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Do you have any preference about "twins"?

Feb 14, 2017

    1. I'm curious about how people get twin dolls. :hug:

      I know someone likes to get exactly the same ones. There are also people buy difference dolls from same company and put similar face up...or it can be one doll in different colors of skin?

      Now I'm planning about having a couple of Luts Avalanche in the future, but can't decide to buy two normal versions or one normal&one sleeping. If anyone has experience about it that will be super helpful!

      I'd love to know how everyone prefer.:XD:
    2. My "twins" are the same doll, a David Kuncchi just painted a little different.
      David has honey brown hair & Davian will have black hair.
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    3. I'm thinking about getting a set of twins with 2 different skin types. I also want them to be completely different with their face-ups for unique personalities. I do like your idea of one of them being sleeping though, that is a cool take on it.
    4. I have Soom's Heliot White Night Destiny twins. They are the same head sculpt and skintone, but one is painted more masculine while the other is more feminine.
    5. I have owned twins in the past, and done it different ways:

      One set was a boy and girl, so totally different bodies. The heads were different sculpts but from the same company, and their faceups were painted similarly.

      Another set were both the same sculpt and body type, though I owned one and a friend owned the other. They were mirror image twins, so same everything and mirrored faceups. Though they were the same skin tone, they were of different batches, so one looked more yellow translucent and the other was more pink and opaque.

      I think it really depends on what you're going for. If you want identical twins, then they should be the same sculpt, same eyes (unless one wears contacts), same wig colors (unless one dyes their hair). Different expressions of the same sculpt would be fine (like sleeping and open eyed), or maybe very very similar sculpts that could be painted to look like different expressions on the same face.

      If you want fraternal twins, you could have any two dolls you like! I have known fraternal twins who didn't even look related, much less like twins! In high school, I knew a set of twins where the boy had curly red hair, big brown eyes, a wide face with cheerful mischievous smile, freckles, pale skin, and slender build. The girl had straight black hair, smaller hazel eyes, olive skin, a narrow longer face with serious expression and thicker build. Their facial structure was entirely different, their frames were entirely different, their coloring was entirely different. The boy looked like mom, the girl looked like dad. You could reasonably have twin dolls from two totally different companies, with different wigs and eyes.
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    6. I'm planning on twins, but they're not identical. They'll both be from the same company, but the sculpts are pretty different and I'm getting them in different skintones (white and grey), so I'm mainly going to use the faceups and styling to show the family resemblance. They're fantasy creatures too, so that gives me a lot of options when it comes to faceups, because they'll have similar skin patterning. :3nodding: Should be fun!
    7. I'm planning LLT Roderich twins soon. I'm going to get one in WS and one in NS, and if I can find an open eyed variant for one of them, so much the better. I want them to not look completely alike, but alike enough that they're clearly twins. Their bodies are also completely different, one being very thin (dollshe old hound body thin) and one being built (loongsoul 73 cm size). This drastic difference is mostly cause the bigger one had to work out a bunch because he didn't have much in the way of magic and wanted to be able to hold his own in some way. His brother at one point is a literal god, and therefore doesn't have to worry about strength so much.
    8. I have a pair of twins, both Cerisedoll Ombres. One is her old design with a slightly different body and dreaming eyes, in cream skin. Her "twin" is the newer version in caramel skin. They're similar enough, even with the different skin tone, that I think it works well, especially since I always get them matching outfits in different colors. I try to keep them themed, but with different palettes to make it more interesting.

      I have seen tons of twins that are identical and fraternal in this hobby. :)
    9. I have twins on the way. Fairyland Cygne, one in tan one in ns, both with default face ups, probably the same eyes, but different hair color. I love multiples of the same sculpts. But I really love pattern and repetition in music and graphic design, too.
    10. That's so exciting! Cygne is such a beautiful sculpt. I can't wait to see your twins!
    11. My twins came about sort of by accident. I asked two people about a FairyLand Juri 2013 head, heard back from both of them, and I got good deals on both that I couldn't say no to. So now I've got two heads that are the same sculpt but radically different in paint scheme. I've chosen to make the two dolls half-sisters rather than twins, mainly because I thought that might make their story lines more interesting.
    12. This is going to sound weird, but I think it would be interesting to do conjoined twins, perhaps joined at a place that isn't considered life threatening. I'm sure that would take a lot of work to do though, and I simply don't have the skills yet.

      As far as other twins go, I like to go more along the line of complete opposites, even with identical twins. For example one would very fashionable, and outgoing while the other would be shy and wears clothes for comfort not fashion. Also I like to think about twins where one is evil and the other is good in a more fantasy character direction.
    13. That's super helpful! I guess I will have a couple of identical twins! Just need more time to decide the version. Half sleeping is so beautiful but normal x2 is also good. So hard.:nosebleed
    14. I have a set of twins who are fraternal, and they are both IH scuplts. It's an Aria and Andrew on YiD bodies. The facial structures were similar and then I had similar hair color.
    15. I have a set of identical twins. :3 They have the same head sculpt, and are both red-haired, but they have different face-ups and different body types, since one sister is more athletic and outdoorsy and freckled, and the other is a hide-inside-and-be-quiet type. (Only one has a body right now. The other sister has to wait a bit longer.)

      My best friend and I have twins too! They're the same sculpt and skin tone, but my friend's is a boy and mine is a girl. They both have similar hair and eye colors, and I managed to make the boy's face-up similar to the default that his sister had.

      But I've known real-life fraternal twins who look nothing at all alike, and also brothers and sisters who look almost exactly the same even if they're several years apart. Genetics are awesome that way. XD
    16. I want to have twins at some point, I sadly cannot get them now. However, I would want them to probably be from the same company and either have the same or similar sculpts. They would probably look pretty different because different dolls have different personalities.
    17. Mine tend to either be variations on the same sculpt (One open-eyed and one sleeping/dreaming, for instance, like my Shiwoo, Breakaway and Okita twins-), or two identical heads with different face-ups (One male and one female in the case of my White Night Heliots-) or, at the very least, two sculpts from the same line and company that share a very similar sculptural style (My MiniFee twins are a good example of that, they're an Elf Shiwoo and Elf Shushu-).
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    18. On of my pairs of twins are the two different head sculpts from the Soom Cheshire Cat release. I initially planned to sell the "surprise" head, but couldn't bring myself to part with him, and eventually they each got their own body. I like them as twins because they're technically the same face. When you look closely you can see the same nose, the same lips, but the eyes are different and the mouths are making different expressions, which gives them individual character.

      My other twins, though one's just a head, are Angel Region Ren and the sleeping version of Ren. One is painted up like a boy and the other like a girl, and with the eyes closed on the girl, they look pretty distinct.
    19. I have a few sets of twins. I usually have the same head sculpt but different bodies (boy and girl). I have 2 sets of twins this way. My other set is different skin types, new skin and tan but the same sculpt. None of my twin sets have the same colored hair but the same or similar colored eyes.
    20. I have two girls on the way, two completely different scultps & height but I am planning on making them twins (fraternal twins :P) . Anyways, I think it will work because their characters and looks are extreme opposites (in my mind) so one would have more dramatic faceup while the other will have a much more natural faceup, when it comes to clothing, one will be dressed in darker colors (dark reds, black etc) and the other will be mostly in pastels (but in the same style). I'm always designing one dress and just choosing two different color pallets for my dollys. Anyways, I think that as long as I keep them dressed in the same style of clothing, they'll probably end up looking like twins (fraternal twins, so more like sisters lol XD)