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Do you have a really long wish-list?

Nov 17, 2010

    1. I've been wondering about this for some time now, I haven't really seen too many people who have a really long wish list (over 10 dolls) etc.- I definitely do though, at one point my wishlist was closer to 40-something, but I've trimmed it down to 28. I know that it changes pretty regularly (or at least, it does for me) but does anyone wish for a whole bunch of dolls?
    2. I just wrote a list there to see from the top of my head what I really want and it is 14 and I don't know how many I have forgotten about.
      Though one doll on that list will most likely remain on that list forever due to the how rare she is and when she does come up on the MP she is very expensive.
    3. Me! I have 40 dolls on my wishlist, and I am serious about getting them all, working slowly towards that goal... I wish lovely dolls didn't keep coming out so I don't have to add as many though!
    4. I RP with my girlfriend a lot, and due to boredom and the fact that there's only so much even we can do to our characters, we have a LOT of characters. The last count was that I had 140 some odd characters. The sad part? We tend to doll each and every character.

      Fortunately, I've shelled only about half on my "wishlist," but it still brings me to around 70 dolls. I can't come up with an exact count, as the information is on a rather dead computer at the moment. ^^;
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    5. I currently have nine dolls on my wishlist, but my wishlist often fluctuates after I see owner photos. I have had a much longer list, but have managed to snag most of the ones I wanted, or decided against buying them.
    6. I have a long wishlist- although most of them I don't actually count as I'm not concentrating on getting them yet.
    7. I actually have a very short wishlist, because I'm usually getting a doll that I really want or working on it. I do it like I do my regular shopping, I keep it in mind until I decide if I really want to buy it or not. If it really catches me in the beginning I try to get it somehow right then. If not I wait awhile and see if I still feel the same later.
    8. my wish list is incredibly long. i update it all the time on my profile here, sometimes subtracting the ones i've decided i can live without, but more often adding some new beauty...
    9. It isn't that long. In a few cases I don't know which molds I want for the characters so I don't even count them. I think it is 4.5 dolls long at this point, and one of those I haven't chosen a mold for yet. But at the rate I am going at this point it will be quite a while before I get my next doll so it probably doesn't matter.
    10. Mine right now isn't that long, and some of it is doll parts to finish people. At one time it was longer, but I got bodies for a lot of my characters by now, and my wishlists have always been very changeable. Right now it only consists of two bodies for floating heads and maybe 3-5 full dolls.
    11. (For me) Wishing for dolls this Christmas is like wishing... for pigs to fly. My wishlist is kinda hefty - for my parents, at least - but it's full of wigs, clothes, and eyes. I had to take a bunch of things off it, but I have only 9 things on it; most it seems are wigs.
    12. Nah, it's actually fairly short! I ony have three specific dolls I'm hoping for on my official wishlist, DiM Kassia, Musedoll Re-Che and Luts Bliss, but I've been waffling over Bliss for so long that I might just cut him out entirely which would bring it down to just the other two. On my un-official wishlist (as in dolls I love but have no characters for so I'm not really striving for them any time soon or maybe even ever at all) I also only have three, Volks Michel and Yugiru and AIR Ruy.

      However, that's not to say I don't have a handful of characters I want in doll form! I have at least 4 more characters I want to find dolls for and if I end up scrapping Bliss that's one more doll I'd need to find to replace him. So altogether on my official list I'd say I'm striving for 7 more dolls. That's not too bad is it?
    13. I have my list broken up into two sections: there's the top six for sure that I want and are working towards getting no matter what, and then another 4-8 that's in the section of wishing I had, but I won't be upset if I don't get them, they would just be nice to have lol
    14. I also have quite a long wish list but it always change. There are some dolls that would be forever in there like Volks RM dolls unless I got a high paying job. XD Anyway, I always say to myself that i'll get him/her/them someday, be patient. :3
    15. Redonkulously long, and that's without including twins/multiples... Hang on a tic and I'll do a quick count-

      Fifty-eight, including twins and multiples, but EXCLUDING even the on-topic anthros. I don't even want to begin counting it up including those...


      Luckily, some of those are just idle dreams. But way too many of them are characters I really want to give little dolly bodies to...

    16. My wishlist is very short. I know lots of people have characters they make up and see dolls that remind them of that. I don't have any characters, I just really love BJDs.
      I'm pretty picky about them. There are only 3 I really want. AS Cinderella being on the top of the list (she will be my very first BJD!). Honestly I will be happy with one for awhile. I know people say that before getting their first BJD, then immediately want another. xD I don't think I will be that way. I will want others later on. I wont allow myself to get another for about a year. We'll see how that goes...lol.
    17. I have a current wishist of 20 and ongoing ¬_¬

      And yes, I did once think "one is enough"
    18. Nope ._.

      I'm wishing for a Volks Kaelin and a Soom afi...and that's about it... for now ><
    19. Its about reality. My Whislist (if i had all money in the world) would be looooong. Really long. But i try keep it realistic.
    20. This is exactly how I feel!! I want all 28 of the dolls on my list, and I keep seeing more to add! XD

      I too have a love of multiples! Especially my favourite sculpts, and then the sibling pairs... it just goes on and on- but there are at least a few that I know I could probably live without buying... (if I really had to...) :D