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Do you have a "perfect" doll?

Dec 3, 2005

    1. I know these dolls were made to be customized but did you ever get a doll that's exactly like you want already...in other words "perfect". Before I got my Kun or even saw her I already had a vision of how I would paint her and what color eyes she would have...but the moment when the box lid was lifted and I saw her for the first time she just seemed "perfect" to me, so I have no desire to change her.
    2. My Jessamine :D

      I asked Luts for a custom face-up on her, and she turned out EXACTLY how I'd envisioned her . . . she's amazing!! All I've done to change her is to blush her body and to change eyes a few times (I love the ones she came with, but I also like to play around with eye color). And Gavriel and Ginevra, my DOD TToo and TBee-A, still have their original everything . . . again, once they got their wigs on, I didn't want to change a thing!!

      (Actually, come to think of it, I keep going back to Lysandra's default eyes and hair . . . I've tried a few looks on her, but the blonde hair and blue eyes just seem to suit her best!)

      -- A :>
    3. when I first got my Zen from DoD he didn't have any make up, clothes, or anything at all! :oops: so... he was far from perfect.

      even now that I've given him a light make up, force some badly made clothes on him, and let him tried on several wigs he still doesn't seem to be "that perfect doll" ... I still love him though!

      :D but they say imperfection makes one perfect yes?
    4. The next doll I get will be ordered from Y!J, with a faceup that I adore, so I'm waiting for him or her to pop up.

      Thief, Ushiwakamaru, did though. I LOVE the Ushiwakamaru faceup, it's stunning (it's cute though, one side has a little more blush then the other side) x3 It makes him look sweet but mischievious, which he is. He has the jointed SD10 body (which I love) and he's perfect.

      Abacus is taking a little more time. I had to buy his head, then body then faceup, it took over a year to get him together. He's adorable, but his faceup doesn't fit him yet. He has the jointed SD10 body too, but he has normal no tabi feet. His feet are funny, I was trying to seperate them, and I popped a toe off and needed glued on. It's the feet from his first body, so I keep them because I'm a sentimental git.

      But I adore them, so whatever things are wrong don't even bother me. They're muh babehs... x3

      Cicada, a disaster. I need to find another faceup artist because I don't think the other one I had wants to, I want to make him SD13 instead of SD10, and I'm already starting to think about selling him. (@___@)
    5. Isao. He was perfect as Erik, even totally default--wig, clothes, face-up, everything. Obviously, I wasn't able to get him totally default^^, and I have swapped out his default eyes for some blue ones, but I love his faceup as it is, and all the clothes I'm getting for him are a lot like both Isao versions outfits. If I were able to get a complete Isao (either version), I wouldn't change a thing about him. (except maybe the eyes...I love blue eyes in Isao^^.)
    6. I almost always change something...except for my Unoa Light...Her faceup was done by Freddy Tan and I haven't touched it!

    7. My Lucien. (In my avatar.) The minute I opened the box and put his wig on, my first thought was "he's absolutely perfect." And my feelings haven't changed since!
    8. A sweet dream mika, perfect just the way she is. Not to mention she has the cutest outfit :-D
    9. My Elisabeth, Jun T, was just it for me. Even if I didn't have the others, she was the one that was my dream doll :)
    10. (I suppose this has changed some)

      Mini Gem Quite Rabbit Uyoo... she's perfect as her default, she's perfect in other wigs, she's just perfect.
    11. Definitely my Roselynde :love:love:love

      Forever my dream girl; and I've never wanted to change a bit of her...other than eyes/wig.
    12. Not yet... only in a perfect world, I guess. :)
    13. Most of mine were just as I wanted them when they came - which is mostly why I bought them, because I have no experience doing faceups and wouldn't want to practice on something as expensive as a BJD. Also, the particular expression on a doll's face is the key factor in whether or not the doll appeals to me, and I'm not confident I could ever capture the expression I want.

      However, there are minor things I'd like to change about two of my dolls: Cassia's coloring, which needs to be a little more intense, and Yseult's mouth. Her mouth is somewhat oddly shaped, and I'm trying to decide what shape would look better on her.
    14. Gabriel was perfect when he came to me as a Hound, but believe me, it took alot of tries to get there. He was originaly a dollmore dean who went through a few faceups to get there.

      Now I couldn't be more happy!

      The most (most most) perfect doll to me is a doll I fall in love with at first sight and for my feelings about it to stay that way. All the dolls I own I didn't love at first sight. I liked them, but it took awhile for me to say "Hang on, thats a doll for me!"

      Cecile the Scarface is the only doll I've seen and loved instantly - and I still do. ^.^
    15. For me even if they are darned close to perfect, like my Hound, I still have a compulsion to tweak something.

      I ca't seem to help myself.
    16. my Ussika is perfect :)
      another girl ideal for me, that I'm stil hoping to get one day is Sasha from volks :3
    17. :-D Strangely enough Pippin , my Bong Sun Hwa , Elf doll
      it is the most tiny realistic face sculpt , after I had repainted her , she is perfect , I love her to bits :-D
    18. I prefer to have my dolls come almost perfect to me from the factory - for me, customization is pretty much limited to changing eyes and wigs, and sanding whenever I get around to it (and I far prefer to pay extra to have someone else do the sanding!) - and clothes. None of my dolls wear their default outfits for very long!

      I have changed nothing on Gamine, my Nono 13, and Chii, my Chii. I've only changed the wig on Susan, my FCS MSD F-05. They all came the closest to what I had in mind right out of the box, especially since I'd planned to change Susan's wig right from the get go because Volks doesn't offer a wig in the style I had in mind for her. My other dolls have needed some tweaking to be what I wanted them to be - mostly a search for just the right eyes and wig.

      But I like Gamine so much just the way she is I even bought a spare default wig for her, just in case something happens to hers.

    19. For me its my Wynne
    20. Momoko is my perfect doll. i love the default face-up and everything about the default stuff. of course i changed her eyes to an amazing HG glass Grey she is even more perfect. i dont think i would want to change her face up really i love the lip color and natural looking face.