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Do you ever regret over a doll you bought?

Sep 24, 2017

    1. My friend bought a doll a couple months ago and when she came, my friend instantly regretted buying her :(
      She said that she could've bought a prettier one.
      Has anyone experienced regret over a doll before?
    2. I know this feeling all too well! I felt this way when I first recieved my Leekeworld Daisy. Instantly regretted buying her because she didn't seem to fit the character that I had already imagined her as. Instead, her personality was completely different. I wanted a little lady and got a tomboy instead. But that way I see it is it's like your child. You may want that girly-girl and end up with a boy instead. It just happens. You can either accept it or try for another. Good thing about dolls though is they can be sold!
    3. Yes, unfortunately! I bought a doll off of y!japan years ago and she was lovely - both in the pictures and in person. But her sculpt didn't at all "fit" with the dolls I already had; she was pretty but I kept thinking how alien she looked beside them (which would've been fine if I wanted an alien, but I didn't lol). I couldn't get over it and kicked myself so hard. Luckily one of my friends was in love with her, so she found a good home in the end.

      I don't think it's suuuper uncommon to be disappointed in this hobby, since so often we're not able to see the dolls in person before purchase. Doing a bunch of research beforehand (and looking at the most unflattering owner pictures and reviews you can find) can help a lot though!
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    4. I was a bit disappointed with my Migidoll Cho when he first arrived because the company faceup made him look too feminine for my taste >< but he grew on me, and then I changed his faceup and I liked him even better ^^
      I wasn't able to bond with my Abio Angel Shi though, so in the end I went with the second option and sold her.
    5. It's okay, this actually happens more often than you'd think. I recently bought a doll, MSD size, which I thought she would be perfect to be a character of mine. She actually was my first doll in that size - all my girls are 'tiny' size, not more than 35cm tall.
      I also did a lot of research before placing my order. Finally she arrived and she was as cute and well made than I imagined her but....I actually couldn't bond with her. Maybe it was because of the size but...well, those things happen.
      Probably sometime we expect too much about a doll and, as @shinibun already has noticed, often we're not able to see the doll in person before placing an order.
      Anyway, I don't give up on MSD size, and I'm now waiting for a 39cm MSD girl (so, a little bit smaller than the previous one) :)
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    6. This has happened a couple of times - two dolls I bought cause I loved the pictures but when they arrived the scale/style just did it fit with my other dolls. Soom Spinel and Lati Kahn, I remember them well as they were both beautiful dolls, I just couldn't see myself doing anything with them. Luckily I managed to get most of what I paid back through resale. I think this happens a lot with any collectible/hobby, especially when there are large sums of money involved. You kinda need to think long term and budget for the occasional disappointment, or even just your tastes changing. I'm in the process of selling my MSDs as I no longer play with them, back when I started it was the opposite (the Soom Spinel was my first large doll and I totally freaked at how big he was lol).
    7. a little. My one yosd is not the colour I expected her to be, she's really reallypale and quite pink (supposed to be ns) and it throws me off. She's a totally different colour to any of my other ns dolls and she looks well.. like she's never seen the sun... ever.
      I kinda now wish i'd ordered her in a different shade because her very pale skin is really bothering me.
      She looks ghostly, sickly, just... weird.
      I didn't want a white doll, I wanted one that was peach damnit! And I have 2 other ns dolls from the same company so no idea HOW the resin batch can be so so different.

      I love her face but she's presenting a challenge for me. I've redone her faceup so many times to try to get her looking how I want but it gets thrown off every time but t he fact she's so dang pale.

      I dunno what to do. I guess I could try to dye her, give her some sort of a tan but i'm nervous to do so in case I totally ruin her.
    8. It happens with me once. Souldoll Haim was really beautiful for me amd i like his body articulation but i just can't named him and make a story for him... So one day it comes to regret that i buyed him. Well Haim was sold to other owner in the end and everyone was happy about it xD
    9. Well, never with my BJDs. I'm lucky enough that I've never changed my tastes for almost 10 years. What is in my wishlist stays in my wishlist. Of cause, some of them was removed, but only when I got them. But it did happend with my other dolls which I bought at doll events. They were beautiful but they character didn't suit me. After they have stayed in a box for 2 years, I sold them. I guess,for me, the safest way to not regret buying a dolls is to never buy somethihg outside of the wishlist.
    10. My second doll, a Dollmore Banji line, I like initially, but I've come to regret buying. Her head is so tiny she looks completely out of scale with all my other dolls. Hopefully I can find her a new home.

      In contrast, I had doubts about my Soom Noellia, when I got her, kbut have come to love her.
    11. For myself, the feeling of instant disappointment and regret was more common in my earlier days of collecting, and at this point happens very seldom. I think that the more sculpts I have seen online and then in person the more I have learned about what I like and don't like. This makes imagining what a doll will look like in real life a lot easier for me, which is the key to bringing home the dolls I'll really love. It's always painful to feel disappointed with a new doll, but hopefully for your friend this won't happen very often, and even less over time.
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    12. I agree^^
      Sometimes it takes time to grow affection towards your doll. I think if my friend spends more time with that doll, she will gradually feel less disappointed.
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    13. Yes, but for a very different reason than a lot of people have stated here.
      I was once infatuated with a certain sculpt from Dolkot called Loon. In case some of you don't know since they have been closed for years now, Dolkot was known for their terrible quality but the same price point as companies like Luts.

      I was in high school then and I had to save a lot for this doll, knowing full well from reading the forums that the quality is bad. But I was so in love with Loon that I brushed it off.
      When I received the doll, true enough that the quality was godawful (to me that is. I won't judge any Dolkot owners). The resin quality was bad and mine looked unevenly yellowed on the pieces (arms and hands more yellowed than torso, etc) and the body was clunky.

      I didn't immediately regret it, but the reality inevitably sunk in and I realized that I didn't love the doll because of its quality. I knew that it was going to be hard to resell and I will lose a lot of money when I do sell him, which I did. Now I'm super careful about which companies I'm buying from since quality and craftsmanship are the most important factors to me.
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    14. I have several times. A few "impulse buys" I ended up selling on because they ended up not really being part of my group and I didn't do much with them. They ended up in better homes with owners who had greater plans.

      One or two I bought, sort of regretted, ended up selling on ... and then regretted selling them so I went and rebought the same sculpts at a later date. lol
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    15. Yes, several times over my time in the hobby. Usually, it's because of one of these reasons:

      -The doll doesn't look as good in person as company photos, or may look bad at certain angles, like having a long pointy nose or flat face not obvious from photos.
      -I bought something because it was cheap/on sale/a steal on the MP/offered as a trade and not because I really wanted it.
      -There were problems with the seller/company that left such a negativity surrounding the doll that I no longer want it. Could be extremely delayed shipping with poor excuses, terrible communication, wait times much longer than listed, or other things.

      When it happens, I usually try to make it work, but there have been times when it just wasn't possible or I knew immediately. I was so excited about my DollZone Zo and the second I opened the box and looked at him, I took a few pix, then put him right back in and listed him for sale immediately. He was much slimmer than I expected, and his "normal yellow" skin was a dark peach, almost translucent and not even close to my older DZ NS-y dolls, and on top of that, I'd been waiting more than 6 months for him. All of that combined killed it for me and I knew he wouldn't work out. He was a cute doll, but not even close to what I expected or needed for my character. That was probably the fastest disappointment in the hobby for me.
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    16. The same thing happened with my Volks Una.
      People said she looked pretty but I was kind of disappointed with her head sculpt.
    17. In the end, what matters is if YOU are happy with her. Even if she is a stunningly beautiful doll, if she's not what you wanted and expected, and even more-- paid for, you're not going to be happy. It doesn't mean she's not a nice doll, just that she isn't for you. I don't feel there's any shame in selling a doll you don't like. I know some people may try to talk you into it, or even guilt you for not loving her, but when you get to the bottom of it all, it is a doll. It's not living, it won't be hurt, it can't be neglected. You're not hurting anyone by selling an object you don't like much, and finding something you like better. Sometimes it can pay off to change the wig or faceup to bond better, but personally, I don't see the point in investing even more money when you feel in your heart that you won't love the doll.
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    18. I have bought dolls that arrived and didn't work for me, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! I don't really regret the purchases that don't work out. Why waste time and energy on regret? I figure, in any hobby, it's bound to happen that you won't love everything you buy. The best thing to do is to turn it around, sell it, and move on.
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    19. I did, had bought from a shop directly and from secondhand both. I don't think it is unusual feeling.