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Do You Dress Your Dolls For the Seasons?

Jun 23, 2010

    1. So it's very very hot out here right now and that got me wondering, does anyone dress their dolls in weather appropriate attire? For instance, if it's summer, and therefor very warm outside, do you put them in shorts and a t-shirt/ summer dress or what-have-you? Or if it's winter do they get decked out in warm jackets and coats and long pants etc.? Or do they just have one basic look/style that they wear no matter what season it is?

      I'm not necessarily talking just for photoshoots, but rather just while they are sitting around in your home (though if it is just for photoshoots, that can certainly be included in the discussion).


      ::EDIT:: I would like to clarify that I'm not saying that these dolls are able to tell the difference (I know they're dolls), just that, with these dolls being so customizable it just seems to be another interesting little facet of the hobby. ^^

      [Mods: I searched for a similar topic to this and couldn't find anything (though this topic is kind of hard to know exactly how to word a search), but if it already exists, delete, merge, or do whatever needs to be done with this post-Thank you.]
    2. well i would love too but that means more cash, but i like that idea. Maybe i should do that. Iam sure someone here does that, and it is so cool :)
    3. Actually, I think I'm leaning towards that. xD I don't have many clothes, yet, but...

      I have three dolls: Nixie with only one outfit (complete), Chaos with two outfits (and no shoes), and Jin with basically two outfits (no shirt to wear with the second outfit). [Actually, I'll note that Nixie may have several more pieces of clothes once I put some thrift store doll clothes through the wash and see how they do on her.]

      Nixie's outfit is already summer-weight, so I'm not in any hurry for her. Besides, I just got her and her outfit and putting the netted arm warmers on her was annoying because of the Zaoll body's splayed hands.

      Chaos has a choice between a skin-baring rock star outfit from HZ or a non-traditional long-sleeve, ankle-length kimono. So he's wearing the rock star outfit.

      Jin had a choice between a heavy duffel coat and cargo pants or his traditional three-piece Chinese outfit. Even though that has pants, a long (and long-sleeved) under-gown and an embroidered over-gown, the material is much lighter. So I went with that.

      As annoying as it is to get some of these items onto the dolls, in the summer, I feel a bit better dressing them for the season than leaving them around in something heavy. D:
    4. I try! I'm aided in this by having some characters who aren't much bothered by extremes of temperature, though... XD For the rest, I would rather have them in lighter clothes during the summer and heavier ones in winter, if only because otherwise *I* start feeling overheated or colder looking at them. Wardrobes do tend to be a bit limited, though...
    5. Yes~ She dressed warmly in the winter, and she has a cute spring dress now, and hopefully some supper dresses to follow! ^^
    6. My boy generally stays inside so I stick him in whatever, but if were going out anywhere I usually stick a coat on him. Mostly because you always take a coat in Washington xD But yea, seasonal clothes are cutest in their seasons >_> fur coats arent very becoming in summer, and bikinis arent very tastefull when its snowing ^ ^;;
    7. I plan to :D !! I'm already hunting for winter coats for my girls...even though summer just started here XD!
    8. I think when my first doll arrives (Narae on order) she will most definitely be dressed according to the season. Maybe not the exact weather for that particular day (some summer days are HOT while others require more layers) but at least the general clothing type for the season.

      Even though I haven't got her yet she already has a bit of a wardrobe. I love spinning, knitting, crocheting and weaving and I'll even tolerate a bit of sewing if it's not too time consuming, so having a wide variety of clothes around won't be a problem. I've been using a similarly sized Delilah Noir (vinyl ball jointed doll) to model the clothes as I make them and they're starting to add up.
    9. I think it's a really cute thing to do, just buy an outfit before each season. Though, I guess it's kind of hard to do with a lot of dolls (Another reason to not get crazy buying bjd's, but how can a person help it?)
    10. I haven't had any dolls for a winter yet, but I plan to. :3

      Most of my dolls have both short-sleeved and long-sleeved tops, and appropriate pants/leggings/shorts and so on. My newest doll (I'm still waiting on him) is getting a winter coat, though! I'm excited, it's going to be adorable. My Fai has a big, fluffy sweater for winter, too.

      Right now, everyone's in light fabrics and, where possible, short sleeves and such, though. It's too hot for heavy clothes~
    11. I try to but I don't have enough winter coats and boots to go around for everyone so, if they all go on an outing, some just get thick sweaters and nice warm hats.
    12. I do like to put Remedy in her trench coat when she goes outside in the cooler weather (mostly because I love her trench coat) but in general my girls just wear dresses no matter the season...if I dressed them for today, they'd all be naked--it is really hot! :x
    13. The dolls & I were in TX in May & by the time the temperature started heading above 90, I had to change their clothes because it made me so hot to see them in their spring & winter things! While I'm not brave enough to paint faces or restring bodies, I like sewing so making clothes or resizing doll clothes I've traded for means the dolls have clothing choices for seasons, and even holidays! But summer styles were easier as a couple of the girls turned silk scarves into halter tops or flowy drapery to beat the heat. Y'der was the last to give up his awesome coat & he's still wearing a long sleeved shirt as I must have lost the sleeveless tunic top I'd made him last year out of the sleeve of a sheer silk thrift store find. Sometime soon I have to go find the other sleeve so I can re-do his tunic. Here in NY the temp has been going up & down but by July I'm sure he'll be looking for a cooler shirt to wear, and he just doesn't seem like the topless sort of guy!
    14. I hadnt really thought about it too much, but yea its winter here and my girls are either in warm kimonos of jackets.

      I went to take Saber out to a meet the other day and looked at her jacket and went... hmmm that wont be warm enough and promptly put her into a thicker puffy jacket. Didnt even cross my mind that she wouldnt actually get cold.
    15. I have from Christmas- first day of spring I dressed my two half scale dolls (Mecha Angel 79cm girl and AOD 90 cm boy) in different seasonal outfits, some made, some baby clothes I modified)

      Outfits for:
      New Years
      Valentines Day
      March Madness (the NCAA college basketball tournament)
      First day of Spring

      I'm getting ready to make them bathing suits for summer- bottoms two modified newborn sized boy blue jean shorts, then her bikini top out of the fabric I get out of taking the shorts in

      I have Halloween outfits that I've already modified to fit them from baby clothes.
    16. I only have one boy and yeah, he's dressed in jeans right now with a tee-shirt. He wears sweaters and coats in the winter. No shorts though, that is just not his style... ;)
    17. Depends on the doll and character. Some of them dress weather appropriate but for some fashion always comes before practicality.

      Most of them have scarves and winter jackets. A few of them will wear their cut off pants in the summer. A couple of them are pretty formal so they wear suits all year. The ones who have sunglasses will wear them in the summer. Most of them dress like people do year round in San Francisco and wear layers. A hot day can and usually will go cold all of the sudden, a dolls gotta be prepared!
    18. I don't intentionally care, but I noticed the other day I do. It just seems weird to me in 90 degree weather to have them in stocking caps, hoodies and scarves which seems to be the majority of my doll clothes.
    19. I do to some extent. Most of my dolls would not wear shorts, just not in character for them, but when the weather is warm they wear tank tops or t-shirts vs long sleeves or coats. I was taking Aric out with me the other day and considered putting his leather jacket on but decided it was just too hot outside, which then made me feel mildly crazy. Most of them are wearing short sleeves right now, a couple of boys are even topless since it is hot and it suits their characters. But some are still in long sleeves either because I haven't changed them recently or because I wanted to try a new outfit out and then didn't change them back out of it. They hang out in an air conditioned house anyway. I do sometimes dress them for holidays as well, especially if we are going to a meet up near a holiday.
    20. My mom was telling me the other day that my dollfie dreams needed to get out of their jeans because it was hot. I started cracking up. I think my mom secretly wants one but won't admit it.