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Do you hug your Dolls when you are upset/lonely?

Nov 1, 2010

    1. well.. i would like to ask the above topic.. Do you hug your dolls when you are upset/lonely?

      since it happen to me that when i am upset or lonely i would hug my dolls.. to stop me from crying.. does anyone does that also? Since it provide me with comfort.

      How about you all? :(
    2. Oh yeah I hug my Hana whenever I feel bad, or I think she is in a bad mood.

      Most recently I was upset about a situation with a friend, and I was in my room and saw Hana. I pulled her out of her "room" and hugged her real tight and I felt so much better :D
    3. Yes, I most often do that when I'm sad or upset and it usually helps quite a lot. ^_^ Since my resin family is quite large by now (11 members) some of them are my favourites to seek comfort from but I think any one of them would do just fine since they are all good at cheering me up. I also find them to be great company when doing other activities such as watching movies, reading and/or drawing etc.
    4. I find when my body hurts badly (for a variety of long standing health reasons), I'll sit with Moswen and pet his hair and feel better after a while. Moswen is my go-to doll when I need a mood booster.
    5. When I am really upset I kinda just shut down and I don't connect with anyone not even my dolls.
      I do hug them though when I"m just a bit down, or blah, but mostly when they are wearing super cute clothes! You just can't help but huggle them!
    6. I don't usually go for her specifically, but if I am holding her no matter what mood I'm in I always feel better.
    7. Yes, I hug my dolls when i'm sad, upset or moody. Brushing their wigs or changing their clothes and shoes could calm me down somehow. When i was sick, i would take one of my dolls to my bed, and we were cuddling together. They made me feel better in a way.
    8. Sage has only been with me for a short while, so he hasn't been around me when I'm sad. However he has calmed me from an anxiety attack before. I was driving to the town next to mine alone and he was my "passanger". XD He was buckled up and everything.
    9. Yea I do >.<....
      I often place one of my boy on my bed with me^_^...It depends on whether who I want him to be with me for that night LOL.(Sounds wrong)
      Then if I had a nightmare or recalling something upset,I'll hug him to make myself better :)
    10. Unfortunately I don't have my doll yet, so when I've had a bad day and come home I look at my empty chair (where I know she'll spend most of her time >3<) and feel a bit better. Looking at her promo and owner pics help too, but if I want physical reassurance my sweetie will have to suffice for the time being. xD
    11. Absolutely, I hug my dolls...
      I love them so much, sometimes when I am sad, I seek comfort and love in them just by hugging them :)
    12. I do. Last time I was crying in front of an anime (come and tell me you didn't cry in front of FMA brotherhood ¤_¤), I had her in my arms and I felt better.
      When I'm upset, I do pet the hair of one of my doll and I feel somehow better ô_o. Whenever I'm down, I'm always holding a doll.
    13. yup. mischief's gone to the hospital with me and mayhem's in my lap right now, actually. they're like snuggly resin security blankets.
    14. hm... Idealians aren't really that soft to be cuddled but I pet his hair when I am upset about somthing. And he shares my bed since mine is big enough and I sleep always more or less at the same spot. ^^;;
    15. Well, I don't really hug him, but it does cheer me up to hold him gently or sit him on my lap so we can watch anime together. Petting his wig is also very nice. Sometimes even just looking at him is enough to make me feel better.
    16. I hold Chae-ri when I'm upset or worried and I'm alone and there's no one else around to cuddle. When I'm at work I can't cuddle her, of course, but just having her there makes me feel better when the customers are being suckish.
    17. I hug Elly when I'm sad.. although she always looks really miserable, so usually we just sit together being miserable :D
    18. Sure -- there is something very comforting about them. There are a few I tend to gravitate towards when I want to cuddle a doll.
    19. yup l do hug my Rini when l'm upset. I will do the same when Rini's friend gets here as well.
    20. No... but I do hug mine when I just look at them and adore how cute they are @_@;