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Do you get jealous when someone buys your type of doll?

Jul 24, 2005

    1. I know that a lot of friends of mine are really protective of their dolls, for example one friend in particular gets upset when they hear someone talk about Soom Gena, because they really love that doll. So do you ever feel jealous when someone talks about a doll that you have? :daisy
    2. hehe not really... i get fascinated and I'm really interested at how different each of them look even when it's the same headmold :)

      I've got a strong obession with Volks Kun and wouldn't mind owning a huge bunch of them cause they're so versatile, and I love looking at all the different Kuns around the board cause each of them look so different from the other!
    3. *****n/a*****
    4. No, I tend to think of other dolls of the same model as mine as completely different characters...Ah, I do get irrationaly sad when someone is selling the same model, though. It's like, "ZOMG POOR NARA". Silly, I know.
    5. Nope. The more the merrier :grin:
    6. I don't get jealous; I'm happy.
      Noel isn't very popular, and I'm always excited to see other people with her.
    7. Heh, I plan to buy a CP El, so getting jealous would make me mad at 90% of all BJD owners out there. Plus, every one of them looks different to me, especially with the different face-ups, wigs, etc. Can't wait to get my own to experiment! XD :daisy
    8. Not at all! I hope they'll customise it wonderfully and post gazillions of photos. Considering the ones I want aren't very popular... Until I have mine, it's always nice to be able to look at them. :D
    9. nope i dont get jealous at all but not many people have f-09 and a hugo-sn but there are some nono's. but i like to see how everyone else makes there dolls look. its so interesting
    10. It's exciting when I hear someone else has the same doll I do, there are a lot of DOD's out there but i've only seen a couple other twin-key girls. I always want to hear more about them and find out how they are similar/disimilar to Paige. I'm also the biggest cheerleader if someone else is thinking about buying her too. :oops:
    11. Interesting thread!

      I wouldn't mind seeing more Parises! I adore that boy's sculpt and the few Parises on the board all look dramatically different from one another, anyway.

      Eckstine, on the other hand...! :sneaky I think on some level I like the idea that I have the only Eckstine on the board. But not too seriously--it's kind of lonely! In reality I'd be delighted to see another Eckstine.

      (OT: Any other Eckstine-owners or lovers out there, BTW? Hellooo??? Yoo-hoo....)

      But I am curious about the question. What do you think is motivating the jealousy? I really understand the desire to be unique in some way. Do you think that's it, or is it something else?
    12. I think I would be a little annoyed if someone bought the exact same headmold/body and customized it exactly like one of mine... I've put a lot into my boys and it would feel a little like plagerism to me. ^^;;

      But as for buying the same sculpt? Go for it! I love to see the different things people do with same headmolds as I have. ^^
    13. It doesn't bother me at all, since a lot of the Els look so different : D! Like, Lewis and Kaitou look totally different, for example.
      There's only one case that bothers me but that's personal.
    14. Uhhuh... do I even dare to say this.......
      Half and half. I'm interested in HP Arthurs and SD Parises because there isn't that much of them around. However, I'm a bit worried that Delf Yder becomes really popular >_>;;

      I just realized, but in English, there's that saying "the more the merrier" but in finnish, there's this saying "pidot paranee kun väki vähenee" "the more people leave, the better the party gets". Maybe there's a hint of culture in it *snerk* ( or then I am just an a-hole... ah... yes... that's it )
    15. It's like a special little club..where we can compare notes. See different ways of customizing ...sharing tips. What wigs and eyes and clothes look cool.

      I like to see how other dolls look with my dolls. Before buying them myself.

      Glad there is a Tsubaki club. Maybe there will be a FCS MSD club with F-13 and F-09. And a Hewitt club.
    16. I love seeing other Lishes and Unoa Lights!! It's wonderful how different each one is, even though they're the same head/body mold.

      I'm some times a little bit envious if someone else gets a doll that I *really want* but don't have and can't get (LEs, mostly), but I'm still happy for the new owner!!

      -- Andi <3
    17. Not really. Actually when I bought my U I really wasn't seeing too many of them around, but soon after more owners started posting on the forum and I was really happy. ^__^ I love the headmold. Also now that Angel Region has done another run of Kai I'm hoping that more people will be posting him too. I love to see how different owners customize the same doll.
    18. Me too. I guess I really care for the model and don't want too see them being left for adoption. Even though it means a possible loving home soon. :daisy
    19. No, it doesn't bother me, in fact I really like meeting other people who have the same doll(s) as me because it generally means that we have something in common to talk about :grin:
    20. No really. El is popular. About all I want are popular anyway.