Do you have 'rules' for what or how you collect?

May 18, 2020

    1. I don't mind having the same body and face as long as there are different resin colours. Also my limit is two of the same face unless a awesome fantasy colour comes out and I just have to have it.
    2. I used to have rules and then I'd break them. They were usually specific on time, like "no more of this size/gender/company/sculpt' etc. But I don't regret breaking these rules, because it allowed me to experience a lot more sculpts, sizes, etc.

      However, if I e.g. say 'no boys', 'no yosds', 'no msds', etc and break it, I usually regret it. I tend to forget why I made such a rule in the first place some times ago. Well... I don't know how to clothe boys in a way different thatn a rococo prince lol, MSDs don't photograph well with SDs, YoSDs are like toy dolls to me, etc.

      So, this time I really listen to myself because I trust my experience. Only SD girls with nearly-realistic face features (minus my two volks 4 sister twins - I love them but it's not my direction to follow anyway). No more than I already have. More than one, however, I couldn't have a single lonely doll :) Also, only highheels, no more white resin (recently learnt why) and preferably teeny tiny chests <3

      That being said, I love that thanks to the Internet I can see all the dolls I couldn't give a good home to, because of my faceup skills, lack of diodrama skill & space, money and time to get all the accessories etc. Some dolls are just not meant to be mine and it's cool :D I could never bring out so much beauty & potential out of them as some other folks!
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    3. Oof, I don't have any major rules cuz I know I'd end up breaking them eventually. I used to have an only realistic sculpts and faceups rule for a long time, but I enjoy so many (too many) aesthetics and it really felt limiting to me after a while.

      The only rule I really follow now is that I have to have a character or style I'd like the doll to use before I buy.
    4. I allow myself 3 BJDs at a time. If I want a new one, one of the others has to go. This is primarily a space-saving thing, as I live in a shared apartment and also collect other types of dolls.

      I don’t do anything larger than MSD, because I dress them with scrap fabric from people-sized sewing projects. The one time I had a 60cm girl, it wound up being more of a “buying fabric just for her” situation. And that mucks with the hobby symbiosis I’ve got going on.
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    5. When I first jumped into the hobby, I didn't have any rules (aside from only getting what I could afford, even if that meant layaway).
      Now as I'm re-entering into the hobby, I'm setting some very clear rules.

      The first and foremost is that I cannot get a new doll until I reach a point in the story in which I need their character to be able to continue. I can start to purchase them if I know that point is coming soon so I can be prepared for that part in the story, but it has to be soon, not some distant character I might eventually get to. Wishlisting a doll for a character I know is coming next, but much later on, is fine.

      Second is no floating heads without a body incoming. I don't mind buying a head first and then getting the body when I can afford it, but the body will be the next purchase (save for buying a face-up).

      Third is no hybrids. As much as I know hybrids do work, I am not good at visualizing if the body proportions will fit the head, even if the neck to head size matches. If I'm buying the head from one company, I'm going to buy the body there too.

      Fourth is no second-hand dolls. I'll buy clothes, accessories, shoes, eyes, wigs, whatever all day long from the marketplace and Etsy and the like, but I'm WAY too afraid of accidentally buying a recast to buy second-hand dolls. I also only buy dolls directly from the company themselves, and only well-known and respected companies (both of mine so far are from Dollzone, and my wishlist boy is from Luts).
    6. of course i have, it is mostly for my pet dolls, i tend to be careful what i wishlist so they can work together in a group photo so they would sems like they are part of the same univers or cannon if that makes any sense
    7. I made rules that I only buy SD13/16/17 size dolls in normal skin. And also don‘t spend way too much money on dolls. Now I happened to have a smaller doll in white skin, but she will be the only exception. I bought her because I wanted to have a little version of my favorite doll. Other than that I’m still trying to keep those rules.
      Plus, I‘m also trying to keep the number of my dolls as small as I can. I haven’t made any rules about it but I always keep that in my mind..
    8. Yes, but they are more based in my country import restrictions, so i don't bring any doll over 62 cm. I really wish to break this rule su much (Dollshe Arsene has won my heart so much time ago :() Another personal rule is i don't put fantasy color wigs in my dolls (i may breaking that rule in the future, maybe) Also no displaying naked/bald or head/bodyless dolls.