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Do you have "uncommon" or "obscure" dolls?

Jul 27, 2018

    1. Do you have dolls you don't see anyone else owning? Or dolls that maybe are not given enough love from the community because it isn't from a large, known company?

      I find myself liking "obscure" dolls but when I look through forums, doll profiles, FB or even Instagram, I find that no one else owns them except for a handful of people. And the pictures aren't even recent.

      Tell me about your obscure, unique dollies! Or maybe just the dolls you love, but haven't found another owner with the same sculpt yet..

      Feel free to include pictures too! :aheartbea
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    2. My first doll probably falls into the obscure category. When I first found her I looked EVERYWHERE for owner pics. here, Imgur, google, and one other place I cant remember. Couldn't find her anywhere. I have had her for about a month and I still cant find any pics of her. She is a Telesthesia and Dragon DiFei. I just adore her >.<
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    3. I have a L'armoire de DanDan Nightingale who was a company I had never heard of but she popped up secondhand and I fell in love with her face! I've only ever interacted with one person who owns one! L'armoire de DanDan have some really cool sculpts and an unusual one with a stretched mouth and eye on one side (almost like two-face from batman)
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    4. I feel like I almost exclusively own "obscure" dolls too!!
      I also find the companies I'm interested in are generally not as popular. I certainly do have some that are more common (like Dollshe Ausley and Grant). I also have dolls that are from popular companies, but not popular sculpts (like Doll Chateau Lilian and Doll Zone High Priestess II).
      I guess my less popular dolls would be Spirit Doll Campfire (I love Spirit Doll as a company!!), Lillycat Millie Choupie, Conarium Eve, and Menagerie Doll Orchid. I also have a lot of tiny anthro dolls that don't seem very common, but I really love little animals.

      What are some of your unique dolls??
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    5. None of my dolls are super common or popular- there's only a few people I know with the sculpts on social media. I follow everyone I see posting Bardo Research peme (off topic here), Boypink re:Sen, or K-doll Khan. I think my Khan is probably the most uncommon though, because the sculpt was discontinued a while back, while with the other two I was lucky enough to join preorders for them. They're all absolutely stunning dolls and I feel so lucky to have them in my collection.
      My Black Cherry Dolls Xiao Yu is probably the most popular of my doll sculpts, but there's still not many of them around and the company isn't very well known (they make gorgeous dolls though I'd definitely recommend taking a look).

      Lol I feel like such a hipster: "none of my dolls are mainstream man" I promise it's not me seeking out uncommon dolls- I just prefer realistic proportions and that's not the most popular thing currently in the hobby- though it seems to be getting more widespread, which I'm excited about.
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    6. Okay I just looked up this company and the sculpt you described and WOW. I love horror/gore (not in my dolls though) and this sculpt and faceup is incredible!! Thank you so much for sharing!

      Check out Harlan here of you're interested, but warning: the stock pic is huge and aggressive looking lol

      I love her little nose, it's precious! It certainly is frustrating not being able to find owner pics!

      I haven't heard of Spirit Doll and just looked at their sculpts - wow!! The "Fantasy" line has some gorgeous sculpts! I'm stil quite new to the hobby, and the only doll I have in my home currently is DoD Appi Khol. I know DoD isn't super "unheard of", but I have only been able to find a handful of owner pics on flickr and it's quite frustrating seeing as they were all dated back in 2016 I believe. The most recent pics are of the doll I bought from a wonderful lady in France lol.
      I've been eyeing an Island Doll from "Sense Circus", she's called "Be" and I have been unable to find any owner pics on her too! But I will admit, I haven't looked *that* hard....

      LOL hipster!! It's okay though I'd have to agree, I quite like realistic proportions on some dolls as well. I really hope sculptors diversify their work in the upcoming year!
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    7. Well, some of my dolls fall in the obscure category today, because they were artist dolls way back when with only a few released.

      MSDoll Laurie is the most recent of the bunch (release date wise), and it could be that she is also the most common, although I don't know how many of her were made. Post #27 in this database is a Laurie: https://denofangels.com/threads/msdoll-koodoll-bitter-beauties.107598/page-2

      Then there's Gomidoll Iru-HS. Released in 2005 from artisan who only sculpted heads. There were 15 made, I believe. Here's my Timothy: Timothy Pryce

      Aeon of Dive Seimei, from another floating head sculptor. I believe Seimei was released in 2004 and again it was a very rare head. Here's a thread with my friend's former Seimei: https://denofangels.com/threads/a-perfect-dream-dive-seimei.189056/

      Then, there is the ultimate obscure doll (although I don't own him yet, as he's on layaway): A Kanon Louis. This guy, together with the smiley version Yui, was made in 2005 by an independent artist. At his release, there was a huge uproar, because people accused Kanon of copying Volks F16. This guy is obviously not a direct copy, and today this wouldn't be an issue as so many dolls share similar features, but in 2005, there were only a handful of companies present and everything that looked remotely the same was suspect.. Kanon became very disheartened by this witchhunt and never released another sculpt again. I believe there are only 10 copies of Louis made. Sales page is up here: https://denofangels.com/threads/100...d-delf-boy-body-full-doll-normal-skin.772630/
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    8. I have my two custom guys! They were made for me by a sculptor I commissioned. The first one the master was destroyed and the second one, the master was sent to me. I have all the casts, so there shouldn’t be any more out there!

      I hate to do dolly favouritism but... I do love that they’re unique. One (not sure which, yet) will come to Ldoll festival with me!
    9. I'd say my old K-doll heads are somewhat uncommon since they stopped being sold long ago and even back then you didn't see many people with them. However the true obscure gems in my possession are definitely my Silent Echo Jian and my MSDoll #03. MSDoll didn't sell many #03s back in the day and I think Silent Echo disappeared after the first and only sale period of Jian. I got both of them second hand several years ago.
      Jian isn't extremely special-looking, I'd say. His overall features aren't a rare sight in the BJD aesthetics, but I like him anyway. However, I'm truly grateful and glad to have a MSDoll #3 because hes very unique and I love him so much.
    10. That is so exciting that you finally have Louis on layaway - I can't imagine how long you've waited for this haha. 10 ever made.. that's crazy to me! Congrats :kitty2 (ps thanks for the links!)

      Oh this is awesome! It must be extra special to have a doll only YOU own. Truly, a OOAK. I'd love to see pictures or get a link to your flickr/photo sharing site if you have one! I gotta see this special one! :whee:
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    11. An MSDoll #03?? Oh, I'm jealous <3.

      12 years, actually @_@. He was the hardest one to find, because most them were sold in Asia and never re-surfaced in international waters. The one I did find was the first one to pop up in the marketplace since I started looking for him in 2006. I still can't believe I'm actually going to own one :D.
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    12. I have two dolls that I consider uncommon, my Custom House Raffy, and my FDoll Nina. They're not limited releases, but it's hard to find other owner photos anywhere.
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    13. My 'lead' girl has a Fantasia Doll Vivian sculpt. Already meant to be a limited release to begin with, things got further complicated when the company went under after only a year of troubled production. I was lucky to come across a secondhand sales post, because sculpts from Fantasia are becoming hard to find.

      I have an upcoming tiny doll (Elva2) from Ancient Tales by Russian artist Olga Reingard. While she isn't difficult to obtain (Olga still accepts orders in her Etsy shop), owner photos of her are few and far in between.
    14. I have a Sugarble Hellena that was limited. So I guess she's kind of special. And then a Dollmore Trinity red priestess klaire, who is also limited. My other Dollmore doll is an Orlando Ray, who you don't see very often anymore.

      Then I have a SOOM Chrom that used to be limited until they came out with their choice dolls. (I think he was included in that) so he's not as "special" now. And my Dollshe Hound which was a discontinued sculpt at one point?? I think. Lol, it's hard to keep up sometimes.

      But it doesn't matter to me. I don't find myself liking only obscure/rare/unique dolls. I like all kinds of dolls! Mainstream or obscure! Although, I think I actually prefer the more mainstream dolls. A lot of the artist's dolls aren't really my style. (Which my wallet is thankful for! Lol.)

      But I absolutely LOVE looking at other people's unique dolls.
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    15. (makes a sad trombone noise)

      Well since I just got a secondhand doll from the now-defunct Angel Fantasy (cries -- I really wanted a Lena from them!) and since Soul Doll is discontinuing basically everything all the time, yes, I have some soon-to-be difficult-to-find dolls. My Soulkid Shaun is a somewhat popular fellow, I think. My one rare gem is my Spirit Doll Echium in tan/light brown.
      I just did a quick check of the forums and of the most recent Echiums, I'm dominating the list, so methinks he's the only one repped here in the tan. I love my Mo-Mo, him being a rare bird doesn't make him more special, I just feel sad that he's the last of his species...
    16. I have a few dolls nobody seems to have.

      DollZone Yan isn't so loved.

      My DollZone Stramonium. Part of the Stramonium and Tulip release. Almost nobody got one of those beauties, and when people did, they got the Tulip version. I just love het slanted eyes so much! And her legs are gorgeous!!

      Illusion Spirit Tosaca. Beautiful sculpt. So far I only have seen 1 other. I also have the Illusion Spirit Sid head. So far I have seen nobody else owning it.

      Angel Fantasy Xi. So far only seen 2 others. The company pictures don't do him justice. He looks really bad in them. But give him your own custom face up and a more decent wig and this guy turns into a pretty little flower!

      Edit: spelling errors.
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    17. I have a few unique dolls, I've never been able to find that many pictures of others owning the following dolls. If I have, its been one or two other owners.
      DollChateau Leticia - Most of the only images I could find online were of the actual doll that I bought secondhand, taken by the first owner.
      DollChateau Esa - One of the ant girls. When looking for references and examples of other blushing and faceups, I wasnt able to find any.
      Reindeer Lulu - Again, I havent been able to find any examples of blushing and faceup on this doll besides the default company decorations.
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    18. I have a Noble Dolls/Asella Rivanone on the way to me. I have hardly seen any photos of the doll (huge bummer) and I don't think the doll has even been mentioned more than a handful of times on this forum. It's such a gorgeous sculpt, though, and I'm sure I'm going to be taking a bunch of photos once the doll arrives. :lol:
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    19. These dolls are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see your pictures! :love
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    20. I think that "uncommon" dolls, in the sense that you don't hear much about them or see any owner pics, are the rule rather than the exception. There don't seem to be that many super-popular sculpts at any given time. Of the many dolls I own, I'd say that the only one that falls into that popular category is 5th Motif Venitu.

      But some of my most obscure are probably Miss UU and Sirius from a northern China company called Meetdoll that only ever made those two heads that I know of.

      Also, two dolls from a Souldoll line that displayed strong features and "porous" skin.

      Plus, a Doll Family A Christmas event gift head--

      And I have to include this guy, who was only available in limited edition during the Year of the Ox in 2009.
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