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Do you have BJD Addiction?

Feb 15, 2019

  1. Yes

    82 vote(s)
  2. No

    41 vote(s)
  3. I can quit anytime

    23 vote(s)
    1. Long story shot learned about bjds in late 2007-early 2008 after i saw a super cute animal human hybrid type doll i later found out it was a luts zuzu, at that point in time i was unable to get one and somewhat gave up and life took over.

      Come mid Jan this year my passion for them was again lit when I came across some cute bjds. Husband bought one thinking it was going to fit to form rules sadly no so its a off topic.

      Fast forward to last night when for a valentines day gift my husband let me buy a ringdoll Rinku that was in-stock ready to go from a dealer *fingers crossed it ships soon*.

      *Note I have been placing orders when i have the money or on card when i know money will be in hand an pay off the card quickly so im sure the dealer thinks im crazy lol*

      Last night i did a count up of what dolls would be on topic *if one is off topic i humbly ask the mods to delete/note that the bjd is not on topic thank you* I have 2 Doll leaves orders in for girls NuoNuo & Teresa I also got a in stock Snowy event doll from Doll Leaves. 2 Impldoll males Aries & Lucien. A Doll Chateau Ada *love her face* she was in stock with the dealer. And now order place for a Ringdoll Rinku that was said in stock.

      So thats 7 bjds bought in less then a month with 2 in hand already 1 waiting to ship that was in stock. And 4 to be made by the companies. I am still looking around at bjds and have made a "wish list" and have pictures saved on the ones i really really want. Turns out i want well over 60+ thus far.

      So im pretty sure im addicted to bjds and buying them. Are you? And do you know or think there is a bjds anonymous or there should be one if one does not exist.
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    2. My first year in the hobby, I went on a binge and bought about 5 dolls within a 1 month period. Problem with ordering so many dolls so soon, I didn't bond with all of them and 3 of them eventually went to new homes. Even now I still browse the mp here about once a week. Not to buy anything, but to see what others are offering. I've found a lot of dolls I never knew about this way, plus owners pictures of dolls. I do have a wishlist of a few dolls I'd love to buy off the mp here when my finances allow it, and right now I'm actually saving up for one of them.
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    3. Im afraid to looks at the market place mostly i don't want to fall head over heels for a doll that might be out of my range. Also i dont you can ever really quit being bjd addicted buy you can be constantly recovering from it ;).
    4. 100%

      I found out about BJD's mid December.. I now own FL Carol, Ine, Rens, Eva. Cygne on the way. Also have a fullset Rendia outfit w/ wings. Also spent a bunch on faceup supplies recently. I sold all my other hobbies to help fund most of it. Still in debt for awhile though.. BUT I'm super happy. I have health issues and haven't found enjoyment in anything in the past year. I finally have a hobby & something to look forward to. They're surprisingly very therapeutic. I already have a ton of future plans. Going to have to wait til the end of the year or next year though lol!
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    5. LOL! I'm going to *try* to resist marketplace and not even ask for access until my credit cards payed off. I only have 1 doll I still want but I'm afraid if I see the marketplace that may change.. lol!
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    6. I have sold off my soap making hobby supplies i mean it was not overly much i got out of it money wise but enough. I also recently lost my rooster *crazy nightmare neighbor* so i wont be able to breed my chickens this year as that was a hobby that had more income then the soap so i guess bjds are filling a gap. I have been putting my complementary health/holistic health services to friends and family so thats one way to fund my addiction lol.

      Anyone have a brand they perfer or they find exciting?
    7. I think most people start out buying everything they see that they think is cute/handsome/gorgeous (or whatever their personal moth-to-a-flame aesthetic is) and can hopefully afford. But after awhile, we all slow down, because we become pickier and pickier as we realize that we can NOT afford everything we want...and something better may be waiting just around the corner. Nothing worse in this hobby than falling in love with the most amazing sculpt you've ever seen...it's limited and only available for a couple of weeks...and you've just spent your last penny on a standard doll that you like a lot, but it will be around for a long time. Still addicted - but in moderation. ;)
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    8. I have thought about that but most limiteds i have seen i like but not enough to say i need that now if ya know what i mean. I have thought if i dont like one i can always sell it but then again im not sure i would well at least not to ppl outside of the UK as i would scared to death of being ripped off.

      I will admit tho i am saving to get a lutz zuzu bjd unsure what one tho but need to see if my dealer would be willing to place a order for it on my behalf.
    9. I'm guilty of that for sure. I'd love to have all Fairyland girls.. I'm trying to slow down & stick to a budget/list from now on. Going to *try* not to buy a doll for the next 4 months. Then I'll look for my grail doll and specific accessories. I kinda went over budget /crazy buying faceup supplies though (but I'm so excited for that). I'm trying to figure out my favorite things and not buy things I won't absolutely use.

      Oh gosh, sorry to hear that! Are BJDs just a hobby for you or do you make money off of it? (Faceups, sewing, wigs, etc)

      Brand of dolls? I have a Fairyland addiction(lol) but Ringdoll's have caught my eye. Might eventually get a guy for my Carol ;) . I also like Doll Leaves and they're cheap but haven't found *the* one yet.
      #9 Maipoxx, Feb 15, 2019
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    10. Lol i bought face up supplies to i have a thread about my face up practices on a off topic bjd and will keep practicing on her for now. Ill admit i blew though most of a modest car crash injury settlement buying my bjds but the hubby is supportive of me thus far im sure if i got to crazy i would get a head halter collar put on if u will.

      Just new to the bjd hobby but i know how to knit and plan on making knitted clothes. My mother in law sews and said she will teach me she also offered me some old doll clothes sewing patterns as well. Also plan on learning to do wigs lol. I really like doll leaves they have nice faces. Just wish more did less feminine male faces.
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    11. I see this, too.

      I noticed that a lot of people go crazy buying a bunch of dolls when they first start out in the hobby. After they discover what they like/don't like (and realize that they don't *have* to own every doll they think is cute), they will focus their collection and often try* to sell a lot of dolls they bought when they first started out.
      *I say "try" because the BJD market is over-saturated with choice, which makes secondhand sales sloooow.
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    12. Lol well I'll be truthful i doubt ill sell one i buy i might gift one to a friend or family member if they like one that I'm not "in love with". I believe Ada and snowy were classed as limited event dolls and heard that Aries and Rinuk were limited to. So in my head i had to jump on them if you will lol. Ill admit tho i paid for Aries to have a faceup down by the company as well as Lucien to no way am i good enough to attempt their heads. I am tempted to buy Impldoll's Elliot i believe is the name looks like Lucien a bit. Think i might buy a female body and mod Luciens head as he looks well feminine.
    13. Haha, you and I are in the same boat! I’ve always been vaaaguely aware of bjds, but I ended up going to this convention over the summer that had a doll panel featuring Resin Junky/Pikko Chan. I was instantly in LOVE with the dolls that I saw in person, but hearing that the cheapest you can normally find a doll at was $300 kind of made me bury the obsession until I later ran into some doll videos on YouTube. Hearing people talk about the dolls they bought normalized what previously seemed insane in terms of prices, and pretty soon I was like “Mmmmm, maybe. Seems like I could possibly pull it off.” Long story short, I got five dolls in two months. It’s a drug.

      What really makes it an addiction for me is the fact that you can make the characters look however you want. When I finally get a doll just right, it’s like they radiate a presence that makes me want to just sit, stare, and think about what kind of stories they’re involved in. And what a coincidence that I also bought an in stock Ringdoll!! I was between Rinku and Dracula, but I settled on the later. I hope we both get our handsome men soon!:love
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    14. Never heard of the Dracula one post a pic of him when and if you can ;). I liked Rinku he has a more manly face then some and im playing around with the idea of making him a crabby sgt major drill instuctor type guy as he has the face i think.
    15. Well, you couldn't pick a better time for buying a Zuzu! Luts has all of those adorable little fullsets on sale, and you can get whichever sculpt you want with whatever outfit you want - a mix 'n match thing that they didn't used to do. They're all so charming! I love my Rumi to pieces, so I'm afraid I'm a bit of an enabler where Zuzus are concerned. :sweat

      The good thing about that, though, is that they'll last for a long time, and save you a fortune on company faceups (generally about $60 these days), so you can just tell yourself that you're actually saving money by spending money, lol.

      SO true. Unless it's a wildly popular or rare sculpt, you're likely to wait a long time for a sale...
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    16. When I first started, I bought a flurry of dolls to satisfy my desires to make different styles of outfits for multiple dolls and display multiple of the same thing together, which required a minimum number of bodies. I was also trying to shell several OCs that have been with me for years.

      Now that that's out of the way, I've slowed down my spending, but it's not so much because I've decided to stop as I bought most of the things I was looking for, and only buy new ones when I either get a new idea, or find something that can expand on an existing idea (hopefully I will be able to expand my delf girls wearing fers collection some day, though that requires finding both delf girls and fers on the secondhand market). There are still a few more things I'm actively looking for because I need them for an idea I have.

      Basically, I have had stories running through my head all my life. They grow and gain detail all the time. The dolls are only an extension of something I have always done, so I would not say I am addicted to them. If I was better at drawing, I could draw instead of using dolls, and if I was better at overcoming the anxiety that grips me whenever I try to write them down I could write... but I haven't managed to do that yet, so instead my dolls are my best form of creative expression.
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    17. That's very true!! I am planning on getting Momo & Rendia and if I do an okay job, I can do their faceups instead of paying $75 for FL ;) At first I was so afraid to not get dolls fullset/complete because I've never bought such expensive things and I wanted to keep them as 'complete' as possible to hold their value. But now I think that fear's going away and I want to have all my girls the way I want them/custom^^
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    18. Celga lol ya zuzus are cute i remember looking at one and it was like $500+- i was gutted i could not afford it.

      Your also right about face ups i know here in the uk the cheapest i have seen is like £30 ($38-$39) the most i have seen was at least £80 ($103-$104+) i have spent max maybe $100 on everything to start doing face ups. So unless they have heads like Impldoll Aries or Lucien im ok with doing them myself even if i suck at it.

      Layn I to am thinking of characters or at least names for my bjds my ot doll is flora and im hoping that one of the Doll Leaves girls will be Fauna ya know if it clicks so to speak. I have already called the Impldoll Aries Bowie even tho i got the dark verison face up (seriously tho if you look at the brown "haired" one take away the horns and think normal ears he looks like David Bowie).

      Maipoxx full sets are nice but it depends of if you like the full set if you dont like the full set its not worth the money. For exsample Impldoll Aries full set included a pair of pants and a jacket i did not like the outfit and i did not really need body blushing as i could do it if i really wanted it so i have a bit there. Lucien i loved the outfit but again was not bothered by body blushing and saved a little there. the rest are all blank dolls and no outfits as i did not like the face ups and decided to do them myself and buy wigs and clothes i liked better. But because Aries and Rinku are 70+cm ill have to make clothes for them anyway as not many place have what im looking for if at all.
    19. As others have already said, a lot of collections do end up being heavily "front-loaded" as new owners try out a lot of different dolls early on, to get a feel for what they like and what they want. Most of us do slow down over time, adding only sculpts we know we'll love, selling the ones we don't and refining our focus. When you have a firm idea of what you like, it's just easier to know what's a Must-Have and what's a Cool-But-Not-Right-For-Me.

      That's not to say that you might not *still* end up with a small tribe's worth of dolls when all is said and done... My own crew is pretty much the poster child for that kind of thing :lol: … But going a little over-board when you first start out is pretty normal. Keep an eye on your bank balance. Never buy more than you can afford, but have fun. The early days are exciting. Enjoy them. ^_^
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    20. Verified, but I don't need to go to a BJD Anonymous meeting, I promise!

      All said and done, I've never done any serious out-of-control doll spending. My first doll I bought direct from the company as a full set and decided pretty much immediately I was never doing that again. I've always been a pretty thrifty shopper, so from there on out I've bought just about every other BJD I own secondhand. It helped me to not have that "buy it now" button available as I'd have to wait for someone to put up a sale thread first. Also older dolls tend to be cheaper, so I've actually been able to bring home more dolls for less money this way.

      Also it helped that I didn't apply for a credit card until I was in my 30's. :sweat I don't have a super amazing job or anything, but I have a lot of dolls and I've been able to afford them by balancing my real-life commitments and purchasing predominantly secondhand.

      I call myself an addict because this has been my main hobby for years now and I would be shocked if that changed anytime soon!
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