Do you ever change your doll's names?

Aug 30, 2017

    1. I have a doll that I've had for a pretty long time, and I named him "Note" but that never felt right to me. I've been thinking of changing his name but I feel weird because he's gone by another name for so long. How many of you have had experience with this?
    2. So... I have an Elfdoll Lydia that I adore. For years she went by the name Rowan. But then, last year I had her faceup redone and changed her to one of my other characters, Madison. She was Madison for a few months but now she's Jezzebelle, one of my other characters. The poor thing keeps getting switched around. But none of these characters seem to "fit". So she'll probably keep getting new names for quite a while. :(
    3. So far name changing has not been the case for me. Probably because I am relatively new to this hobby plus while waiting for my dolls to be completed, I had a lot of name drafts for them. So I only give them a name once they are completed, which can range from 6 months to a year or even more than that so that gives me quite a long time to find a name that I am comfortable with. I think the only instance I would change their name is when they have a drastically different face-up from their previous one. Lol, some of them are shelled characters anyways so I just call them by their shelled character's name.
    4. I change them all the time! A few of my dolls names change regularly as I just can't figure out the perfect name for them.
    5. Depends on the doll! Otakar has always had that name. Hideyasu, Nadya, and my not-yet-arrived Vissarion have had their names the whole time they've existed as characters (5, 4, and 2 years). But Dagny and Fuyu have changed their names a lot, because I changed their characters a lot. Dagny's name went from Daine/Veralidaine to Valli to Dagny, and Fuyu's from Eclair to Winterberry to Fuyu, each time with a new character, setting and backstory until finally I was (am) happy with them. Some dolls have had one part of their name changed, usually middle or surnames, though - one of the dolls I'm planning for, Boris, went through three patronymics before I finally found one that works!

      Personally I don't think it's weird to change a doll's name or character around a few times if you don't want to part with the sculpt.
    6. Right now I am wondering if should change Hollys name, because I plan turning her into a yokai (japanese demon). But I somehow can't bring myself to do it (;´д`)

      Generally I would say it is ok to change your dolls names around as oftene as you want :3
    7. I don't change the name for my characters, other than a last name change for marriage or stage name or maybe a nickname or something else big in their story. For example, Dhani Taylor got married and is now Dhani Staylor. Hailey Grant will soon be Hailey Bashir. Marie had a name change, but it was part of her story--she was born Sarah-Marie MacLaren, but kidnapped and raised as Marina Jade Robinson. After being "found", she went back to Sarah-Marie MacLaren, but goes by Marie. When I'm still in the planning phase, I do sometimes change them. Luc's last name is MacLaren, but it was almost Hayden.

      As for entirely changing everything about the doll--sometimes. My Jie Doll Michel was purchased to be Ashley, a Louisiana preacher's son and detective. I grew bored quickly with the character, and changed his entire look, character and name to Mithra Shoaib, a boho artist and musician. Still, it wasn't right, and eventually he turned into JayDen Alvis, who at the time was a high school student aspiring to be a rapper, but now he's a college student trying to get a job in Disney World. His birth name is JayDen, but he stylizes it as J-Den as a stage name.
    8. Depends. My first doll went through three other characters before her current one, so that's three name changes for the doll, but it's also character changes. Once a character has a name, I can't bring myself to change it, it feels weird. I have a story with several characters I would have named differently if I'd come up with it more recently, but I can't bring myself to change their names now, that'd feel wrong to me. So I just deal with it.
      On the other hand I have a dilemma, because this one character I've had for ages has a name that I recently learned is from a different origin than I thought. I tried changing it by fusing her with another character with a similar name with the right origin, but it felt wrong and I ended up just accepting the wrong origin one and coming up with an excuse for it. But now I also like the right origin one for the doll, haha. It makes no sense to shell that other character into that doll though, so either I fuse them again and find a way to get used to the name change or I find a way to get over my love for the name with that doll, haha.
    9. I had a Narin boy I used to call Magnus. Well, turns out his real name is Jack - as in Jack of Spades. Took me getting another doll and Magnus a new face-up to realize. :)
    10. I just changed a doll's name!

      If the name doesn't fit, go ahead and change it - you're not obligated to keep it!
      Changing a doll's name is quicker and easier than legally changing a human's name.:thumbup
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    11. I never did with my dolls. And my coming up Midori will be called Midori too ;)
    12. Yup. My DiM Kassia was named Atlantis for years. When I originally created her she was a background character I didn't put much thought into, but over time her personality began to develop until she became one of my favorite characters. But, I disliked her name. As a minor character I didn't really care too much what her name was, but as a central character to my story, it bothered me. Still, I was hesitant to change it because she'd been named Atlantis for so long and I thought it'd be weird. But I started looking up new names, just to see if anything caught my attention. I stumbled across the name Trinity and it was PERFECT. I changed her name on the spot and I'm so glad I did. Turns out, after about a week, the weirdness melts away ;)
    13. Once I give a doll a name, It pretty much sticks. I have this girl that I named Essie but I feel like Elaine fits her better and I like it more overall but I've been calling her Essie so long that its just stuck that way. However, I did once name a doll as soon as I got him but changed it to one I liked more before the first name stuck.
    14. Names are so hard for me. I tend to use my dolls for my stories, but I will often change my stories and use the same dolls. So sometimes names get swapped. It might take a few days to get used to the new name.
    15. I don't think I'll change my dolls name. Normally I write down lots of names before I got the doll, and think which one I like the most. But once decision made, that's it. Won't change again :)
    16. I've changed my dolls' names only a couple times if I felt a new name fit them better than the original name I picked out. I've never gone back from a name change; if there is something that sounds better I'll switch!
    17. I changed 2 - my first doll was meant to be called Mina, inspired by Mina Harker. And it just kept not sticking, it wasn't quite right. So she's been Nina ever since.

      The other was Jordan - a character from a story I'm writing. Except the doll was never quite right for her - I like the doll, she's adorable, but she's not that character. So she got sent away for a face up and came home to a new name (Mariana). It just suits her better and she's her own character now.
    18. I changed Meissa name 3 times until I settled, I find hard to work in the dolls/characters without a name. I change it until I find something that feels right, it happen all the times for my characters and I have some I will change name when I find the right one.
    19. So far I haven't changed any of my dolls names yet, I still think their names suit them pretty well. But I will probably change it if I can find another name that suits better. I guess you should just change it if it doesn't feel right, it might make you love your doll even more :love
    20. Most of my dolls have gone through several different names before I found one that stuck. In fact my first girl, who I have had for five years, has gone through 10 names and it's only now that I found the perfect one. :sweat