Do you have one doll way more spoiled than the rest?

Feb 4, 2020

    1. I have 21 dolls, most have one outfit, cheap eyes and no accessories.
      I bought one that I only received in early January. He has one full outfit, a spare shirt, a jacket, a gun, a handgun, two swords, a silver chain, and I’ve ordered him a full swat outfit from Iplehouse. He also has proper eyes from Dollines (two pairs, so I can switch to his demon self). I’m thinking he needs a non military casual outfit too, and a hat (probably a handmade hat), plus some casual shoes (trainers). I even ordered two bodies for him to see which I preferred (I used the other to replace aa old Mirodoll one for another doll). Then I wondered if an Iplehouse YID would be better so ordered that too (when it arrives I’ll decide who gets which body. The YID is highly likely to end up being his demon form).

      He’s clearly a massively spoiled brat at this point.

      Does anyone else do this? I swear, once he has a faceup I’ll spend some time & money on the others! :sweat
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    2. All my dolls share everything they can fit in. But I just moved to Europe and had to choose one doll to come with me, so I guess she counts as the favorite :sweat
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    3. Right now No, I actually don't have one doll that is more spoiled than the rest. All of my dolls each have several pairs of wigs and eyes and outfits, the whole bunch is spoiled rotten tbh! But I must admit that the girls tend to get sliiightly more attention from me than the boys... sorry boys! >.<
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    4. I haven't played/painted/modified/sewed for any of my BJD in the past six months or more, but whenever I do I tend to do so for my Limhwa Limho Mano, who is my largest male doll. I have modified him the most, so I think I feel like he's my personal project doll, while the others are just as important but not as heavily customized by me, as my Mano is. I tend to favor him a bit more, but like Lotte Rotten said about her dolls, all of mine have the same amount of wigs and eyes. Not clothes, because I sew all of my clothes, but if I didn't, all of them would also have the same amount. I suck at sewing. DX
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    5. Aw, come on! There’s gotta be someone else on here with a special spoiled doll.

      @Lotte Rotten : most of my collection is boys, so they get more attention!
      @coonwho8canary : aw, when will you be reunited with the rest?
      @Enzyme: I’d love to be able to sew even basic clothing. Are your others much smaller than Mano, then? I find sewing for big SDs hard enough!
    6. I definitely feel you! I have one doll who's just really special to me (he's on my icon, too) but it came to the point that I noticed he had such an overwhelming amount of clothes compared to the rest that I kind of forbid myself from getting him more stuff and focusing more on my 'less-loved' dolls xD

      I also have two other dolls who are definitely special to me in a way that my other dolls aren't, but not as special as this one :3 (They're both Fairyland dolls, so maybe that says something abt my taste lmao)
    7. Yay! A fellow in spoiling a doll! What is it about him that you like so much?
    8. Unfortunately it might be a long time :pout: I’ll have to bring one or two back with me every time I visit unless I want it to cost around $200 a doll. And with only one visit to America a year... :...(
    9. Aw, poop. That’s not fun, but it’s understandable. It’ll be like rediscovering them, though, which can be fun in itself, maybe?
    10. I think maybe my Raphael (when he had a body!) he had several wigs multiple outfits special eyes commissioned... everything. But when I got my Timothée though he kind of took over from Raphael lol
    11. I'm not entirely sure, tbh... I guess it's partly because he's been with me for a long time, through thick and thin. :3 He got reshelled at one point, but I still consider him as being with through many stages of my life, and kind of seeing it all. Supporting me, in his way. Idk I feel like this is starting to sound a bit silly...*_* But anyway, I feel like that's it, at least partly. Other things why he's so special might be because I really like the sculpt, and he's also only one of my crew who has custom face-up I ordered for him. Others either have ones from their previous owners, or one done by me ;^^
    12. Yesss lol!!! Before I got her, I had all male dolls and I definitely favored one over the others but they were pretty even- But, I now have my first female doll, and she has a fur wig, 2 sets of eyes, 2 heads, eyelashes, and a fully developed outfit with intentions of getting more lol. My other boys don’t even have pants
    13. My first doll was an only doll for the first four years I owned him. He has a couple dozen outfits. Custom made jewelry. A custom made oak armoire to house his extensive wardrobe. A household worth of furniture. Six miniature tea sets,oodles of shoes, eyes, wigs. I really meant for him to be the only one. The other dolls have oh, maybe one or two outfits.
    14. For a while my Dollshe Saint was my most spoiled doll; I had wanted one for so long that when he arrived all my other dolls got severely neglected by comparison.

      Now I’ve evened out the attention my large dolls get at least a little more, particularly since they share a lot of clothes and accessories. By comparison, though, my smaller dolls don’t get as much from me anymore.
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    15. same! as soon as i got my Saint I immediately put aside all my other doll plans to focus on him! I think my Ringdoll Dracula probably gets my least attention sadly :(
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    16. Lol totally guilty... but in my defense, she was my first doll of that size and she was tiny so the stuff I got her was a lot cheaper than things I got for my bigger dolls at the time. Cashew has the most outfits, shoes, wigs and accessories than any other doll I own. And most of it was bought when I got her in 2013. Or when you could get 2-3 pairs of shoes off ebay for under $15. So she might be spoiled but at the time I could afford to spoil her. Plus she pretty much goes everywhere I go. So she needs wardrobe changes for impromptu photos. :XD:
    17. The one in my avatar is my most spoiled. She is my unique girl. I had modded a Irrealdoll Nur into a girl. Her name is Parker and of all the others she is my most loved and spoiled. She has the most clothes, toys and she gets to travel with my husband and myself this year to three different vacations we have planned. She is who I think most about. I have five other dolls as well as the group's bjd dog/wolf, and three years that need bodies as well as face ups, but if I could only have one here she would be it.
      [​IMG]Parker starts Caleb&#x27;s Training by Marie, on Flickr
      Parker with Caleb.
    18. Yes. Heck yes. *gestures to the blue haired guy in my avatar picture* He is spoiled. He gets a lot of outfits, props, all kinds of stuff. He has his own little diorama room in my house and gets all the attention.

      I love my other dolls too (21 dolls in total), but Ky is just special to me.
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    19. My first doll always gains my attention, but my dolls share 2 size of bodies. Outfits, shoes, accessories are easily to be exchanged between each style. Wigs are only stuff that can show the difference. Half of my wigs belong to my first doll and he owns some tailor made or hand made wigs which cost me a lot. I usually bring him to travel aboard. Now he has been to Germany, Austria & OZ.
    20. I spoil my little Darcy (pukifee Mio)! Shes got so many clothes and toys I just can't help it! She's like my baby girl :XD: After that is Nisha (littlefee Niya). I love little kid clothes as they're just too darn cute so I get to dress up my little kid dolls in them.:)
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