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Do you guys create charachters, story lines...

Aug 23, 2008

    1. and history for your Tiny kids like the sd and msd collectors do?
      Do you do continuation photostories?
      Do you view them as real little people or are they just dolls?
      I have been collecting different kinds of dolls for several years, all kinds and regardless of how real they look i have always considered them just dolls, i can\'t say i feel any differently about the bjd dolls, they are just dolls that i love and that bring me pleasure, i adore cute and frilly! I love to redress and brush their hair and make them up all cutesy then just stand back and admire, i dont even rename my dolls! But i do love them, appreciate them and take good care of them, how about you guys
    2. My tiny girl is going to be part of the same storyline as my mini boy; I like creating characters for them. I agree that size doesn't make any difference with this- some of the SD owners have dolls that are there just to be pretty, so it just depends what you're into.
    3. I have SD and tiny, and my tiny has just as much personality and storyline as the big boys. I don't think size matters, what matters is what part of the hobby you take part in.
    4. Not really, like you, they are dolls and I just don't 'do' photostories. However the tinies are starting to whisper their stories and characters to me, so watch this space :)
    5. I have to agree with greeniebone. I think some people just like making storylines, some think of their dolls as little people, some think of them as just dolls. I don't think size has anything to do with it.

      Most of mine have backgrounds, but they are still just dolls to me. Sometimes I will come up with a storyline, sometimes no. Sometimes my daughter and I come up with a photostory while we are playing, sometimes not. It all depends on the mood we happen to be in that day.
    6. I really want to do a comic book type of thing, so I'm working on props and characters and plots, but it's slow going. Maybe it'll speed up as the kids go back to school next week and I'll have more free time. Or, I may end up getting a job to pay for dollies, LOL. Unfortunately, jobs while the kids are at school aren't easy to find! Oh well... then again, I haven't looked lately...so what do I know?? LOL
    7. I don't think it relates to size(or type) of the dolls either- it's more a personal thing :) I don't have any BJD's yet, but I do have other dolls and although they have all different personalities and quirks I don't do photo-stories with them. For me I think it's because it's too much hassle, though- I'm just to lazy! haha!

      But I love to photograph with scenery so from time to time a story comes too mind :)
    8. All my dolls have names and personalties and many of them have background stories. I think of my big dolls as adults, my MSD and toddler-sized dolls as children (the child types, not mature minis), and then, I have a bunch of elves, fairies, and pixies, almost all of them under 6 inches tall. Except for one of the adult dolls and all of the child dolls, the two worlds never meet. I play with the tiny ones more than the big ones. The only dolls I have that are "just dolls" to me are my remaining fashion dolls. They are lovely and I like them, but they just stand on my shelves wearing pretty clothes, like mannequins in a shop.
    9. I definitely have stories and characters for my dolls. It's part of what helps me decide which dolls I'd like to add to my collection, and it's a really fun past time. I have inherited dolls from my grandma that don't have stories or characters, but I think it's more fun when they do, and BJD are just so lifelike that they practically create their own stories, when I play with them.

      Part of my reasoning for getting BJD in the first place was so that I could photograph stories and tableaus with them, since dollhouse scale (12:1) miniatures just weren't expressive or realistic enough for my satisfaction.
    10. yah...I do!!

      I have 4 dolls... by oldest dool to youngest (Anna...about 18 then Elizabeth...14...then Chris, 14...then samantha) (sam) (she's 10) Chris and Beth (Elizabeth) r girlfriend and boyfriend. Chris and Anna are sibblings. And Beth and Sam are sisters.
    11. My Bobobie Elfkin actually has the most extensive storyline out of all my dolls, including my CP Harang (SD) and my BBB Ariel (MSD)! Her storyline has extended to other people's dolls, and is so huge that I don't know what to do with it.
    12. All my dolls have a story/personality etc... but that's because I like to personify everything!... and when it's something little and person shaped, it makes it that much easier!

      As for photostories, no, nothing continuing yet... when I'm feeling like doing a photostory, it's usually because I thought up something really stupid that made me laugh... and I wanted to share it... I pity the audiences of my photostories, LOL!
    13. I've been collecting non-BJDs for around 10 years now, both 'fashion ladies' and 'little girls'. Some of my dolls seemed to have a name and a 'personality' as soon as I handled them, and some -- which I love just as much -- remain nothing more than detailed mannequins that can wear beautiful clothes. I admired other collectors' BJDs for at least 3 years without ever wanting to own one, but then I saw my first Puki, and I *had* to have one of my own! And I planned to get my first Pukisha re-painted, but Ruri... did not agree; she was so perfect just as she came that I realized immediately what a sham & a delusion my fellow enablers' you'll-never-need-another-doll arguments had been. On the other hand, I bought an Orientdoll Vampire So because she looked good in photos and I figured she could share a wardrobe, but even though I truly admire the details of her sculpt, she just doesn't capture my attention & interest the way Ruri did.

      For me, at least, the esthetics of each individual doll either do or don't touch some special part of my soul. And it doesn't seem to be an issue of price, or construction, or any single individual feature. I know lots of BJD people buy and/or modify dolls to act out the characters in their stories -- so there are all the marketplace sales posts announcing "This doll doesn't work for the part I bought it for" -- but for me, it's the other way around; some dolls have 'resin souls' and some don't.

      Although I thought people reading this thread might be amused by a button I used to have: Personifiers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but Mr. Dignity!
    14. It's a way for me to develop an attachment to the doll. All of my tiny dolls have personalities, backstories, likes, dislikes, and I think it really brings the hobby into focus for me. I have difficulty portraying the doll without knowing what kind of personality they might have. While growing up, I gave all of my toys a purpose and personality, so it would be uncharacteristic of me to change that method.

      Plus, it's a lot of fun and encourages me to be creative!
    15. They have very basic stories...except Ioma...whose story is actually TRUE!
    16. For me, the stories are there already... some of the characters from this storyline have been with me for 15 years or so, so they're very dear to me. (And all of the characters I'm using have been around for at least 5 years or longer.) For ages I've wanted to realize them in a three-dimensional form, and have done sculptures of some of them in the past, but finding dolls that can amtch their forms well enough to become the characters has given then more flexibility (and durability) that I'm really enjoying.

      And since there are both adults and children, both the Minis and Tinies have stories to them. (Including the teeny-tiny Pukisha, playing the role of the cat.)