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Do you have a bjd you don't like but can't get rid of?

Jul 24, 2011

    1. Was it a gift? Is it a doll you find unappealing but has sentimental value? Is it such an upopular or common mold that you can't sell it? Maybe it's severely damaged and you wouldn't feel right passing it on to someone else with those defects. What do you do with a doll like that? Mod/faceup practice? Give it to someone in the family?(so it stays in the household) Hang your keys on it's ear? XD
    2. I have a doll a bit like that. I decided recently that the really tinies like Pukis just aren't for me, but I don't feel like I can get rid of one-it was the first doll my husband bought me. So I posed it cutely, in a cute little outfit, and don't plan on really doing anything with it. It's going to become a shelf doll.
    3. I had that problem with my DOI luke since the day I got him 3 years ago!
      I'd go through horrible waves of loving him and hating him, but it boiled down to: I loved the size, but really didn't like the doll.
      I was afraid to ever get rid of him because I couldn't find anything better to replace the character. I developed the character off of the doll when I got him, so it was extremely difficult to see him as anything different. Recently, however, I had a friend give me a more than gentle shove into changing things up with my Luke and swapped him for a new doll last week :D
    4. My first and only doll, an AoD Chi, has proven to be just not my cup of tea aesthetics-wise, but I can't get rid of him! One, he's heavily damaged, two, he has sentimental value and three, I do like him, I just think he was a hasty buy. I'm never going to get rid of him, and honestly, I think I'll like him more when he has a friend to play with. For now, though, he's a model and a size reference.
    5. I have a few that I'm just no longer attached to. One is my first doll a 70cm DZ boy. Since my tastes have changed I just can't bond with him anymore he's a lovely doll I just would rather he go somewhere that he'll be loved. I have a few tinys as well that i bought while i was early in the hobby that i've just grown distant from. Another is an msd boy i've changed head molds on him multiple times but nothing i do helps me like him. Trying to get rid of them is hard as well since the market place is pretty slow moving. I bump my threads but never get any real buyers.... Eventually I'd like to just weed out the dolls I no longer play with and send them off to good homes.
    6. Oh yes! I'm actually having that problem with a doll I have right now! I had bought a MNF Shiwoo mod off of the MP, in the pictures he looked adorable. But in reality, his body was an old yellow color, he had an awful dark face up and I didn't realize how small his head was compaired to my other Shiwoo (normal). So now he's sitting in Limbo and I'm trying to decide the fate for this poor boy. :/
    7. I did for a little while with one of my dolls - my Ringdoll Ryan. But then I decided to keep him as a doll for when I had my fits of creativity. The others are all pretty much set as they are now, but CHANGE can change.

      So whenever I get antsy about the dolls, Change's sole purpose is to accomodate for that.
    8. I actually have this problem with the first doll I ever bought, hence why I don't want to get rid of her! I can't seem to bond with her very well...But I want to keep her because she was my first. She's also somewhat banged up in some spots due to falls. x_o I wouldn't wanna sell her like that...If I ever considered.

      So far, I've just kept changing her eyes and wig until something clicks and I like it.
    9. I have a couple of dolls who I occassionally consider selling, but I can't bring myself to list them on the MP because they aren't readily available from the company, and I worry about regretting it. It's not that I don't like them at all, but rather I like some of my other dolls so much more, and I feel like my collection needs to be trimmed a bit. I think the right wig/eye/outfit combination may make me appreciate them more, but finding that combination is quite tricky. As for what I'm going to do with them, I've decided to keep mine, at least for another 6 months or so. They're all dolls I've had less than a year, so I don't want to give up on them yet.
    10. I have one now that I constantly think of selling, but I can't , because she is my first doll.. and she is kind of popular but hard to get, so it wouldn't be easy if I regret my choice and wants her to be back... haha~~ She really is beautiful but I can't bond with her very well...
    11. One day, I want to buy a Puki or even a BBB tiny. I can already see myself not being as extensive with such a small doll than I would with an MSD or an SD. They'd probably get one or two outfits and one wig, and that's about it in terms of wardrobe. My SD and MSD would have a lot more in terms of clothes.

      They also wouldn't get a developed character. They'd have a name, but then I'd be hard pressed to go any further. They might get a character in time, but I wouldn't go and brainstorm anything as I would with the bigger dolls. They'd probably be a cute shelf doll, but too cute to ever sell or give to someone else.
    12. Yep! I had this situation with my first doll, I was pretty excited when I got him, but in a matter of days, I got tired of him and I didnt like him at all. I tried wigs/clothes/eyes on him, but nothing suits him but I keep forcing myself to like him because I wasted all my money to get him and I thought it'll be a bother to sell him on the MP.

      Just for those reasons, I kept him around for two years till I finally cant take it anymore and sold him. And I felt nothing but relief that he went to a new and loving home. So now, if I dont like a doll, I sell it. I dont like keeping a doll for sentimental's sake or because it's just pretty. I want dolls that I will interact and play with.
    13. It's pretty interesting hearing all the various reasons why people might keep an unwanted doll XD

      I myself have a doll that the only thing I like about him is his arms (which I bought new hands for since the originals were crap and extreme modded into sort of automail arms). I hate his face, his proportions, his joints, etc...At first not selling him was so I wouldn't make my brother feel bad since he bought it for me for my birthday, but since his birthday was a month later and he demanded the cash amount he spent as a return gift...well I don't care if he's offended anymore, I pretty much bought this doll I didn't want myself. At this point I just don't think I could actually manage to find a buyer for this doll without taking a massive loss since the company has many US dealers, the doll is cheap and easy to get, not a popular mold, and plus I spent an extra $50 or so on extra hands and modding supplies which I wouldn't be getting back and even if the mods are good, it's seen as a "defect" and lowers the value. Ugh. I just don't know what I'll do with him and for the first time since I've been a collector I have a doll just sitting there in its box neglected.
    14. Please remember that mentioning that you have dolls for sale is against the rules and will result in a Marketplace suspension. Please be mindful about what you write, this topic sails pretty closely to the wind!
    15. I have a doll (my first and still onnly girl) wich felt on the ground and had a crack in her nose. I had her home for less than an hour when it happend :( I managed to restore the crack with boiling water, but now her nose has a slightly other color than the rest of her face. Maybe because of the hot water, or the face-up/blush that came of.

      Just because of that, I don't like her that much anymore. But she's a gift from my mom who likes this girl very much, so the sentimental value is to big to get rid of her. Maybe when I will redo er face-up, I'll try to blush or sand her nose a little bit.
    16. I have a doll that was so expensive to get (I paid about $250 on customs fees on top of that) and that is quite unpopular, that I think I can only sell the doll by taking a massive loss. Plus the Dollar-Euro exchange rate changed so much that I would still make a loss if I could sell it for the retail price in USD. If it wasn't for that, I would have sold the doll long ago, but since I'm too stubborn take the loss, I've decided to keep the doll.
      Now that I have an outfit that fits and suits his rather unusual body size (it's so hard to buy clothes for this doll), I kind of like him.

      My experience is that you can sell even very unwanted dolls or doll parts as long as the price is right. I've sold dolls very cheaply just to get rid of them, but I'm not willing to take a $600 loss. :sweat I guess this doll is lucky.
    17. Muisje: I know what you mean! I've taken huge losses on dolls before just to sell them (and even then they sometimes sat for months) but I'm tired of it. I think this current unwanted doll will end up being a mod experiment doll and probably end up more mod than doll lol.
    18. I couldn't have said it better. That's just exactly how I feel: if I don't like a doll, I give it another try, but if after that it's not working for me, then it ends up on the MP. I don't want to keep an expensive doll I don't play with whilst I could spend that money in one I love more ><
    19. Reading through this thread has made me think that maybe I should take more time in deciding what I want to do with my first purchase. I don't want to end up with a doll I'll end up not enjoying, but at the same time, I want to jump out there and get started. So, thank you for posting this so this first-timer can have a reason to take more time to consider...
    20. I have one doll whose character isn't really going anywhere at the moment. I keep running into roadblocks with him. The poor guy just seems to get in the way of everything and can't find himself a place in the story. I don't want to give up on him at all. I love his sculpt as well as his character, so much so I can't bear the thought of selling him. I just need to figure out more to do with him! Maybe even buy him another new outfit. Poor guy is lacking in the clothes department compared to the others. XD;;

      But yea, I'm just not one to give up so easily. Call me stubborn, but I'll figure out a way to keep him around one way or another...hopefully.