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Do you feel left out for NOT having a Fairyland tiny?!

Jan 7, 2010

    1. They really dominate this part of the forum, don't they!? :o Actually I am wondering if anyone will reply to this because... I think you all own a Fee or Puki of some persuasion :whee:
    2. Well, I must admit I´m fully and totally Fairylanded, but I really, really love to see all kinds of tiny dolls. <3

      And as owner of several other dolls, too, I´ll say: be active, everyone with a cute doll! :D Specially Domadoll owners... I´d love to get more pic spam of them, and many other dolls, too.
    3. You are right many people own these darlings, but I often look at the threads of other dolls I own and think that they just need more pictures! I love my Fairyland dolls, but I adore my Custom House Kids and my Rosen Lied is my favorite now.

      Don't feel left out; post many pictures!:)
    4. Oh it's not just Fairyland...Lati and Tinybear dolls seem to have a big presence here too along with Customhouse and Volks.

      There are just so many different tinies...and often people will own more than one company's dolls...I have a tinybear doll on the way, a PpoPpo (erm...damaged as hell though) and a Dollmore MSD along with a Pipos.

      Fairyland dolls rest my preferred just because of how poseable they are; it really adds to the fun!
    5. I would really like to see more pics of Customhouse tinies - I've fallen in love with almost all the Petite Ais, and I think if I had seen them before I bought Clarice, things might have been different :XD: (shh don't tell her that!!)
    6. I do love my Puki's but I also have a DZ BB Mini Leo who I love, and I've fallen for Brownies too!
    7. I love Fairyland too! The faces are so sweet and it´s difficult to resist without these cuties.
      For the moment i love Ante face, so , i have 2 pukifees Ante; white skin and normal skin, and a Littlefee Ante.
      I really love all of them!
    8. Here are my Custom House Cuties (ange Ai)

      You can find more pictures of them in my flickr page

      Look for Chloe and Charlie's sets at the right of the page.
    9. The Fairyland tiny dolls are really trendy right now but I don't have one or want one! :sorry
    10. Tami E - thank you, they are gorgeous! I love those kitty shoes, I almost bought a pair like that in human size a while back :whee: And those hand puppets are too cute!!! Still, I couldn't feel like I've made a bad decision with my little darling...

    11. ah...but see there's a REASON we all love Fairyland....
      Not only are they adorable, they are mechanical genious...Join the fun! LOL
    12. I have always been into lati dolls more but just recently decided to purchase a pukifee to see if i will like her. I do not feel left out just worried that I would not like her and end up selling. I can't base it on pics alone. eg. I bought Rosenlied then after receving it I did not like it as much then have to sale. So far I like Custom house, leeke, and lati and my dollshe mai the best.
    13. Aw don't feel left out~ All tinies are adorable!
      Fairyland dolls are indeed very adorable and expressive and they are master posers, however, many other companie's dolls are really cute too.
      The soom tinies are so cute but they don't get posted as often as the fairyland kids.
      Post more people~~~
    14. Yeah I've seen people say that they have great joints and posability - for that reason I'd love to at least have a chance to play with one to compare to my Honey Delf. I find though that the faces are crossing that fine line between cute... and cutesy... :sweat Pukifee Bonnie looks a lot like my god daughter did when she was tiny though, so I can't help but love her ;)
    15. I had a pukipuki and didn't bond with her, but I got a domadoll Ippo, and we bonded almost instantly!!! Not all tinies are created equal. :D
    16. Do you have a Leeke D by any chance? I just ordered a Tori and I'm curious to hear other experiences with them! I think there is a good chance I'll end up with a Customhouse doll in the future too :D And I just saw Pipos Ron <- if I hadn't ordered my Tori in Leeke's sale, I would def have saved more for him instead :o
    17. I caved finally to the lure of Fairyland by buying a LF Ante and lately a Realpuki, but I have lots of other tinies too; Secretdolls, Elfdolls, Banjis, Tinybears, Notdolls, Dollzones, and a few more, not counting tiny animals. I'm crazy about all of them.
    18. Spampy, I agree completely about the mechanical genious thing. Their posing is fantastic and their body shapes are so nice even with all the joints. I do not think they are a fad... they are great dolls! My mom, who is 65 and does not and has not ever collected dolls wants a Pukifee (and a Minifee-but that is another topic) It is all because of their wonderful posing (and my Pukifee Zoe's adorable face:))

      almaxaquotal, your little one is certainly not a bad decision. I discovered after just a year in this hobby that it is possible to have more than one favorite doll!
    19. Well actually I have ordered recently LTF Ante, but earlier I had Puki sugar and totally didn't bond..she was too small for me. Before my love for Ante came, I was ok and didn't feel left out at all. I also have CH Ange ai Hani that I love terribly, although her bending arms keeps me crazy :). And as far as Fairyland tinies are great posers and all, I mostly fell for ante's cute pouty face. and there's a lots of tinies from other companies I like very much.
      Here she is:

      And almaxaquotal definitely not bad decision, honey delfs are also very very cute and yours is just too adorable :)
    20. PaulinePol - you have the cute kitty shoes too!! (scroll up to see the other customhouse doll posted, haha). And I absolutely love my honey delf, I wouldn't trade her for any other doll in the world!! :D