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Do you go through Dolly phases? . . .

Apr 24, 2007

    1. I searched and haven't found a thread like this, so if there already is, forgive me. :sweat

      What I mean by "Dolly Phases" is: Do you go through phases where you can't get enough wigs for your dolls, or you feel you can't get enough shoes for your dolls and you start buying tons of shoes, and ditto for outfits and accessories and so on.

      I find myself this month wanting tons of wigs. I could buy ten wigs and it wouldn't be enough. A few weeks ago I went throught the same thing with shoes. :sweat

      Or am I just crazy? >_<
    2. No it's not just you.I made a thread a while ago about other obsessions( at the time mine was eyes), but I find I go through different stages.in fact I sort of decide that I want to try a different look for one of my dolls, then go for it.E.g. recently I had a thing for red eyes, then decided I wanted a red look, so now everything I'm buying is red.
      So, as you see there's no hope!
    3. =__________________________= I'm going through that right now... cant's stop spending. new dolls, wigs, eyes, commissioned clothes, shoes, etc... guh @_@.
    4. I'm sort of like that too. But I tend to focus more on stuff related to one doll at a time, if that makes sense? Like right now I am on the hunt for stuff for clothes and shoes for my boys. Only the boys though -- I'm satisfied for now with what my girls and my mini have.

      But I must admit, I do go through phases where I want to make sure EVERYBODY has just the right (fill in the blank -- wig, eyes, shoes, etc). :sweat
    5. I always have a wig and shoe addiction. It's really obscene how many of both I already have, but I always wind up wanting more.
    6. Man, I do that all the time. o_O For about three weeks I was obsessed with eyes, then tiny food, and now I'm on to tiny books...
    7. Hmm... Thinking about it, I don't really seem to do it with individual doll purchase items (Wigs, or eyes, or whatever-) so much as with various active aspects of the hobby. One week I'll be all about taking pictures of the crew, the next week I won't touch my camera because I'm patterning outfits for them, and the week after that the sewing machine will be idle because I'm trying to figure out how I want to paint someone's face.

      I also do it with hobbies as a whole, though, so I came into the doll-thing expecting that it would be like that... and knowing that I would eventually phase in and out of having any interest in the dolls at all. That's just the way hobbies work for me.

      I have a limited attention span, I guess. :sweat
    8. Yeah i definitely go through 'dolly phases' - i am in a 'must buy more BJD's' phase at the moment which is crippling me financially so it won't last long - waiting for a Doolzone Yume and a Pipos Baha to arrive. I also do the wig thing...can't get enough wigs, any colour any shape, you name it i buy it. I am waiting for 4 to arrive at the moment. Oh and eyes. I have just had my first eye phase too....waiting for 8 pairs to arrive.
      Then there is the shoe thing - but as that never quite goes away i am not sure if i can really categorise it as being a 'phase' more a reason to live? lol

      I have so many dolly phases that i can't be completely sure anymore that it is'nt a permanant state of mind, especially when you are a slave to BJD's.

      P.S. I have had almost a year out of buying anything due to a change in my circumstances so i think i am entitled to go a bit ape-sh*t with my money for a wee while don't you?
      :) :love ;)
    9. ^ what she said ^ Toooo many dolls! :) And can a person have enough red wigs?

      I've been reasonably fortunate on eye fetishes so far, but with so many of my own and with my girls each having bjds too we're down to the bland brown acrylics ;) I foresee a "cool eyes" phase coming up.

      Because... after I pay for the girl I put on hold the other day my wallet may dictate no more dolls... ;)
    10. I go through "Must by more __ for __." phases. With Iolari, it's shoes (insane how many pairs of white MSD shoes you can find to want to buy), with 'nei it's black pants. With Kelyn, it's shirts.

      But I go through a clothing/person phase about once a month. Last month, it was white boots for Iolari. This month, it's goth-chic for one of my smaller boys.
    11. I go through dolly phases a lot. XD I collect other dolls besides BJD, and there are months I'll go without wanting to have much to do with my resin beauties. My focus always comes full circle though, so I never completely lose interest in dollfies, I merely...put them on hold for a bit. ;)
    12. I won't tell you how many pairs of eyes Marianne has alone.
      I got my minis, and really wanted a big one but I got her and
      now I find myself looking at tinies and Minis more.
    13. I go through phases of buying lots of wigs and shoes. It usually has something to do with how much disposable income I have at the time.
    14. sure! for a while I didn't change my dolls eyes often at all, but lately, I keep staring at eye webpages and wanting to have like all the colors in all the sizes (too bad they are so pricey!)

      I also tend to go in phases of what I'm looking for for my dolls, like thinking all of the sudden, "My doll, Edmond, seriously needs this this and this" and then I'll focus just on those types of things for a while.
    15. i think i'm going through a dolly phase right now...about the dolls themselves! ha ha.
    16. well right now no but then again...I got upsessed with getting something bunny related fore easter XD
    17. I think I go through this with everything I like (but the threat of university fees shove that back down >_>). I think I get more in a phase of where I see something that I want and its financially feasible then I have to get it as soon as possible. (Happened with my MP3 player, laptop.) Doll stuff I have more planned out to fit the character and the style I want to have for her.
    18. Doing that right now. I want dress shirts and slacks to go with the ties Dollheart sent in their New Years Bags.
    19. Right now it's eyes. Before that wigs. It's a good thing Masterpiece has their new acrylic line, totally beautiful, lots of colors and under $15.00, depending on size!
    20. I go through phases with everything. Any hobby, fashion... and my dolls do too. (though I've had them for a short time, and I haven't done TOO many phases yet.) I go through crazy photo phases, where I just take oodles of pics, then I go through buying phases where I get props galore (I went through the wig phase too), and then I go through sewing phases.

      I think it's normal based on what items/stores you discover or what you have ideas for at any time.