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Do you get obsessed when a new doll is coming?

Nov 9, 2009

    1. I've got a couple of dolls coming in the near future. The first one to arrive should be Charles Creature Cabinet's little glow in the dark Fuuga Firefly Fairy. I have wanted this one sooooo badly, and now that she will be here soon, I've been going crazy constantly thinking about her! It's seriously been hard to think about anything else.......just always looking on Ebay and other sites for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I feel a little silly, but then on the other hand, she makes me happy, so what's wrong with it, really??

      Does anyone else get this obsessed over a new doll coming??
    2. Oh yes, definitely. From the time I first saw the sculpt of the Planet doll boy, I haunted their website waiting for the buy me button to work. He got here in less than a month, (How I love Planet Doll!:D)but I already had 2 pairs of eyes, socks, boots, Marsh pants, a wig, 2 patterns and fabric of his very own. I visited the website every day until it said in shipping and then checked the postal service 4-6 times aday until he was in my hands. Some day, I hope to have the patience to do box opening pictures instead of tearing into the box like a maniac.:sweat
    3. XD Oh yeah! I'll be checking the website everyday for my status, buying random clothes that my doll 'might need', and stalking the mail man when he comes.

      I think it's perfectly natural to be so obsessive.... sorta.
    4. It's a never ending excitment that starts with the click of the "buy now" button to arrival. It grows with each outfit that is bought or made. The moments are just special.
    5. I have a dolly that I'm going to be buying real soon... most likely by the end of this month. It's really hard for me to not think about it. I've been planning the specifics of her face-up and special body blushing... researching the costs of the supplies to do it all... trying to find a perfect place to make her custom wig... I've even pre-written her arrival photo story.

      And you know... I don't see much wrong with it. It doesn't interfere with my daily life and when you spend that much money to bring home the doll form of (in my case) a character you're super attached to... It's kind of natural to plan a home coming, I think. The only reason I didn't do similar stuff when I first got Sanyu was because she was my first doll and I had no sense of proportion to get her things or plan her things until she actually arrived. And oh boy has that changed!
    6. Oh I do, but sometimes I jump even further ahead with, :fangirl: "and she'll need a friend, and I can buy her friend this and that...." and it just keeps going till I'm dreaming a whole family and I am only getting 1 doll.:doh Then I pull myself back down and get excited for the Dollie on the way again
    7. Totally obsessed, every time.
    8. Not really obsessed, but very excited for sure :)
    9. I was borderline obsessed with the wait for my first doll, however, I was in need of a hobby at the time, and that made the wait worse.

      My second and third dolls did not have as bad of a wait. I only get antsy when they've shipped and I'm only appeased when they arrive at my house safely. I don't really have time for my third doll right now, so it's hard to be obsessed. I'll enjoy her more once school is finished. :)
    10. I wouldn't quite say obsessed. Thankfully I have enough other hobbies to keep me occupied when I'm not sewing my incoming doll's clothes, making his wings, prepping his mods, etc...but I'm definitely not a patient person. I may not be obsessed, but every day I think about him and if he's here yet. ;_;
    11. Not quite obsessed, but I start logging in to check and see if the doll shipped without me getting a shipping notice. Every day. Maybe twice a day. When it was a doll where there was a pretty fixed schedule I didn't start doing this until day 30 or so. But with dolls without a fixed schedule it's more like ... "other people are getting it now, so I should check just to make sure."
    12. When I was waiting on my first doll, I took his clothes to work and made a "flat Stanley" out of them. Including the wig. And shoes.

      Obsession can be fun.
    13. I do search for the doll's sculpt on DoA every day - especially in the Gallery sections - when I have one coming or when I'm hoping to buy a particular mould, if that counts? :)
    14. I wouldn't call myself "obsessed," but I was definately excited, anxious and over-joyed when waiting for my doll from the moment I clicked that "buy" button. :XD:
    15. OMG yes, totally obsessed! Planning the look, the eyes wig and clothes, counting the days to shippping and checking the tracking every day! There's nothing quite like the excitement of waiting for the arrival of a new member of the family!
    16. Yesterday I bought things for a doll I haven't even ordered yet. But I'm going to order her soon :) She already has a wig ready, a couple of accesories and such. First I'm making her a nice kimono :)
    17. I don't get obsessed, no. :sweat I get excited and start picking stuff out, but then I pretty much forget until they arrive. The wait for my Volks MSD F-18 girl is half over and I didn't even realize that until today. :o The time just flew by since I ordered her. Funny thing is, I think I'm looking more forward to my wigs from Leekeworld arriving than I am her... :sweat They'll arrive around the same time.
    18. Oh yes, very. I really couldn't wait, and I was cursed/blessed to have a week of waiting for 2 dolls. Waiting for the first doll is the hardest thing.

      I'm having a harder time saving up for my next girl than anything. Since I want to make sure I have stuff for her before she gets here, I'm finding that getting the little things is helping. AE Lemon is like a dream doll for me!
    19. my dolls dont even have to be on their way before i become obsessed, i will see a mold i love and i will go nuts planning out the clothes eyes wig and personality until i have a complete character and then i spend my time obsessing over the character =] i only have one complete doll right now (the second ones body will be on the way this weekend) but i have planned out an entire "family" of dolls. (id say its probably 8 or 9 dolls) and all of them i have spent plenty of time thinking about them and planning them out =]
    20. Sort of, yeah. It's part of the fun. Though, with all three of my dolls, I thought of a look before they arrived, but then they had their own ideas, and some of the stuff I got for them wasn't right.
      I definitely will stalk the sculpt on the forums while I'm waiting, too.