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Do you have dolls that resemble you, family, and/or friends?

Sep 3, 2010

    1. Heyla!

      I had bought my first doll partially because she bore a remarkable resemblence to an anime and light-weight version of me. When I made the decision to buy her a boyfriend to cuddle with, I decided, "Well, she looks like me, so why not buy her a boyfriend who looks like my husband?" I've found many candidates, many either out of my price range, sold out, or both, before finally settling on the doll called Orion from Angel Street, sold at Mint on Card. That turned out to be the best choice as, with the right wig, he'd look just like an anime version of my husband!

      Of course, now that I'm going to buy a doll who looks like my husband, I thought it would be incredibly cute if I bought dolls that looked like my close circle of friends. I'm even trying to convince my best girl friend to buy a dolly who looks like her, so my doll and her doll can be best friends.

      Now that I seem to be on a roll for with this accidental theme to my doll shopping, I couldn't help but wonder if there's anyone else, here, who bought a doll because it resemebled yourself or a loved one?
    2. Hmm....What about only to realise that after buying the doll?
      I've placed an order for a Luke (DOD).Honestly speaking,guys with big round eyes aren't my type,I mean anime wise.Yet I have no idea why am I so attracted to Luke!O.O

      I managed to find out the reason 2weeks after payment-_-;
      He doesn't resemble anyone from my family or friends(not even my secret crush) but he resembles my idol :D!
      It's kinda amazing!
      The shape of the eye,the face and even the body build....Except that my idol's eyes aren't that big lol.
      It's like an anime version of him......
    3. Roflol! Funny how the subconscious works, huh? At least, now, you can cuddle your idol every day. :D
    4. lol!!!
      Yea XD The thought of cuddling him everyday makes me stares at the calendar on my desk almost every day and night.
    5. Oh oh! Finally, someone else who does that! :D I'm still saving up for my very first doll, but yes, she will be a miniature version of me, and I haven't found someone else who does that... and when I try to explain what I'm going to do, people end up thinking I'm vain T^T

      The 2nd doll I'm planning is also going to resemble someone dear to me ^^

      Yay, an understanding soul! xD

      From a neighbouring country too o.o I'm from Malaysia ^^ Oh, sorry to be off-topic for just a bit here, but are there any physical stores in Singapore where you can get BJD things?
    6. -off topic-
      so far I couldn't find any D:!
      I'm still looking for one x_x!
      hi neighbour XD!
    7. Well, I've had several people tell me that my Seorin girl looks like me but that wasn't something that was intentional at all. ^__^
    8. I have a doll, my Unidoll F 14 that my DH says is me.
      My oldest son looks EXACTLY like a Dollstown Hue or Mui. It's eerie. Even he is creeped out by the fact that I could get a doll of him. I hesitate to buy the doll just for that reason.
    9. I originally wanted to buy only two dolls that resemble my bf and I. I'm still going to do that, but the rest of my dolls won't be friends/family (never even crossed my mind), but fictional characters.
    10. The idea of you getting little versions of you and your husband is just awesome. I wonder how many people really do that? I did kind of want to get one that looked like me at first.
      Haha, this is a little embarassing of a question for me.
      The first doll I'm going to buy. ...I'm getting for a KIND of similar reason. Though it's not relevant to my family or friends.
      I'm getting him because when I first saw the picture of him, the first thing that popped into my mind was Kuja from FFIX. Which is my favorite. Video game character. Ever.
      So I fell completely in love with him.
      I'm going to get his face-up to be like his- which is a red eyeliner kind of thing going on and darker bronze lips. Dark blue eyes and silver, long hair. I adore that look, also because he can also pull off someone original really well. You know, red eyeliner coloring = really good for many styles. x3
      So not a family or friend, but I want it because it looks like someone I love a lot. Kuja's a gorgeous character, in relation, I don't mind buying a similar looking doll.
    11. Me, my mom, and sister have a shared doll that looks just like my brother when he was little. But we didn’t buy him because of that. The picture on the website didn’t look like him so we didn’t notice until he got here. I think it’s be cool to have a doll that looks like me but I’ve never seen any that do.
    12. I wouldn't be able to have a doll of myself or a friend/family member. It just wouldn't sit right with me. However, I've thought multiple times that I'd love to get a minimee of my best friend. She's adorable and gorgeous and I'd love to have a doll that looked like her. We've even joked that it would be nice to be able to see what a hair style would look like on her before she does somethign she regrets (though that never happens. she shaved most of ehr head a while ago and even that looks great on her) but it would seem really creepy to have people recognize the doll as having her face, and I think I'd be a little unnerved by it.
    13. Multiple people have said that my Suiseiseki looks like me (I am not very photogenic, so picture comparisons don't really show it). This was completely unintentional though as I just liked the sculpt a lot, and I didn't notice a resemblance until I others pointed it out, haha. The other day, my mom even said she thought this doll looked like me, notably the eyes and mouth. I suppose this is just one of those bizarre cases where the owners and pets look alike, only with dolls instead, haha.

      I almost bought a Soom Alk because I thought that it looked like my favourite brother when he was around five (I am much older than him). In person, the sculpt doesn't look as much like him.
    14. Although I'll probably end up buying dolls that do resemble my family and friends, at this point I'm really not doing that...
      I really think that it is great that people DO do that this though!
    15. I realized just recently that my dolls bare a pretty close resemblance to an anime doll version of me. :lol: To show that example, this is a picture my ex-boyfriend drew of me as an anime-girl.
      And this is my old avatar of one of my old dolls (who my Lins will look like - reshelling her from an MSD F-18 to YoSD Lin).
      I have brown eyes and brown hair, though my hair and eyes are both much darker shades than hers. xD But I like the lighter, mine would look like that if I had my way.
    16. I can't help but find it amusing how many people discover their dolls resemble someone only after they've arrived home. Again, they're fun examples of what the subconsious will do. Then again, from some of the comments, there are some dolls that simply look unexpectedly different in person. That doesn't surprise me, much, actually, because the picture of my own doll on the company's site looks fairly different from the doll in person. In fact, I had to look closely before I realized I was looking at a picture of my doll. If I had been shopping for her online, I might have passed her over, because she looks so different in the pictures. I'm glad I actually had the opportunity to discover and see her in person, before buying her.

      Well, I suppose it may seem a bit odd for me to want a doll that looks like me. The reason is a bit long-winded. I've loved the X-Men and the concept of superheroes since childhood, and I couldn't help but feel incredibly disappointed when it became more and more apparent that the liklihood of my ever becoming a superhero in real life was pretty slim. So, i decided that, if I couldn't be a superhero in real life, I'll just have to be one in my own stories and comics. A few years back, I became enamored with the anime and manga style of artwork, and I've worked really hard to try to come up with an anime version of myself, which I found fairly difficult, with my Black/Filipina features. I actually managed to make a 3D model character of myself in a program called Poser, using an anime 3D model character called Aiko 3 as the base, with a few custom morphs, but because of the nature of 3D models, it certainly had its limitations when I tried to use her as a model for my drawn artwork. When I discovered BJDs and saw just how delightfully poseable they were, as well as the fact that they looked like anime dolls, I knew that what I needed was a BJD that looked like me, even if I had to custom order one.

      I have to admit, I was more than a little startled to discover that I didn't have to custom order a doll that looked like me. As others have mentioned, there was a moment of feeling just a little creeped out, not by the doll, but by the fact that someone dreamed up a face that looked like me and "immortalized" it in a doll. But I got over it in my delight that I found exactly what I needed at a price that was affordable, especially when compared to other dolls.

      From there, as I mentioned, it was kind of an accident that I decided to try to get dolls of my loved ones. A kind of a, "I may as well!" moment. I've actually talked to my friends about it, and while they just chalk it up as to another weird quirk of mine, they don't mind it, either, although, when I told one friend how finding a sculpt that looked like him seemed to be fairly tough, he couldn't help but make a crack about being saved, for the moment, from having a "voodoo doll" of himself. We simply booed him for succombing to the urge to make such an obvious crack as I moved on to the next site to see if they had anything I was looking for.
    17. in profile Iason resembles my sister Sarah, though Sarah's nose is slightly more snubbed.