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Do you have a doll limit?

Apr 29, 2016

    1. Do you have a limit to how many dolls you're going to get/have?
    2. I'm trying to stock to 10, including pets... :x Or 12 at most! Otherwise, I might be tempted to go overboard with my spending a bit (more.) Fortunately my tastes are mostly like small animal dolls and really cheap children dolls. ^^; I've only ordered one "real" 1/3 scale bjd. And I'll probably rehome a few of the human ones, after all. They just don't appeal to me like the little cute animals do.
    3. I think my cut off will be ten at max, including any pet dolls I get. I am hoping my tenth doll will be my grail doll and largest doll. My cut off with my reborn dolls was eight/nine.
    4. Ahhhh...when I got into the hobby, I said I'd only ever get one. That ended before my first doll ever even got to me. Now I just kind of figure that I'll know when I've reached my limit...whenever that may be
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    5. I try to keep it small, but I have a lot on my wishlist. It's beginning to look like it's going to continuously expand until my collection implodes on me. :lol:
    6. xD! I am pretty much in the same boat right now. I just keep adding to the dolls and I go to buy one doll but I can't seem to agree on which one I want to buy first :/
    7. No I honestly don't think Ill ever have a limit
      But I know how to spend my money wisely like I don't just randomly buy a doll, I kind of plan it ahead of time like which ones I want/like and fit the character i planned.
      I don't think its that bad to have many BJDs as long as you are smart about money and the most important priorities (like food,emergency money,etc.) are first before buying BJDs
    8. Aside from OCs, which I don't plan to start shelling for quite a while, I want to stick to one doll in each size. I'd like a 1/3, 1/6, and 1/8, and I already have a 1/4, so that's four dolls. With OCs included, in the long run I guess I'm planning... ok, honestly, if I had the disposable income for it I'd shell every one of my 10+ OCs AND all my partner's 10+ OCs, so I don't even wanna think about that! :...(But yeah, aside from OCs I think I want to keep my "normal dolls" to four and then spoil those four.
    9. I have quite a few on my wishlist, but realistically I only have 5 characters that I want to shell, so I guess my limit will be 5-7? Honestly I don't want to get any dolls that do not have characters, so I really don't see myself having a huge collection :sweat

      But who knows! I'm still so new to the hobby, so I expect things to change.
    10. Agree with ellie. The key is being smart about the way you spend. I don't think I have a particular limit as long as I have OC to shell and plan carefully ahead. But I guess my limit will be with my last OC to shell, no matter how many come along the way. :)
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    11. I have no limit, and don't really intend to. I am shameless LOL

      I guess the only limits will be my budget, the amount of space I have, and the number of dolls that catch my fancy enough to own. I won't ever buy a doll I can't afford (I don't buy them on credit, for instance) and if I run out of room for them, I'll either stop buying or wait until I have enough room by getting rid of things to home another one. And at the moment, there are only 4-5 dolls I want enough to own, so if I buy those and no new ones come along, I guess I'll be done.
    12. I tell myself that my limit is 18 dolls- no more than that. If I lived in a big house and not in a small apartment, I would not have a limit! But really, setting a limit is difficult as companies are constantly releasing new dolls... ._.
    13. I wish to have it. It seems that I can't stop. I have a plan, but all the dolls that I like are limited editions and this is frustrating. I have a limited time to decide and then if I miss it I regret it, and if I buy I think of how much money I have spent in a small period of time. Still, until now I bought only dolls that I love and I'm really happy about it.
      I don't have a big room so I need to limit myself. Maybe 15 dolls...
    14. Oh gosh yeah, that's the worst thing about coming in to this hobby. There are so many amazing dolls and they all create their personalities in your heads and you're like 'gah one at a time!!!'
    15. I tried. I thought my limit would stop at 20. Nope... not gonna happen, it just keep on growing and growing... and know what? As long they keep me happy and I manage to afford them, keep them on coming. I'll eventually come to my limit someday... or not.
    16. I think I'll stick to 3-4.
    17. I just got limited today, i was actually online in the shop page of a doll site when I was told my trip was moving up a month and I realised I needed the money for that instead of the doll I was going to order. >.> Oh well there'll be other dolls..
    18. Yup. Always five more than I currently own. :P
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    19. I am planning to stay under 10. So far, it looks good...but with mostly big men space is limited anyway...(though hubby muttered something about the need of a dollroom for me).
    20. I thought one would be all I wanted but now I am wishing I could get a second one to keep my first BJD company :atremblin this must be a common feeling among first-time owners...right?
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