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Do you ever get jealous of your doll?

Jul 16, 2010

    1. I just received my first doll, (Leekeworld Mabel. her name is Sophie) and I already love her to death. However, one of the first things I've started noticing about her is "wow, she's so much prettier than me"

      Do you ever feel jealous of how beautiful your dolls are?
    2. Not really, they are play things and I'm not particularly jealous over the fact that they are plastic and I am not. <__> They are meant to look beautiful of course, but they're nothing really to be jealous of.
    3. I'm more jealous of the fact that my boys have clothes I -wish- I could find in my size :lol:
    4. Only of her clothes x.x I should start making this stuff human sized
    5. lol interesting topic! Well for the record I'm not jealous of any of my dolls......I love them.
      Buuuut just for the fun of it if I were jealous these would be the reasons: they are gorgeous.
      Have perfect bodies. Long legs. Never have to lose weight. Can wear almost anything and look
      good. Never have to worry about a bad hair day, & if they do can change their hair in an instant.
      Don't like your face? Just remove it! Need new eyes? No problem. Spare hands/feet anyone?

      Ahhh the list goes on.... XD
    6. But never get to experience the joys of tasting that delicious chocolate cake that makes us have to lose the weight. Or in my case, spicy chicken curry XD
    7. No, I'm not jealous of my dolls. No one else picks how I look, picks what I wear, or where I go lol. I may not be the supposedly perfect body image, but generally I'm pretty happy with myself. We could wear wigs and have a bunch of different ones like them, but I rather would keep my own hair heh. As for eyes, mine are fine and if I REALLY wanted to change it up - contacts. They do get some cool clothes but I find plenty I love for me too. :) Beyond all that, I think I'm too busy being happy that they're mine to worry about them being 'prettier' than me etc.
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    8. It doesn't take much for my dolls to be more attractive than me...XD Not that I think that poorly of myself, but...pretty is pretty.

      Personally I think that's part of the appeal, particularly for clothing design. I'm able to pattern things for them that I could never wear myself. They make wonderful little models.
    9. Not really.
      I wouldn't want to be locked away from sunlight in a cold, dark wardrobe whenever my crazy human's not home 8D
      Beauty wouldn't help me much in that case :XD:

      But no, they're just (expensive, gorgeous) toys by the end of the day; nothing I could ever actually be jealous of, no matter how beautiful they might be.
    10. No. x.x I've seen a couple horror stories where people are turned into dolls, and it never seems like fun in the slightest. Even if it was a Toy Story type dealie, I'm not sure a BJD would really be a fun thing to be either, what with the eye-changing, head removing, hybridizing, restringing, modding, etc...
    11. No, not at all. Though sometimes I wish I could find their shoes/clothes in my size. :XD:
    12. No. I don't think I'm jealous of inanimate objects.
    13. Always. Dolls are so pretty, and they don't have to have any worries because they don't have thoughts or feelings. They just get to sit there and be beautiful.

      That being said, I'm pretty, too, and I thoroughly enjoy doing things and being able to think and breathe, so while I'm theoretically jealous, I'm perfectly happy to be human.:sweat
    14. No, because if I were to look like my dolls, people would be scared.
      Pretty or not, they are still just resin dolls, and not real. And no, I'm not jaleous. At least I can enjoy the joys of life.
    15. i dont look at my dolls and go " D: shes prettier than me! actually, even HE is prettier than me!"
      BUT what does make jealous is if i think they are not 100% perfect, i can just sand down that round face or huge chest or whatever else... :( i wish it could be as easy for humans...
    16. Second. My flaws are part of what makes me who I am.
    17. I'm not jealous of my doll. I don't get sprayed in the face with a toxic sealent or have a giant carry me around naked. :D
    18. I could never be jealous of a doll, it's an item made to look pretty (in most cases)... It's like getting jealous of your jewlery.
    19. No -- they're beautiful, but they're dolls and don't really look like real people (if an actual person really looked like a bjd they would seem very very strange). Besides, I'm fine with how I look.
    20. I'm not jealous of my dolls' images, except maybe the cool clothes they get to wear. But I would get more jealous of the life/character I gave them. My dolls' characters range from slick talking con artists to princesses to world travelling artists to even ghosts and fantasy creatures. Life would be way more entertaining if I lived their life (not to mention more romantic or less stressful!)