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Do you feel like your dolls have to have a friend or significant other?

Jan 7, 2006

    1. I have several dolls of different size ranges/types... including MSD, SDC, SD, SD13, etc...

      I'm going through an unexpected financial hardship right now and I was sadly considering selling one of my dolls. But then I thought to myself, "but he/she is the boyfriend/girlfriend of this other doll that I adore, and would never sell!"
      but the fact is that this particular doll I'm considering selling, I don't play with it as much as my other dolls, and even though it's a gorgeous doll... I just don't feel super attached to it. :\ I'm not sure if I can afford to keep a doll just as a "companion" to one of my others.

      Does my doll really need a girlfriend/boyfriend? I don't really think of my dolls as actually truely alive and so, as you can see, I wouldn't be worried about the doll being "sad". :) But it is fun to pose another doll that is the same SIZE/type as that doll. If I sold this doll... then the remaining one of that size type wouldnt have a companion.
      but then that's kinda silly isn't it? It's not like he/she can't be friend with my other dolls of different sizes.

      How do you guys feel about this in your own personal doll familys?
    2. Yes, but then I'm heavily involved in the "story" aspect of this hobby. Without the friends/partners/significant others, it's difficult to get the full story across.

      Plus, it's just fun to jump through hoops to get perfect group shots without X knocking over Y and falling on Z.
    3. Of course I know my dolls aren't really alive, but I still worry about them being lonely. In fact I left my Naripon at work today and I felt sad because she'll have to spend the weekend alone! And in fact I do think of them hanging out with other dolls specifically. And I have bought friends for them, because I thought one of them wanted it (in my head not really in real life) despite financial hardship! Oh well. I hope you don't suffer any hardship too long!
    4. I wonder though if "each" of my dolls really requires a significant other. It's not like they all have to have a boyfriend, you know? (and it's not like they can't find companions as friends in my other dolls.)
    5. I don't think that my dolls have to have friends/family/whatever. The types of dolls I want are all so different, all of them together in the same storyline/what-have-you would be like the resin version of Real World or something. I don't use my dolls as representations of characters, so I don't need to have a doll for all the other characters they'd interact with in a story, because for my dolls it just isn't necessary.

    6. Nope.

    7. I am waiting on Mike's best friend because basically, these two have been together for 20 years. If I had to sell anything, it would be a body, but never the head. I adore my boys too much.
    8. My girls are a family pretty much but I would eventually like to add a boy one day for Sissi. Just have to find the right one, I guess ^^;
    9. I like my dolls to be paired off, even if it's in the least significant other-ish way. ^^
    10. My boys are living out a story and I've known the characters for 15 years so selling is not an option for me.

      In your case, I'd say if your doll won't be lonely and has lots of other friends then you should probably send the other doll to a new home. I've been thinking that perhaps when an owner doesn't bond with a doll that perhaps the feelings are mutual and the doll would rather be elsewhere.

      If you can afford to do the "put the doll away and see how I feel about their absence" test, go ahead and try it. If time is of the essense then don't hesitate. It will open up a space in your doll line-up for a future doll in the same size as you never know what will come out next.
    11. I know things aren't alive the way we are, but I have this weird thing where I feel like even my playstation gets mad at me when I do things a certain way to it >_>; indeed....

      I don't feel that Thema NEEDS a friend her size as she has made friends with my stuffed rabbit Kumagurou, some Bratz dolls, and two Little Apple Dolls. I do hope to one day get a doll her size, but I've decided my next doll is going to be bigger...No reason they can't play just as well as she did with my Bratz dolls.

      But I do feel your pain as well....I'm thinking of selling my Bratz and Barbie dolls since I don't play with them much at all, but they are kinda friends of hers.....>_>; Ah the crisis of money...
    12. Money is the root of all the pains in my...

      I am also thinking of selling quite a few Barbies I have that are in boxes and haven't seen the light of day for quite a few years. (another reason why I think ABJDs will keep on is that it so fun for doll collectors to actually be able to play with their dolls instead of keeping them in boxes).
    13. Out of the one that I have and the five I plan on, I would keep three, but the others are sort of optional. Azure is a no-sell, no-way. Angel, I would keep, but I'd sell his twin if I had to. Ryuu I'd keep, but I wouldn't have to keep his girlfriend, Mei-lin. And Jiiro. . . since Azure is "dating" another doll on the board, he's really not necessary at the moment. And as long as Azure has Angel and Ryuu, I wouldn't feel like he had to have Jiiro there anyway.

      It does feel strange to me to have only Azure, because his friends are such an important part of his backstory, but some are. . . expendable, I suppose you could say.
    14. Sometimes, yes. I have to admit, when I only had Odette, I couldn't help but feel strange doing stories where I spoke to her, or she just went and did random soliloquies to herself. Most of the fun for me with these dolls is having them interact. And I just love turning a corner, and finding my two with their arms wrapped around each other contently.

      And, although I don't believe my dolls are alive in the sense of living and breathing, they're like characters in my stories... and I feel bad making them lonely. Right now I have my sweet couple, and one lonely girl... I'm counting the days until I can get her boyfriend here so she won't look so sad all the time!!

      Perhaps you should sell the doll in question's body, so you can at least keep his head. If he's a limited, you probably won't ever have the chance of scooping him up again.
    15. Ours just kind of...came that way? :sweat With the first pairing, we did intend for them to get together. But the rest, none were really intended to be "together" with anyone, they all just ended up...paired. Silly, I know, but that's the mindset we're entrenched now. Aside from romantic relationships, though, all of our dolls have a "place" in their respective families, so we'd never consider parting with any of them.
    16. Ditto.

      although i only have one doll at the moment, he already has an arranged marriage. XD when my best friend gets her girl, we're going to have a whole wedding ceremony and we're going to invite the doll owners and their dolls in our general area to attend and everything...we're majorly into the story aspect of it too.

      alot of people have already pointed out everything that i have veiws on. like i don't think that they are living in the sense that we humans are but i believe that they are living in a sense that your childhood imaginary friend was living. as a part of your soul, a character that your own imagination created. I sort of think of it as, if i were in their position what would i want? if i were glacier i'd want a friend/significant other....

      anywho i'm just babbling now XD but yes, i do think that my boy needs a friend/significant other
    17. I think if it's a doll that you don't connect with you should pass it on. Maybe you can find a companion for your other doll at a later time that suits it better. The most important thing to me is the bond between me and the doll.
    18. DOLL WEDDING!! *dies* I want to see a doll wedding someday... ._.
    19. There isn't really a need for you to keep going on with that doll if you feel no attachment towards it. If it doesn't work out and you truly feel the need to sell him/her then do so.
      But if you're selling a Limited I think you should think about it some more. Or a doll that you went through great means and so, so to acquire... Oh god, please do think about it.
      As for providing a companion. It's pretty much an option actually.
      With/without any special someone, they (as in your dolls) will always have someone who will love with them no matter what: you.
      It's quite sad that you have to part with your dolls. But if you must...
      Then again it's no joke having a lot of them at the same time. o.O
    20. I can't imagine G being without J or J being without G. So maybe it's not so much an issue of whether they need each other (of course they do... XD) but more a matter of what I want. And I want them to stay together. It would break my heart to separate them.