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Do you have (a lot) more heads and eyes than dolls?

Feb 28, 2018

    1. Question above. I already have a box full of eyes and ordered some heads which will share the same body. Is it normal? :D
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    2. I think it’s pretty common to have multiple heads floating around, though I only have one floating head, I have a ton of eyes though, since I make them...^^’
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    3. Eyes are an easy thing to end up with a lot of, I usually buy multiple pairs in different colors and sizes when trying to find the best match for a specific dolls and I keep the extras as spares. They also just look really cool sitting in little jars :mwahaha Heads tend to pile up as well honestly...so many companies give away extra heads as event gifts or sell them separately for so little you just HAVE to go for it. Having two heads share the same body is honestly a really nice and cost effective way to have two different dolls (until you want to photograph them together :...()
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    4. I currently have 2 "floating heads."
      One is waiting for a body. It's on order from Fdoll :) Hoping the wait isn't much longer. He used to be on a Mirodoll body, but.. that body got donated to a different head.
      The ohter head is my faceup head. :) It's not meant to be a character~

      As for eyes, I have sooo many eyes. I keep them in little bead containers. I cosplay my dolls so have eyes for costume purposes. I also always overbuy, then resell some that I wont use-- and sometimes keep others. Lol "Just in case"
      I didn't have to buy eyes for my newest head just because I had a pair I wanted to use already!
    5. I ordered my first resin doll recently along with three pairs of eyes. They are all so pretty and I can never decide which I want.
    6. It's so easy to end up with extra eyes, especially since you usually end up with at least two eyes per doll - the ones they came with and the ones you bought for them! I'm actually down to just two spares, since I was able to "recycle" some of the default eyes - my DikaDoll MSD's eyes looked horrific on her, but fit my IslandDoll SD almost perfectly so he gets them until I can justify urethanes. My DollLove YoSD was always going to end up with red eyes, but the default black ones DL sent are perfect for my Impldoll SD! And some eyes got passed around to friends, and so one. Only half my dolls right now have specially ordered eyes, though hopefully that'll change a bit when I've got money...

      As for heads, I find it a bit easier to not collect them. I've only got the one, and only because it was being phased out by the company! (Dikadoll Xibatian) His body is very expensive, but I'm hoping to get it soonish for him...!
    7. I have more eyes than dolls and one floating head.
    8. I have 2 floating heads...One is an event head and the other I bought secondhand for practicing faceups. I also have 2 dolls that each have 2 heads--my husband surprised me with two minifees last spring and got the sleeping head for each doll. I wouldn't have bought the sleeping heads for myself, but I'm certainly not complaining.
      I think I might have one or two extra pairs of eyes, but I'm not sure off the top of my head.
    9. It is totally normal! I have more eyes than dolls and have 5 floating heads so yeah... 6 heads share one body...
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    10. I have several extra eyes, just in case I want to change things up a bit. As for floating heads, I've sold all of them. I don't really like the idea of heads without bodies or multiple heads sharing the same body. I want to see a complete doll, not partially complete. Of course, there are always exceptions. If I see a head I like but not the body or the sculpt is limited and I can't afford to buy the whole doll, I will settle down with just buying the head. But, because of experience, I will probably buy the body as soon as possible because once the head becomes bodyless for long, I start to lose interest and will eventually sell the head.
    11. I have just gotten into buying heads only - I would only buy full dolls (head and body from same company) because I didn't know anything about hybrids. I feel much more confident about it now. I have two floating heads right now but plan on getting at least two more. I do have quite a few eyes - both from dolls I bought that I didn't want to use and those I purchased separately.
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    12. I just have a lot of dolls. I used to not mind having a bunch of extra heads around the house, but I sold them down to almost none. The ones I do have will get bodies eventually. Eyes though, man, I have a lot of eyes. I think between the two of us (me and my GF) we have 100+ pairs. A couple pairs are silicone, a couple are acrylic, maybe 8 pairs of glass, but the rest are all urethane. I hoard brown urethanes and she hoards green urethanes. Over time, dolls eyes have gotten smaller and smaller, so we keep buying more. I just got a pair of 12mm Enchanteds in the mail, and I'm waiting on an order from Mystic.

      This hobby has no right or wrong way of doing it as long as you're buying legit. Just enjoy yourself!
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    13. I have a drawer full of heads awaiting bodies. Some were free, others were duplicates from a custom order and some were the default heads I took off when using bodies for hybrids. These heads don’t share bodies... my full dolls all keep their bodies, the heads are just spares.
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    14. I only have 1 doll + waiting for the other... but a few more pairs of eyes somehow.
    15. I have way too many extra eyes. Probably at last 20 pairs and they aren't even ones I want to use anymore!
      Thankfully on the other side me and my gf only have one floating head, and she'll get a body when budget permits. Otherwise I've never really purchased extra heads, only once and I sold it on soon after. I can have all the incomplete projects sitting around but I don't like dolls missing heads or bodies.
    16. I have my first doll on its way, but I have several pairs of eyes already since I am learning to make them.
    17. A few extra eyes, but no “floating heads” . All heads attached to bodies here. It would drive me a little bonkers to have a head and no body, for very long at least. Just quirky me I guess !;)
    18. I'm not sure there's any such thing as "normal" in this hobby. :XD: As long as you're enjoying your dolls and not hurting anyone, I don't think there's any right or wrong way to go about it.

      I currently have and plan to keep one spare head who shares a body with another doll. I don't normally like having loose pieces as opposed to full complete dolls, but in this case, they're both 1/6 IslandDolls in the same color, and both are minor characters, so I didn't see any reason to pay the extra money for duplicate bodies. They're also not in the same stories, so I'd never need to photograph them together anyway. This doesn't work for any of my other dolls, either due to resin color, size/proportions, distinctive markings (tattoos, scars, freckles, etc), or needing them to be able to be photographed together.

      Eyes are another story. I try to sell off a lot of the extras so they don't get overwhelming, but I do keep several extra pairs. Most were either default or bought for one doll then didn't look right or I sold the doll. It's helpful to have spares, in case I do get a new doll with no eyes or I don't like the default pair. Just this week, I got a new doll and I felt the eyes that came with her were much too large for my taste, I was really happy I had a box of eyes to try in her, and one pair did end up being perfect.
    19. I have a lot more eyes and wigs than dolls
    20. I have a box full of those default eyes that dolls come with. They are all either an ugly mustard-brown or yellowish gold. I never use them for my dolls. I would prefer no eyes at all, rather than the cheap default eyes. Plus, dolls are often sent with that turquoise colored eye putty, and it stains the resin if left in for a long time. I always have to clean it out really good.

      As for heads, I only have 3 floating heads and 14 dolls.