Do you have a plan for your doll before buying?

Feb 24, 2017

    1. I always have this problem where I HAVE to have a plan for my doll before I buy. If I don't, I'm afraid I'll finally get them and not know what to do. This is the same dilemma I'm having now: I love the look of the Souldoll Tera Zenith but I have absolutely no clue what to do with him if I buy him.

      How about you? Do you know your doll's style, or have a plan, before you buy?
    2. Absolutely not! (Or, very rarely anyway..) I got my dolls because I liked their aesthetic, and from there they came in to their own. I've found that if you plan something out, you may get your doll and discover that it just doesn't work for them. Though, admittedly, it can take a while before they start showing what they can do.
    3. Thoroughly planning for a doll beforehand is actually one of my rules. Having at the very least a general idea of the doll's look is a must for me since my on-a-whim buys haven't worked out at all in the past. It also gives me something to do while I save up.
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    4. I buy dolls because I love their sculpts and then develope them later. I never plan, although there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, you probably end up spending less because you don't buy as much that doesn't work for your doll.
      As a side note Terra Zanith Oscal is one of my Grail dolls - which one were you looking at?
    5. I'm looking at Oscal. :) He's super gorgeous and I think he'd go well in my small-for-now collection.
    6. Oh, I hope you get him so I can live vicariously thru you!
    7. Normally, yes. I'm usually buying a doll to shell one of my role play characters. However, on occasion, I do find a doll I just really love and create a character around them or wait for them to "speak" to me.
    8. I try to have some sort of a plan before buying, but some how that plan goes out the window when the doll arrives and I'm left with no idea what to do with them X3
    9. I've planned a few of them, not full details but enough to have a starting point, or something similar. though I have had a doll come to me and decide to change who they were after the fact. I have a wishlist where names are next to some of the dolls, and others are blank. that way if I need a roll filed and the doll I get fits it they get the spot.
    10. Yep. BJDs are too pricey for me to buy on a whim, and the second-hand market isn't active enough for me to risk getting a doll I might not like. I don't use my dolls as characters, but I still like them to "fit in" with my existing collection. If I find a sculpt that looks pretty, I go through a mental checklist to see if it'll look good next to the rest of my dolls. I also think about different ways to style and clothe it, and I consider any possible mods if needed. If everything checks out, I put it on my wishlist, save up and buy it! By the time it arrives, I already have at least one wig, pair of eyes, and outfit waiting for it, and even a list of potential faceup artists. I know its nitpicky, but I haven't needed to sell any of my dolls yet, so it works for me.
    11. A little yes and a little no! I add dolls to the wish list for any reason, but they jump in priority once I have a character sorted out for them. My current top priority, Peakswoods Lottie! She's been my favorite PW doll for months now, but she's finally come together as a solid member intertwined with my other characters, so I'm ready to get her with all the options :D tan resin, with faceup, both sets of hands, manicures. I'm really into it when their plan finally comes together. I'm still saving up the money, but I'm trying to be ready for the next chance to order her as PW operates in limited order periods now. I wouldn't be so on edge to order her already if I hadn't gotten her aesthetic all figured out. But she's been on the wish list for the better part of a year.
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    12. I always have plan before I have them. I have plan for what style, what colour, what size the doll would be, then I go to search for a doll that would match my plan. I even have plan for faceup before buying.
    13. Oh, definitely - I have a list of characters to shell & stick to it. If a new sculpt that I just love comes out, I check my 'to get' list to see if I can use it - if I just have to have it I will determine if I can add a character to my little story/cast. If I see a doll I love that just won't fit into my whole scenario then nope, can't get it. Something this pricey, I really needed a plan from the start.
      I will say I've enlarged my cast of characters LOL since I started!
    14. I always have a plan before buying, sticking to that plan is sometimes a problem. I always start with having an outfit in mind and plan accordingly, but when I can't find what I have in mind then all bets are off. I always have a Plan B, C, and sometimes D.
    15. Mhm! For my first doll, I want him to be absolutely ready and dressed the moment he gets here, so I got excited and ended up buying a lot of clothes and accessories that overshot his own value, but I'm super excited!
    16. I'm not one that comes up with back stories or characters or anything. So for me, if I like the sculpt enough (and can justify the $$) I'll buy it.
    17. yeah, the doll i'm currently saving up for now is already fully planned together with extra things i wanna buy him *U*
    18. Sometimes....right now I have some dolls on preorder, and they already have outfits at home assigned and waiting for them.
    19. I don't have my doll yet, but I have already planned everything out, down to the clothing, what materials I will use to make them, and having a faceup artist ready. Since my doll is already character, that helps as well.
    20. I start with a plan for eye color, wig, and clothing style but 99% of the time, I scratch it all when the doll arrives