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do you draw a mole on your dollfie?

Aug 22, 2011

    1. dont know if its asked before anyways how many of you people draw a mole on your dolls?or body
    2. I haven't, but i do think it looks nice and might do one... At some point...
    3. I've seen many dolls with moles, but personally, I won't. Facial hair and really well done freckles is as far as I'll go with 'realistic painting', because I usually don't think moles actually look like natural moles, but more like those that were painted on.
    4. One of my dolls has a nakibokuro (a mole under one eye) for bonus moé/ charm point.
    5. No. I don't find moles attractive in real life, and I wouldn't draw one on a doll. The most I'll do is freckles and facial scars.
      I don't even like facial hair in real life.
    6. I have done faceups with moles, but I don't think any of my current dolls have more than freckles on their current faceups. Perhaps one of them has freckles that are almost moles... That said, I plan on putting a few moles on my next doll, which I am waiting for now.
    7. One of my dolls has a mole on her cheek. Honestly, I put it there because when I was doing her faceup, I made a mistake that wouldn't wipe off. So I covered it with a mole. Now I quite like it--I think it suits her.


      (Nell is an Obistu Gretel with faceup by me.) Her mole is really more like a beauty spot, which I think works with her faceup (she's supposed to be wearing heavy makeup). I like dolls with moles and scars and little imperfections.
    8. i agree that mole fits your doll nicely, she is lovely

      i think maybe i might on a natural skin doll, but not so much on one that has coloured skin
    9. I'd like to do so on some dolls in the future! it had so much realism and I think moles are cute ^^
      I've tried to do it on one of my dolls once but it failed :/ it just looked like a dirt! so none of my dolls had any so far :sweat
    10. Why all the mole hate? Not every mole is like a boil with a hair sticking out of it. Not according to my country's terminology at least.
      I'm covered in moles, or birthmarks or whatever you want to call them, so I gave them to the doll that is my mini-me as well.
    11. I had Volks put a mole on my FCS MSD F16. It is really cute and I would love to have another doll with a mole ^_^
    12. All three of my dolls have a mole or moles, actually.
      I am like wildwoodflower. Three of them were mistakes when I was doing their faceups but I decided to keep them because I thought it added character (after my mother convinced me, haha). C : I added 2 more to my Lee but I feel like they're random as of now..although some moles are random if you know what I mean. (I do like the one on his eyelidy-ish area for his left eye though). So when I'll wipe his faceup soon I'll think about where to put it.

      Saki (with his old faceup but his moles are in the same place--this is the first mistake I did):


    13. I put one on my Treu

      I thought he needed a beauty mark, he agreed
    14. I would rather prefer a beauty mark type thing over a mole and in spots like under the corner of the eye or above the lip. Otherwise I'm not so much of a fan of moles in real life.
    15. My avatar doll has a couple of small, light ones on his face. Just seemed fitting for him.

      P.s is there some kind of cultural difference going on here? Moles here is used to describe the small, round dots also refered to as beauty marks, as well as the raised/irregular and less conventionaly pleasant marks.
    16. Only two of my dolls have proper face-ups at the moment and neither of them have moles. I think it's a bit odd that I've never considered it before and yet I have four of them on my own face (seven if you count the really teeny ones)! I suppose they're so natural for me that they sort of blend into what I see nowadays and I don't even really notice them so they never stood out to me as something to consider adding to my dolls. Now that I'm considering it however, if they can be made very natural looking, I think I would like to add one or two to some of my future dolls, depending on who would suit the look best :)

      Edit: after reading the post above mine-yes, I too see beauty marks as the same thing as moles. They're not all huge/hairy.
    17. One of my dolls, Bia, I painted a mole on him. It's a metaphor. He didn't have it until he blemished his soul. His face is blemished so he can't hide his sin.
      sorry for the low quality of the photo
    18. i think moles(beauty marks)are nice dont know why some would hate it, i have a mole on my face and i like it

    19. One of my dolls has a mole that I put on her face. I think it gives her character personally.
    20. I think moles are nice on dolls if executed nicely, although this goes for facial hair and freckles as well.I personally hate all the moles I have IRL, only because there's so many <<; I've also tried to hide my beauty mark irl, although now I'm not as crazy about "disguising" it now as I was a couple of years ago.