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Do You Have That ONE Doll That Sticks Out?

May 7, 2011

    1. Do you have that ONE doll in your collection that doesn't match AT ALL? Even if you have a mixed bunch? Say you have all kinds of tinies and then there's that ONE 60CM+ doll? Or you have a line of lovely Victorian girls, all lace and bonnets, but right next to them is a Soom Epidos?

      This could be ANY doll you didn't think you'd normally get. What makes them different from the rest of your collection and what made you decide to get them?
    2. Oh yeah. All my dolls together look like a bunch of ragtag misfits. If I had to pick one though, it'd be Qam, my BBB Elfkin--resident purple doll, resident tiny. :lol:
    3. For now it's my Soom Mylo; she's the only doll with animal parts! I got her because I liked her face and the rabbit parts are adorable.
    4. Yea, my little Serendipity Nightmare Sharmin always looks odd next to the rest of the dollies; her resin is paper white and she's so extremely petite and her eyes seem really big for her little face.
      I love the way she looks- but when she was first released years ago, I didn't want to buy her as I knew she'd look sort of odd next to my bigger, more realistic looking dolls. But gosh, I was in love with her gothy face up, ghosty outfit and white resin!!! Back then I was very hooked on the idea of ONLY having dolls that would photograph well together. However, a few years after Serendipity Nightmare Sharmin was released (and Sold out!!!!!), I found someone selling her S.N Sharmin FULLSET- and I decided to adopt the doll- at last! And I'm glad I did! I love my little gothy Sharmin! :3
    5. Oh yeah. All of my dolls are pierced, tattooed, dramatically made-up goths, punks, ravers, metalheads, rivetheads or otherwise non-normal (for a given value of normal, anyway) looking humans/demons/elves/other creatures...except for my William Winterberry. He's...well, he's very much not like the rest of them. In fact, he's still in his default outfit of tartan trousers and a blue waistcoat. The fact that he's my only anthro (because I don't really count my hoofed boy as one) doesn't really help him fit in either. doesn't matter to me. I had to have him because he was ridiculously cute in the little schoolboy outfit with the eyeglasses, and I still adore him. He just sits around placidly in the middle of all the fashion disasters and strange cosmetic choices that my other dolls display, an island of (relative) normality in a sea of weird. XD
    6. Haha definitely yes. I have two little minifees with one more on the way and plans for tons more....and then there's my big curvy IH JID girl. She's totally different than the MNFs. She looks older, bigger, more severe than my other girls. She also has a dark/gothic faceup while my MNFs are default or neutral. I don't love her any less though. She's unique.
    7. My Dollfie Dream is my stand out girl, I think. Even though all of my resin dolls are different, they have a stylistic similarity because they're all Volks dolls and there is a sort of 'family resemblance' there, but with Momoko Jones, she looks so anime and so different she really stands out and I love it. She's one of my favourite dolls to photograph because the DDII body poses so well, and she's so light to carry too because vinyl is so light. I love all my dolls in different ways, but Momo is certainly special.
    8. Both my largest and my smallest are sort-of "odd ones out" because of their scales... My EID Akando and Elly Elf Banji look goofy next to anyone else in the collection, sheerly due to the size differences.
    9. hmm, I think most of my dolls look different from eachother, and different people would point out different ones. However, if I had to pick one, I would say it is my beauty green Lishe B&G hybrid. Most of my dolls have fairly natural faceups and hair colours, whereas, the Lishe hybrid, Excelsior Z. KlipSpringer (his name sticks out too) has bright green hair, lime green eyes, and a crazy looking faceup that purposefully brings out his beauty green tone. He also dresses strangely- currently, he is wearing a gothic looking black shirt, a pair of checkered pants, some punk boots, a feather boa in black and red, and a tophat with lace tied around it.
    10. Interesting topic. Just like Hominivorax, I think the first stand alone for me was my Alice Cherry Blossom. I don't even recall now precisely what led me to Elfdoll's site to track her down. She was my only anthro for a long time, until CCC made the first edition of Bubu, and Alice got a boyfriend. ;) More recently, I got a gal pal for Alice in the form of CCC's Princess Kaba, who needs a face-up before she and Alice can really bond as BFF's. :) Anyway, I'm really happy I took the plunge and got Alice back then, even though at the time it felt a little crazy to be wanting a little piggy to join my BJD bunch. She's still one of my favorite dolls of all time, anthro or not. :love

      These days I"m much more open to getting a doll "just because" and not worry about where they fit into my existing BJD collection. For instance, the doll on the very tip top of my wishlist is Volks SD16 Ruby. If and when Volks makes her, she'll tower over even my Volks SD13 Heath, but I won't care because she'll be gorgeous. :D

      Juli DC :)
    11. My SOOM Pyrol. All my other dolls are elves so a centaur is definitely an odd addition. ^^
    12. For now it's my RS Song. He's coffee skin where as my other two are NS, he's my only doll under 70cm and he also has insanely bright pink hair which tends to make him stand out!
    13. Right now I only have one doll, but I'm waiting on two more. When I get them (they're on layaway right now) I'll have one SD, one MSD, and one 16cm tiny (20 cm with his ears). The tiny is going to stand out horribly, though, cuz he's a little anthro rabbit. I saw the event to get him and I had already fallen in love with Xavor which was over $200 by himself so that was the last straw on ordering my second (and third) boys. I'm really excited about his arrival and don't care that he won't really fit in with my human(ish) boys. Tovi loves kids and doesn't make a distinction between species so they can hang out. Not sure how much Jaden will interact with either boy as he's an SD and would look weird with a mature MSD and a tiny. :sweat But yeah, early July I'll have "that one doll that just sticks out". :D
    14. I get my dolls on a case-by-case decision, usually, so they don't match much... But then I'll often get another similar doll to keep them company... But there's always ONE, isn't there? :D

      Currently, I just have ONE MSD, and she is blue and a cat girl, and definitely not like any of my other dolls. For some reason, I rather like her being unique in my group. Hopefully I won't be tempted to get her a friend!!!
    15. I buy my dolls on an individual basis, but sort them out after they arrive and I see them in real life to determine which group they fit in best. I don't mind singletons, but they almost never stay alone very long.
    16. I guess my Dollstown Seola is probably the odd one out. Most of my SDs have smaller heads, so even as an MSD he ends up looking bigger than most of them. Seola was one of the first molds I fell in love with, however, so I would never give him up.
    17. I'm with linakauno- I've had dolls that stick out, but I usually send them on their merry way. I've had a Baha Pipos, Dollzone Fox, Luts Kid Delf Litchi, a pair of Orientdoll boys, and a gray Super gem/ Spiritdoll hybrid, all of which were my 'stand out' dolls, and all of which are now sold. I even tried that 'get them a friend' business with the Orientdolls, but in the end, if they don't fit with the 'family', they don't stay. Sometimes I even get a little leery of the 60 cm boy.... he's shorter than everyone else, including the girls.:nowords:
    18. I think its my Jr. Ai Sujeong, she is the goth one, white skin , big nose, big ears, big lips. but I totally love her being different
    19. I'd say the one that really sticks out is my BBB Ariel, she's a pink skin color and I had always thought I would have gotten just normal colors. However, she just shown up as a trade for the original one that stood out.. a tiny in the midst of SD's.

      Soon my DF Nuada will probably also stand out as soon as I get him angel wings.. but even without.. he's covered in gauze and as soon as I get them.. chains. So I suppose I have two that'll stand out.
    20. I have a tiny little brownie toby. He looks so funny next to my MSDs, but he was too adorable to pass up at 100$! :D