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Do You find DoA to be boring sometimes?

May 21, 2012

    1. Hello, I ask this simple question cause I was thinking it and wondered if others do to:

      Do you get bored of DoA? When/if you do, what do you do to get back into it again?

      I used to haunt all the forums and go all over the place. Now I just check a few threads that I participate in and then log off. I used to have so much fun on here and now it's just "Meh".

      I still love my dolls and play with them everyday I just find DoA to be a bit old now. I want a fresh new look and more fun! Help?
    2. Not really boring since I'm new to this site still....But I do wish that the darn Marketplace was open to me already...I would love to be able to get access to it if a doll I'm looking for pops up there....

      But it can get a little dull...
    3. To me it's not about the appearance of the forum... I've found it boring for a while, I only ever come here for the marketplace... I used to love the gallery section and the spooky stories thread but I don't find either interesting anymore.
    4. Not on a 'leave and come back' basis. But on a daily basis, yes. D:

      There are times in the day where there are no new topics or not many posts and not really a whole bunch of people to talk to. D:

      It gets kind of lonely, and you get tired of looking at the same topics after a while. Dx
    5. Most all forums can get boring. Theres not really much to look at on a daily basis.
      I find DoA more of a helpful resource, than it is a daily entertainment. I want doll entertainment, I take one of my boys out and cuddle him. :3
    6. Yea, forums do tend to get boring when you`re on it often. But I look at the Box-Opening Gallery daily and when there`s no new thread there, I look for Box-Opening videos :sweat I know I sound kind of pathetic doing that but this helps me be excited about the doll I`m saving up for. Also, since I love pictures, I look at the Galleries a lot. I don`t really know many people on here so there`s not many people to talk to to begin with :)
    7. ^

      That....I kinda feel out of place since I don't have my doll yet and feel kind of weird only being able to ask questions, look and not really do much besides debate and I really don't wanna out stay my welcome.....So I kinda feel a little shy...Plus with the rules being what they are....It gets dull...There's only so much you can talk about on the topic of face-up's, box openings ect, ect ect....

      Now if there was more contests yeah....That'd be something I'd like to do....But again I'd have to wait to get my MSD since my Obitsu's ain't welcomed here...(I don't mind it but it does get frustraiting...)
    8. Arashi Uchiha:: Oh! When I first joined this forum, I had no dolls either :) Mind if I ask which MSD you`re planning to get?

      Hmm... Speaking of contests, I think it`ll be awesome if there was some sort of contest quarterly and the winner gets to win some doll stuff or a free customization or something :D that`d be fun!
    9. I've had this happen; sometimes, it'll be for a few hours (usually at an inconvenient for most people to be on DoA), or late at night. When I used to have my Tumblr, I'd comment to the people there how it seemed how DoA seemed to somwhat 'die' at a certain point at night. They knew what I was talking about.

      But sometimes, there are times where there are no new threads created, or no one has said anything worth commenting or replying. Sometimes, the memes get that way, and rather than answer a question that may not really apply to my dolls well, I'll just wait and see who answers. All forums have their slow days, or slow hours.

      So you buy your time elsewhere. For me, it used to be on Tumblr. Now, it's creepy pasta and working on characters.

      I know how you feel, Arashi; I had no doll when I joined. I was thrilled when I finally got my doll. It seemed like a wealth of places had now opened up to me (really, just the gallery and games sections) but I could photograph my doll, and incorporate her into the games and memes and such. But until then, I could only look and comment, as well as discuss, debate, and go to the memes section.
    10. Arashi

      I know how it is! Right now im waiting for my doll hopefully she comes in at the end of june but yeah i so want to experience a lot of the forum!! Like the pen pal area and the forum games! but i dont think this forum is dull yet ether because im new as well. Maybe contests and other nice things would help this place for old members and maybe forum cleaning i dont know x3!!.
    11. I think it would be awesome to have more contests on here! ^^
      Like Sunimoon said, I use DoA more as a resource than as entertainment - but I do come on daily and am often disappointed to find the same threads floating about with no new topics. That's not a complaint though, that's just the way forums are I guess. :D
    12. I WISH... I'm on DoA WAY too much as it is. If there's nothing on it that I find interesting, I just go off somewhere else for a while. But I always come back and check stuff out...

      To mix things up, I'll go check some of the memes and games, or take doll photos and post them, or go to a meetup and post photos, or get involved in a meetup... or get involved in a Waiting Room, or a discussion of something... There's lots of things to do. But if you don't want to, then it's easy to just wander off and come back later to check if there's something that DOES interest you.
    13. I sometimes find it boring :(
      I tend to have the same routine on the web when I'm bored, and DOA is a part of the routine.
      Problem is that when I'm working I have a lot of time just staring at the screen, so I pop in on all my sites almost every half hour, but thats on me ^^'
      Another problem is that I have answered the threads where I have anything to say, so i just brows around looking at pictures now, and in the end that gets boring to :(
    14. I'm still trying to get the money for my girl. I really wanna be involved in a lot more of the things going on too. Like swaps, meet ups in my area that sort of stuff.

      The games are one thing I really look forward to like taking pictures of her near water or in a wooded area.
      Of course you can ask. I'm getting a Resinsoul Mei in light tan.

      That's an awesome idea!
    15. I'm still pretty new to DoA so I'm still discovering new things all the time (like how to navigate the forums...which can be pretty confusing at times *_*). But I understand what you mean by no new posts and then being lonely :( Some of the other BJD forums I've participated in are a lot slower than DoA, so there might not be any new posts for days, even! DoA is a lot more active than any of the other forums, so so far I'm still having a ton of fun browsing the galleries and what not :) Though, yes, like Arashi Uchiha, I wish the marketplace was open to me already :sweat
    16. Yeah that's the only irritating part is the wait. I don't know why it's so long to get access to it. ^^; I really would hate to miss an awesome deal.
    17. Hmm, not really boring, no. I tend to lurk more often then not. I usually don't have much to say. But I do come looking for pictures of other dolls for inspiration when I'm sewing and I haunt the marketplace for dollies that need good homes. Now if only I could find that cupid curl wig for my puki... XD I used to be on here a lot more often when I was living in VA because we have a very active dollie community down in central VA, but now that I'm in the midwest I spend more time elsewhere trying to find people to meet up with to get my in person dollie fix.

      That aside, yeah, there are times in every forum that there isn't much to do or say. Plus there are other reasons some people cite for not going onto a board for any topic. There's one forum I purposely only look at in small doses lest I grow too paranoid (a survival/prepping board). I suppose that there are people who might not come onto DOA too often to avoid the want to buy the new pretty dollies that are popping up all the time.
    18. No, not at all. A forum is what the members make of it and I love to see the cumulative creativity on DoA and to be inspired for my own works. I guess everything gets boring if you are just a passive observer rather than getting actively involved in something.
      I really like the clear and practical design of the forum. It gives the members the opportunity to fill the contents with their own creations, instead of being here for fancy designs or games, raffles, etc.
    19. I haven't been checking in as much as I used to, but I don't find it boring as I do get hold of useful information here whenever I need it and that's pretty much why I log in from time to time. I'm hoping this forum sticks around forever though as it's a good place to get in touch with other dolly owners and buy/sell dolls. :)
    20. :) You know what they say about being bored....

      Anything can feel old and tired after a while. The "new" wears off a bit. But finding new things to do, new things to keep your interest sparked shouldn't be too difficult in this hobby. There are other sites, blogs, etc., where collectors discuss or share doll things. There are the doll activities that are going on right in your own space. There surely must be something more interesting than discussing how boring you feel DoA has become.

      On this forum, there are tens of thousands of threads - you could read through old threads, bump for new discussion. Find old Gallery threads that just knock your socks off and bump for appreciation. Join a BJD Game, make up your own Meme, learn more about Photography, give some members Critique thoughts, share a tutorial on sewing or modding, learn a new knitting technique....

      If you have any questions about the hows/whys of the forum, browsing through our Announcement subforum should help with answering those queries!

      Have fun!