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Do you have any damage on your dolls?

Sep 3, 2017

    1. Do any of you have damage due to taking your dolls out or damage from mistakes during photoshoots or anything like that?

      I'm insanely protective of my doll, but I'm afraid mistakes will happen when I finally do photoshoots and meet ups.
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    2. No, I don´t have any damage on any of my Dolls... and I nerver damaged any Doll during a Photoshooting... I´m not so overprotective but I always try to make sure that they stand well by themselves once I let them stand free...
      Until now nothing happend to them ;)
    3. Nope, no damage. Only one of my dolls ever face planted and he was fine from it!
    4. A number of my dolls have chips, dents, scratches...I'm wildly clumsy. It happens. I don't think it makes me a bad owner, and I don't judge anyone else for it either. Don't worry about it. :)
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    5. The only time one of my dolls has ever been seriously damaged is when a different doll that was meant to be completely stable fell and took this doll with her and she hit the corner of my desk and a piece of her leg chipped off.

      I've taken dolls to meets, photo-shoots at public pools, 22 hour flights and it was while my dolls were displayed on a shelf that the worst damaged occurred. I've had dolls face plant, tumble backwards off ledges, with no damage and it was just bad luck that she clipped the corner of the desk, which is what made her break.

      These things will happen but the thing to remember is that most things can be fixed and if you can't fix it yourself, there's almost certainly someone out there who can fix it for you.
    6. Yes. My Spiritdoll Atropa's body arrived with a finger broken off. It was her left ring finger, so I just worked it into her story and started working on a teeny display box for it. :)
    7. Ha! That's a cool and creative solution!
    8. My cat bit off one of my doll's fingers. (I don't own the doll anymore and I don't leave them unattended around that cat anymore!!) I just glued it back on and attached wires and gears to make it look like a steampunk thing.

      My other doll was damaged when I sent her off to a bad faceup artist. The hand was "misplaced" and her leg just above the ankle had a chip missing. I was just thankful to get my doll back so I didn't really mind that she had a piece broken in her leg and she was hand-less for quite some time before Luts finally sent me a new one. She was my first doll and I still love her very much.

      But no, I've never had any major accidents during photoshoots. Sure, my dolls have taken a tumble or two, or their legs just "kick" and they topple over but no real damage has ever come from that. Not even scratches in their faceups! *knocks on wood* (now that I've said it, something terrible will happen! Yikes!)

      The biggest problem I have is staining. Ugh. So much staining. Usually I can clean them well enough with a magic eraser or whatever.
    9. My doll has more of a stain than damage. When I was working on a clothing project I had her next to the fabric I was marking off and I bumped the table which caused her to fall over... onto the Sharpie I was using... Luckily it's a VERY small mark on her ankle so it's barely noticeable. But I know it's there, and it brings me great shame.

      I banished sharpies from my work room that day.
    10. I've had a few very minor incidents. I try and be careful with my dolls, of course, but I bought them as creative vessels so I'm not going to focus so much on keeping them immaculate that I can't use them!

      I dropped my first doll's head once while carrying it around for a faceup and it hit a corner and got a small dent on the edge where the headcap attaches to the head. It's just a dent and not a chip, so I think I could probably boil it out pretty well, but it's small and never shows anyway, so I haven't bothered. Lucky that it wasn't on her face!

      My other SD backflipped off a table once while I was trying to draft a pattern for her, but luckily it was a low table and she fell onto carpet and didn't get a scratch. That was soooo scary though. :shudder

      And most recently, my tiny's faceplate popped off and fell while I was trying to squeeze her wig back on, after I had JUST finished her new faceup... it left a teensy shiny scuff on her cheek, but luckily it's very small and in a lightly-blushed spot, so I can live with it.
    11. I once dropped the headcap part of my doll's head. I was so mortified I didn't pick it up for a few seconds. Luckily - no scratch, nothing, but I almost got a heart attack. My doll (the first and the only one for now) spends her time in her original boxing, covered with her special blanket and waiting for her wardrobe to be made by me. Yes, I am paranoid about my doll. :P
    12. My dolls don't have any damage, per se, but Aelic does have a pretty bad wig stain that I just haven't bothered to get rid of. It's always covered, so I don't really see the point. I'll probably clean it when I wipe his face for a new faceup.

      My girl Lacey also has a couple little chips from her faceup right around here eye from when I was careless removing one... :doh She had only been back from the artist a couple weeks, so I felt really stupid. It's not terribly noticable, thankfully, and some eyelashes will cover the chip on the top lid, but it still annoys me.
    13. no because I don't really take my dolls to take photos or something /u\.
    14. One of my doll's elbow have a corner broken because I bent it without aligning it properly. I glued it back on and think of it as his scar or something :sweat
    15. I'm currently without dolls (waiting my new one to come), but I used to take my girls out of home for photos. Never had a really bad accident, just a couple of small falls (especially in my mother's house because of her dog) with no scars at all.

      I guess I'm lucky because I'm really clumsy and have black marks all over because I'm always tripping or hiting things...luckly never with dolls :lol:
    16. My doll chateau doll has a couple small chips in her ankle, and my gf's dc madeline has a a bigger chip (minor chunk missing really...) in her wrist because dc sent the doll with a hook that is too splayed out.
      Otherwise the other ten or so dolls in the house don't seem to have damage.
    17. My Dollzone Death has a little nick on her behind -- I was making a tapeform of her, and the scissors slipped and scratched her bum while cutting the tape and clingwrap off.

      It's not a huge scrape and because it's practically in her buttcrack, it's not really ever going to be visible so I'm not worried. :sweat
    18. Most of my dolls don't have any problems but a few have some minor damage. The worst is a doll I had outside who fell over onto the sidewalk. Thankfully her face was not harmed in any way as I don't think I could have forgiven myself, but her hand was scuffed and she had large chips to both her nipples. It seems her chest saved her lovely face which does make me laugh a little. :XD:Despite that one instance I've had very good luck with my dolls over the years and most of them are still like new.
    19. I accidentally scratched my doll while making shoes, and once I got a drop of Super Glue on one on their heads. I am a bit of a klutz. But the damage isn't super bad (I think I might even have managed to get the Super Glue off somehow), so I don't worry too much.
    20. Mine are all in really good shape. I only have one with a broken finger- and I glued it back on. One came with a knee crack that I just kind of have to live with. It was purchased second hand so it didn't come from the company with the crack. Same with my MSD Doll Chateau body. I got it second hand and it came with the sort of standard missing elbow piece. There is a spot on DC elbows that tends to just break off.