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Do you find larger dolls overwhelming?

Mar 23, 2017

    1. Just what the title says, does anyone else feel a bit overwhelmed by SD sized dolls? Not in a bad way...but I guess because there's more of them, they have a bit more of a presence so I feel a little intimidated by them. I'm also very new so that could also have something to do with it xD but I was curious to know if anyone else felt this way or has felt this way in the past.
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    2. I am terrified of them. My largest is my 1/4 boy, and I think his size is perfect for me. I couldn't imagine getting a larger doll. I am a bit saddened by this though, because some of the 1/3 sculpts are so beautiful... But I just don't have space in the house to collect large dolls regardless.
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    3. Yes, definitely. I appreciate them for sure, and I'm tempted to get only a certain one, but my friend has a couple and to me they seem absolutely gargantuan! I'm also more of a yosd doll person, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. I just don't know what I'd do with that big of a doll! :lol: I'm not sure how I'd carry it and I'm be terrified of accidentally bumping them into something. They're still beautiful though, I think I love their variety of clothing the most.
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    4. A bit. Honestly if I could swap them all out for perfect duplicates in 1/4 scale I would! Trouble is, no one makes anything like the mature realistic variety I have with SDs. Also, costuming them is admittedly easier- less teeny and fiddly.
      Their real downside is storing their huge bulk and setting up scenery for them. So much 1/3 scale stuff takes up a LOT of space.
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    5. Yes, lol. Even my MSDs are kinda huge sometimes. My first few dolls were MSDs, but since getting tinies I find that I like them a lot better. I have very little space in my house and tinies are easier to photograph and stuff in this small space (and easier/lighter to transport if you choose to take them out to take pictures). I'd like to start collecting furniture to make dioramas for my MSDs but I have no idea how the hell I'm going to fit them in here. SDs are just out of the question, they're far too big for me.
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    6. I actually prefer the larger dolls. Because of my arthritic hands, I find they are easier to work with -i.e., dressing, installing eyes, etc. I don't think I would ever go above 75cm though. Don't get me wrong - I adore some of the smaller dolls - msds and tinies.
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    7. I absolutely love SD 17 dolls. The bigger the better! Still, I also understand the hassle that come with bigger dolls.

      Generally, the bigger the doll, the more expensive it is, the more space it takes, and there is a greater risk of dropping the doll and breaking it. Just thinking of it is kind of intimidating. :ablink:
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    8. I find very large/very heavy dolls in the 70cm+ range more difficult to handle and pose than their smaller 1/3-scale cousins, but that hasn't stopped me from adding a few to the crew. Dolls in the 60-65cm range never bothered me at all. I started with 60cm CP/Delfs, so to me that's a very familiar, "normal" size for a doll to be.
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    9. I prefer SD over minis and tinies, but in the 50-60cm range. once we reach 70cm I'm overwhelmed :sweat
      I've had iplehouse and dollshe boys. Both are hard to dress, both are hard to find suitable elastics for and end up floppy (and both had terrible joints, but that's another problem). And in the little height difference between 60-ish and 70cm, they also become harder to handle and pose.
      I can do 65cm girls since girl dolls have a more delicate build, but that's really my limit and I still try to avoid having more than one.
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    10. I have a couple resin SD dolls, and yes, their super tight elastics scare me. Taking off the heads is not something I ever want to do again. Plus they are heavy and awkward to me. However, I have three vinyl SD dolls (47, 60, and 66cm) and love them! So light, and no elastics to deal with. So for me, no more resin SD, but only vinyl in that size.
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    11. Very much so. I used to own a few 1/3 dolls, and while they were gorgeous, they were too large for me. Now I just enjoy larger sculpts from afar. :daisy
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    12. I've tried having dolls in the 1/3 scale and honestly it was not for me. They were too big to comfortably carry out, I never could photograph them as I wanted, and while they had lots of clothes and items available to customize, I felt everything was the same style — especially boy dolls.

      I love seeing what other people do with their 1/3 dolls. If I look at all my favorite doll pictures on Flickr most are 1/3. That's because I really do appreciate their beauty and their owner's creativity, but I just can't find myself bonding with them as I do smaller dolls.
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    13. Not me! My very first bjd was a Dollzone Brant, 65 cm. I did a bit of measuring beforehand and at least knew that he'd be bigger than a Barbie or my American Girl, but the size of the box still surprised me when he arrived :o He was WAY bigger! And I loved him all the more for it! In a way, it added to the newness of the experience of my first bjd--he truly was unlike any other doll I'd ever had :)
      As I acquire more dolls, though, I am running into the issue of how to transport them--or, at least, more than one at the same time :sweat I love the 1/3 size, though. I see many more in my future, and even a 70 cm or two!
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    14. I mostly own 70cm guys, and in our household (I collect together with my girlfriend) are mostly 1/3 dolls.
      Majority of them are bigger than 60cm too.
      We do have a few smaller dolls (2 x 1/4, 3x 1/6, 10x smaller pet types or other tiny dolls), but they aren't taking away much space and are not the focus of our collection.

      I personally love the big dolls especially because of their presence!
      It's so cool to have them standing around in their cabinets, it looks pretty epic and is a whole different thing compared to smaller dolls.
      I personally feel 1/4 and smaller has no presence at all, they don't take away much space and feel way more like a doll/toy while handling.
      They don't really catch your eye when you have a couple of them standing around.

      I do agree though that handling them is a pest and I wish they would pose as well and easily like their smaller siblings :sigh
      They are pretty heavy and their own weight makes holding poses difficult.
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    15. I love big dolls. I started with 95% MSD sized and now I've swapped it so that I have about 95% SD dolls. I also have a Trinity doll (105cm) and I adore her. The bigger the better!
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    16. Hah, I wish. I've only ever collected SDs, and I love the size. I'm tempted to get a 1/4 doll because they seem so portable, but I wouldn't trade the aesthetics so many SDs offer for convenience.
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    17. Yes. I'm short and have teensy little handsies and a doll half my height and worse, taller than my children just absolutely overwhelms me. And it's a shame because I love love love so many of the sd sculpts but their scale is so intimidating. I'd love more options for them scaled down to msd. I like msd, it's big enough they feel kinda deluxe and special and small enough to not crush me and be able to be stored or displayed. I have no clue where i'd put a larger doll, our house is tiny.

      At some point I will probably end up with one, but i'm fairly certain i'll find the size "too big".I have a 50cm doll and she's just at the cusp for me sizewise. So i'm trying to keep any sd dolls I get to that really awkward 50-55cm range. I think that's my limit. Sadly, not many companies do dolls in that scale.
      I think it's a real untapped market honestly, because there's a lot of people who are intimidated by the size of sd but want something mature and grown up looking. Not just mature minis, but that in between size so you can have an adult alongside "teenagers" (the mature minis most easily available still look like teens) without the huge height difference. Because a 16-18 year old isn't really any shorter than a full grown adult. heck, I know 12 year olds taller than me!

      But anyway,

      yes yes yes.

      I was restringing one of my msd boys the other day and thought "good god, how would I do this with a bigger doll?" because the tension... eek.
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    18. @purple_monkfish I'm super small with small hands too so the size is definitely one of things that intimidates me about SD dolls. I feel like owning a doll half my size would be really really strange. It's like, "This doll could squish me if it wanted to."
    19. I do SDs almost exclusively with a couple of minis I just loved the sculpt on that aren't too little kid. I'm not fond of tinies at all, I've owned them in the past, it just doesn't work.

      I find minis and especially tinies too small to carry comfortably, but I'm 6'2 with big hands lol. Feels like it'll fall through the crook of my arm instead of resting nicely. Also feels like since it's smaller it'll break easier. Hard to get eyes in.

      It's hard to find what I'm looking for anyway(Male fantasy clothing that isn't Asian), but MSDs are worse because it's all pumpkin pants and school uniforms and kiddie stuff. At least SDs can be put in sane adult clothes with pants with little trouble. (Though, since I took a break from the hobby, it feels like everything is 65-70+cm now and harder to find stuff for 60-62cm boys lol) MSD and smaller clothing also tends to have more kid-looking proportions for things like buttons and snaps and zipper pulls.

      I actually do sort of have an upper limit though. 65cm is about my top. 70cm just feels too big and starts to clash with the SDs.
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    20. I'm in the modding stage with the most of my dolls, and I think that it's a lot easier to add the details I want to SDs--MSD and tinies are too fiddly.

      I came to BJDs from Pullips and action figures, and one of my frustrations with these dolls is that it is very hard to sew for them with the amount of detail I want, both because the tinier the patterns get, the fewer details you can add in the space/the harder it is to add them (and adding more detail can mean adding more pattern pieces, which means more seams in close quarters, which can also cause problems), but also because finding fabrics which are thin enough for 1/6th scale dolls is hard (you have to go down several fabric weights for proper drape). I also hate 1:1 scale zippers on dolls, and it's easier to get MSD and SD sized zippers and buttons and other fasteners than for 1/6th.

      If you can't already tell from my description, I also focus primarily on mature sculpts, and there aren't really that many for tinies and MSD. For tinies, this means 1/6th scale instead of the chubbier baby Yo-SDs, so I guess I bring some of that trouble on myself!
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