Do you have any "doll friends?"

Jun 19, 2011

    1. I've known my BJD friend since high school. When she got her first doll Volks SD Sakura I fell in love with it. I was gonna get her as my first until I saw the size of it. My Little Fee is perfect which was also found thanks to her : )
    2. my mum :D we share the hobby together its great!
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    3. I have a few friends that like dolls but don't have any themselves. Thankfully they see them as art and not something to punt half way across the galaxy out of fear. -_-; And then there are people on here that I've meet in real life that I consider good friends too. :D
    4. Nope, that why I came here. After I told some my friends and my family they thought it was weird and didn't want to hear anymore. Unless they were telling it was a big waste of money and time.
    5. I only have one friend that's into BJDs a bit. We both got our dolls around the same time by accident, and didn't even know the other had the same interests until we saw photos by chance. Other than that, no. Not much luck making friends in the doll community either.
    6. I have ) We meet some times and introduce owr doll )
    7. I have the one friend who re-introduced me to BJDs... she told me how she wanted one and then I was like, "Oh hey! I wanted one of those several years ago too!" :D
      Now that I am in uber BJD mode she has gotten inspired to save up for one too. Yay!

      Oh and I'm going to my first meet-up in August. I don't know any of the people but I'll be happy to meet them. The only problem is that I still don't speak German.:blush I'm sure it will be ok though. Right? RIGHT? *_*
    8. I wish! D:
      No but really, I actually do have a few great online friends, but I have yet to meet someone in real life who shares my interest in dolls.
    9. yeah, I have a lot friend that interested bjd.^^
    10. I have a friend over in England (I'm in the US) and she's into BJDs. We met on Menewsha during an event and kept in touch. I didn't know she liked BJDs, and I think she was into them before I was. ^^;

      I wish I had more friends that lived around here so I could have someone to meet up with. Sometimes, this hobby is so lonely. T_T
    11. I got in to BJD's because of my old college friend's girlfriend way back in 2005. And just this last year me and my friends that live here in town with me started to collect them and take them to doll meets and cosplay events. So yeah most of my friends got in to BJD's the same time I did. Which has made shopping for dolls alot more easy because I get more points of views on what shops or doll styles are best for me.
    12. A few of my close friends know about them, and one of them actually got a BB, but some of them just don't say anything.

      I have made one doll friend through meet-ups.
      it's nice to have a couple people you can just geek out with. :D
    13. I have a couple of college friends who got me into it and I really admire them, they know so much 8D
      They've helped me with all my dolls so far and even helping me with future dolls ^o^
      They're my doll friends, they're both brilliant X3
      My sister's friend is planning on getting a couple too so even though she doesn't own any, she's still my doll friend ^w^
      And my dad xD he doesn't collect them like I do but he enjoys talking to me about it ~
    14. Yes, through the magic of DoA - I found one good friend and many other acquaintances. I have been to 2-3 doll meets locally and have been out with my dolly buddy for lunch. We both have been at each other's homes and it has been great fun. I feel very fortunate.
    15. I think it's pretty safe to say that most of my friends are "Doll Friends," folks I've met through the hobby. I have a small handful of friends who I've met in other ways, but the majority of the people I speak with on a regular basis (about dolls and otherwise) I met through the doll collecting hobby!
    16. I have a few friends on facebook (orignally became friends because we play the same facebook games) that collect bjds. and I've gotten my friend treez into dolls, but she doesn't have a bjd yet, she has other types of doll. Before I started collecting bjds she wasn't into dolls at all. couple of my family members and another friend collect barbie dolls and/or porcelain, my nan used to collect porcelain dolls too.
    17. My best friends and I discovered this hobby together. : )
    18. Yes, and I think is the second thing that is more important in this hobby - we can share our interest with people that they know what we're talking about. Share all the things make us happy. When I'm talking about bjd to my friends who don't have dollfie they get bored quickly and don't understand why I'm so happy when I'm telling them about this. With my "bjd friends" is different situation, they can share my happiness! I think that discover this hobby together is very important and give a lot of fun!
    19. haha! I met malvinas in college, and had been starin at abjd's since highschool. I knew what they were and was content to just look at them and wish i could own one. But after I met Malvinas through the school magazine, she told me about them and how much she had been obsessing over them! And that's when I became just as incredibly obsessed! :) She's become my best friend and the only one (besides my hubby) that I can really talk to about this hobby and she doesn't think i'm totally off my rocker!!!!
    20. I doubt they'll see this but I recently made two friends through DA who are in the hobby! They saved me, seriously I had no one to talk to before I "met" them and they are so OSM<3 You two know who you are ;)