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Do you consider taking pictures of your doll fun?

Feb 21, 2018

    1. As a hobby photographer, I always spend a lot of time taking doll photographs. Posing my dolls, lighting, composition, etc etc are lots of fun to me. But some of my friends seems they don't care taking pictures. How about you think about photographing dolls? Would you spend a lots of time to make "best" pictures? Would you buy cameras or lighting equipments if it can make picture better?
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    2. I can spend over an hour posing, taking pictures, uploading pics, adjusting the lighting, props, outfits, it's a BIIIG thing when I get into the mood to take pictures. Especially during holidays or the summer time. The photography is one of my favorite parts of this hobby.
    3. I enjoy taking pictures, but I'm not professional. I haven't bought lighting or other photography accessories because I just don't have space for a lot of that stuff. I have a decent camera, but I have more fun with random spur-of -the-moment ideas, rather than planning and making everything perfect. I guess my dolls are more like Instagram models than professional models, haha.
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    4. I love taking pictures of my doll, but I'm not a very good photographer, and I only have my phone. I not only love taking pictures of my finished doll, I also document my dolls in various stages of completion for reference. My mom (not int the hobby) likes to see my little updates so there's my other reason for documenting. Do you guys document too?
      As far as artistic photography, I want to improve and to buy a better (real) camera.
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    5. Composition is my weakest point as an artist. As such, I am a horrid photographer.

      I mainly only photograph to document what I am doing with my dolls.

      Artistic photography is like :? for me.

      I only have a phone camera, but I bought some photobackdrops. It covers up my messy room at least. Lol.
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    6. My photography skills are mediocre at best. I really only take photos of my dolls when I have something I want to share. Sometimes I'll post them on my Instagram, but 99% of the time, it's sent through direct messages on either Instagram or Snapchat. It's never really been something that interested me, however, I do love looking at other people's photos. Pretty much everyone I follow on Instagram is an amazing photographer on top of having amazing dolls. It's just never something I bothered with- mainly because I have so many other hobbies and you gotta draw the line somewhere, right? :lol:
    7. I find photos of my dolls fun but taking photos of my commissions tiring
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    8. I really would love to take more professional photos than just the WIP-pics in front of my refrigerator. While these may be interesting, I am fully aware that they are really horrible.

      There was a time when I was a bit sad that I could not cover the photography side of hobby properly. But now I am okay with it. Making so much stuff, I got to see that I simply do not have the time for elaborate setups, lighting, etc. Still, I am planning a space in my future doll room where I can place backgrounds and sides (so to speak: a photobox). As most of my crew consists of 70 cm guys, this has to be a bit larger and I would like it to be rather permanent (maybe I can combine this with a sewing table where I can put my sewing machine permanently so that it is used a bit more often).
    9. Sometimes the process of setting up shots can be tedious, but it's also challenging, and I love an artistic challenge. Sure it's tough work but the end results are often really cool. And I do love trying to make better pictures.
      I know it's not for everybody. Some people like to sew for their dolls, some people just like to have their dolls around them looking pretty, some people take their dolls all over the place- there's so much to do in this hobby and so many ways to have fun.
    10. I like taking pictures, but I'm not a good photographer. I don’t have a professional camera. I also have little space at home :(
    11. Like a few others, I enjoy taking pictures but...I'm not too great at it. And sometimes I just take out my dolls and pose/redress them all without taking pictures...mostly because my pictures kinda disappoint me and they look far better in person than what I can capture. :sweat
    12. It can be both tedious and fun at once. :3nodding:
    13. Yes, I would totally buy better equipment to enhance my pictures! I love it when I see pictures of dolls where you see they had a good camera and I can see it when they only had a phone camera. Wich doesn't mean photos from a phone camera are worse than the ones from a good camera. If the doll is pretty and the posing great, it usually doesn't matter if you take a photo with a camera or a cell phone camera. But I'm getting off topic here. So: And yes I lenjoy taking pictures of my dolls. Sometimes it's very time consuming, but in the end I'm always thinking: 'Aaahh I love that picture!!!'.
    14. I really enjoy photographing dolls, ephemera, and food...also making little vignettes and flat-lays. I'm starting to improve my actual photography skills but I'm also very divided about technique because I've always been a devoted snapshot and filters person too. I was a polaroid maniac as a kid and although I'm in awe of amazing art and documentary photography (and those kind enough to teach it in so many great tutorials and mentor budding photographers), the magic of the candid snapshot and modern abilities to quickly manipulate and post photos is still really fun. Two different approaches and very different outcomes but I like both.
      With that said, I think the basics of focus, clear lighting, some thought to composition etc are still very important even for snapshots.

      You can go further than ever with an iPhone + a couple of stick-on lenses, a tripod, a manual app, cheap basic lighting+ a couple of reflectors and any sort of editing program, so basic starting equipment needn't hold anyone back these days, which is great!
      I'm looking to challenge myself with doll photography more this year.
    15. Absolutely!
    16. Yes! I love to make a pictures, because on them my dolls starting to breath! And I found that my friends who were gipnosed by the picture of the doll, when visited me at home, even have not seen them. So, we give them a life on pictures! But my camera is big and heavy, does not have a Bluetooth, and I am too lazy to go to the studio, put the lights and use the computer. The last time for me it is easier just to make a photos with my mobile telephon, and catch the natural light! ItIt. The quality suffers, but I am not printing the posters, just enjoying myself!
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    17. To me, taking photos is just a means to an end, telling a story. The fun part for me is making the world and their props.
    18. I'm more of a snapshot photographer than one who carefully composes every little detail. These quick pics can be satisfying, as I use them as a means to an end, like documenting crafts or a cute pose.

      Uploading, for whatever reason I find gorram tedious.
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    19. I love taking pictures! And for everyone who says they only have a phone, that’s still great! I have a pro camera but I never use it (I will when it gets warmer for spring). But pictures on phones can look just as good as a professional camera.
      That’s my Daemon taking a bath and I decided to snap a few pictures before unstringing him.
      I use an iPhone, and there’s ways to focus the camera on faces and such to make your pictures come out much cleaner and crisp.
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