. If you like making characters for your dolls, or are simply going for that look. Do you have any dolls that aren't simply Cis male/female? (Apologies for the longish title)

      I'm actually waiting for a doll from Doll Chateau that I want to make into an androgynous looking doll!
    2. The doll I have arriving in a few weeks will be nonbinary (any pronouns) ^^ I've had a particular character with me for years, who happens to be nb, and I wanted to bring them to life in doll form. I ended up ordering a male body just because I was worried there might be a little breast bump on a female body, which my character doesn't have. Thankfully I got a yosd though, and I think those generally look quite sexless.

      I've always admired the youthful androgynous look of mythological forest sprites and faeries, so I think a lot of my characters take after that! I love ethereal, pretty things. (Also, small things! I considered getting a MSD, but the thought of getting such a tiny and cute version of my character was just irresistible.)

      What doll did you get from DC? I'm sure they'll look gorgeous! :D
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    3. My Iplehouse Raffine is genderless character, even though the body is EID Female.
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    4. Yes, I have a nb and will have a fluid on the future. I have a lot of nb characters, being nb myself. So I think is fun to make them.
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    5. I have Marilyn/Julian who is a model that wears both male and female fashions on the catwalk and in magazines. They have a male body but are very androgynous. Sometimes they refer to themselves as he and other times as they.

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    6. My Ludvig, despite his body, is androgynous. If he had clothes (lack of time lol) then he'd wear boho style lace ruffle shirts and tight pants. He has long, blonde hair. He's an oc whose kinds are called Masks or Gods by different people and his kind. He doesn't age physically so I thought it felt natural to also make him less restricted by his gender identity since that's kind of a "humans only" thing.

      When he was a human before the brutal operation that made him the way he was, he was a high-ranking military officer and very masculine. It took him a few centuries to turn more and more androgynous. He was one of the victims of the government's secret human weapon plan.

      I haven't really thought of the pronoun I should use to refer to him since my original language Finnish doesn't have gender-specific pronouns, so I just go with he.

      Here's a picture of him:

      Instagram post by Carolus • Aug 13, 2017 at 2:34pm UTC
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    7. I’m making a ringdoll crystal/senior withdoll body hybrid, who is genderfluid. They use all pronouns (predominantly he/they) and are actually sort of fluid in form as well. The main reason I chose their body was because it was blue, but it’s shorter with the small bust, so in the right clothing they can appear quite androgynous.
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    8. My incoming boy Gilbert is non-binary and also queer. I don't know what pronouns to refer to him as yet, because I'm not sure where on the spectrum he'll fall. He's got a boy's body, but I see him as a kodona/ouji type androgynous type, not really as a boy or male per se.
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    9. Selby is genderless but that's because they are a robot, it's not a proper human Identity thing.
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    10. I'm so glad you mentioned fairies and such! I enjoy them also and like to think of them as sexless/ genderless.
      I ended up choosing the normal body Matthew. I like how the body is flat chested but also has the tapered waist and delicate look. So it's perfect for what I had in mind.

      Same actually, I feel like I gravitate toward non-binary characters and looks because I am, myself.

      I love it! They're gorgeous!
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    11. One of my dolls, Ethan, is gender non-conforming and bi with a preference for men. He looks a bit feminine with a slim body, delicate hands, and waist length hair. He's comfortable being male, but doesn't let that dictate how he dresses or what hair style he has. He's half elf and half fairy.
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    12. I have a trans girl (Coyote, my Ringdoll Dylan), and two genderless kids, a Soom Bygg named Aurora (she/her pronouns) and a Soom Afi named Leilani (he/him pronouns). I think my DIM Larina will be nb with they/them pronouns, but I haven't settled on their final look yet or character yet aside from that. :)
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    13. My new doll, Hui, (Asleep Eidolon Xun head on a male Ringdoll Ring teen body) is in the middling here. He identifies as male and presents as male, but he's actually physically gender ambiguous. He's a mythological creature called a Qilin and there's not a lot of info about whether they're male or female, so I thought combining the two made a lot of sense, since some of the research I did talked about them being in the middle of the Yin and Yang male/female elements represented by dragons and phoenixes. Why did I do so much research to shell a doll? Well, I don't really have an answer for that, but it was fun at least. :sweat

      The sculpt I have for his body is fairly delicate, though it IS male. I'm not planning on making any permanent alterations to it though because I don't want to risk damaging it.
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    14. My doll Rook is agender, though he's fine with male pronouns. He's not particularly androgynous - his muscular body is arguably masculine, while his face is somewhat feminine, and he likes casual clothes that aren't stereotypically gendered.
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    15. Yep, my babby Aleksei (Volks SDM F-30) is definitely androgynous. I call him by male pronouns for the most part but I would say he'd probably identify as agender. Everyone I meet thinks he's a girl (besides a few BJD people who know the drill hahaha) and I think his character wouldn't really care either way. Just doesn't give gender much thought ;;
      [​IMG]IMG_20170130_094805_356 by thebodyvolcanic, on Flickr
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    16. I got a doll to represent a (literally) genderfluid character. :3
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    17. Well, a few of my boys are bi. I've also got a nonbinary character in progress at the moment who'll be shelled as a Little Rebel Kai on the 70cm Resinsoul body I had lying around.

      I haven't developed the character much yet (as I just recently created them), but they will use they/them pronouns (although will be fine if referred to as he, since they will be physically male) and will be fairly androgynous. From what I've got so far, they will have an affectation for shape-shifting (an ability that an in-universe culture in my story will possess), as well as be a bit David Bowie/Adam Lambert like with the confidence in wearing showy, androgynous garb.

      I'm still working out the details for their character, though, including their name.
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    18. [​IMG]

      This is Secernere. Their body is a Dollstown 17yrs male body with a MtF mod on bottom. However, during the customization process, I realized that using honey skin resin (very translucent) meant that a traditional MtF mod on top wouldn't work (epoxy clays are much more opaque), so I modded a Dollshe 26F chest piece to go over the male chest piece and attach via magnets.

      As a result, it felt very strange to call this doll "she," as they could be either really. Since the character is blind (early-onset retinitis pigmentosa--so they started to go blind around 3-5 yrs old or so: after the critical period of vision development, but before gender roles really cement themselves around puberty), it made me wonder how someone who had never seen the visual side of the gender binary (girls = pink, cooking supplies, and dolls; boys = blue, model cars, and sports) might view their place within it, especially because a considerable part of it (at least in early childhood marketing, as there are very few differences between male and female children) does rely on visual marketing cues that they couldn't see.

      (Sure there are other signs, music used in advertisements and boy/girl music--think, I don't know, Kpop in the US and rap music--, and how people talk to them, but visual cues are a significant part. I'm also not saying that all blind people don't strongly feel drawn toward one gender or another, just that they are missing this aspect of socialization if they go blind in early childhood or are blind from birth.)

      So Secernere sees themself as either, both, or neither male nor female, depending on context. I'm not really sure that they fully understand the concept.
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    19. @americanseamstress Oh my god, your doll is amazing! :D I can't believe I've never seen a mod like that before because it's genius. It makes me very excited to try doing myself.

      I'm nonbinary. I guess I enjoy the idea of having dolls that are relatable on a subconscious level, because I definitely have plans for andro/nb dolls, and the dolls I own/plan to own that are more comortable with their gender are all starting to lean toward demi. It makes me happy to see there are many others with gender nonconforming and/or nonbinary dolls. :3nodding:
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    20. Wow that's amazing! I love your ideas behind the mods and the thought process of your character's relationship with gender ^^
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