Do you end up with headless bodies?

Mar 8, 2019

    1. Floating heads are quite the fixture in this hobby, but do you end up with bodies sitting around as well? I have a body right now that I'm waiting on the head for, and weirdly enough it doesn't bother me as much as a floating head. Maybe it's because I can pose and play with a body more than a head? Or maybe I'm just an odd duck out, hehe.
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    2. If I keep succumbing to buying older originally-white heads, I will always have a couple of bodies floating around, since whites age to so many different tones. Then there are bodies that only reveal their shortcomings after you buy them, so you search again, and end up with "only in desperation" spares!
    3. I often have floating bodies. Often it's the case that I've found a body I really love -- and I'm just waiting for the perfect head to make it useful. It also bothers me a little less than having floating heads, I think because I don't have a personality attached to the body, so it's easier waiting to complete it.
    4. Yep... It seems to be inevitable that I'll always have at least one or two hanging around.

      One of those is a permanent thing... I have a doll named Brooke (A resin avatar for one of my tabletop RPG characters; a Glasswalker werewolf who gender-switches on a whim-) who has two bodies. One male and one female. Whichever one the head isn't on stays in a box in the closet until I want to use it.

      At the moment, I only have one "spare" aside from Brooke's alternate bod. I have a grey resin Soom girl body that I'd originally picked up for use with my second LordStar Heliot head. Unfortunately the LordStar batch of grey resin was unusually pale and didn't come anywhere close to matching her. <_< So, so much for THAT idea. I've been casually looking for an older grey Soom head to go on that bod instead (I'd love to find one of the Meditation Euclase heads for it-), but those are few and far between. In the meantime, it too is packed in its box in the upstairs closet.
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    5. i am about to have one. i have on the way a dream valley 51 cm boy body in tan that i hope will fit and match dc jason, and if so there will be one dc skinny kid boy body left over... and if not there are many beautiful dream valley heads to chose from...
    6. I have DollZone SD body and MA-Doll 70 body. I love them so much and hope to find heads for them :)
    7. I try not to ever have floating heads OR bodies, but if I decide to sell a doll, I'm more likely to keep a body than a head if I keep anything. Even if I really love a sculpt, once I own one, it's usually set in my head as that specific character and I can't reuse it in the future. Bodies are less personal, and if I have a body I love, but am bored with the character, I might sell/trade the head and keep the body for a future hybrid.
    8. Yes, I had a Soom Mecha Angel girl body who was just a body for years. In my defense, she's a weird size and it was really difficult to find a head that I liked enough that would also be the correct proportion. (I ended up with an Artifex Kindred Eloy btw.) Her name during that time was "Big McLargehuge," a nickname she still hasn't been able to shuck completely.

      Also I'm kind of a sucker for CustomHouse's original girl Ai bodies and I tend to buy them whenever one pops up for sale, even if I don't have a head in mind for it. They tend to match quite a lot of old resin, so I like to have a hybrid body ready to go whenever possible.
    9. I sold a doll head and now all of a sudden I have my first floating body! Still unsure if I should sell it or keep it and get another head. I’m strictly supposed to be selling right now but I’m not sure how well the body would sell and if I were to lose money on it I’m not sure it would be worth the time and effort to put it up for sale.
    10. I only have one headless body. A DC k-02 that I ordered specifically for a hybrid, I didn’t like the hybrid, so I sold the head and kept the body. It just lucked out one of my other full bjds head looked good on the body. So that head’s original body is kept in storage, with no plans as to it ever being used. Headless, alone in a box.....
    11. Yup, I've got floating bodies! Often I buy them with a head in mind, thinking they will go well, but then I don't like the look of them together... but I get really attached the bodies! I get attached to how beautifully sculpted they are, and find it harder to let them go than heads for some reason?
    12. I had a volks SD body for a while while I searched for a head for it. I eventually found a head, but the search for a color match from another company also lead me an entire unplanned doll.

      The body didn't bother me *that* much, but I had it sitting with the other dolls with a wig on top of its neck, which I think my husband wasn't really a fan of :lol: I'm trying not to buy heads and bodies separately too much.
    13. My first doll was a floating body before he was a full doll. I stuck a styrofoam ball on the s-hook coming out of his neck and drew a face on it while waiting for his head to come (Oh yes, I jumped right into hybriding!) I also had a female body from November of last year to January of this year that was waiting on a head, but she's fully together now too.

      I'm not sure if my box of body parts counts as a floating body, though I'm sure there's a full body in there. It just isn't assembled :)
    14. I have tfour headless bodies at the moment - One left after I swapped the head onto a "better" body, one that didn't work as well as I thought for the head I swapped onto it (so the head swapped back to the original body), one that is waiting for the head to be dyed to match (the original head had been painted&wiped so many time it wouldn't take the dye evenly), and one I cannot find a head that works on it (so I have a number of floating heads as a result... {sigh!} )

    15. I wish I had more headless bodies. I really dislike having floating heads. And of course Soom rarely offers bodies for sale, and if they do, it's never in any of their 'fantasy' resin colours.