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Do you include your floating heads in your doll count?

Jan 6, 2012

    1. I'll be getting my first floating head soon (along with a couple other dolls), and I've been saying that I'll have a total of five dolls, counting a floating head. Then I realized that it might be more accurate to say four dolls and a floating head.

      Do you include your floating heads in your total doll count, or do you add them on as a different thing completely?

      (Hope I'm making sense!)

      To mods: I swear I remember reading this before, but I tried all the search words I can think of. If it's already been done, you know what to do, lol.
    2. personnaly I do not count the floating head.
      as long as they do not have a body they don't have a faceup either (as I may need to make a special blushing to match). and during that time, I do not play or bound with them, so they are not official for me :)
    3. I counted my once floating head as a character but not as a doll, since... well, it wasn't. ^^
      So I said I had X dolls + a head.
      I'm glad I got her a body after about a year, though. ^^
      I never only got a body. I wonder if I could ever count that as a character, really....
    4. I counted the brief floating head I had as a doll when telling people how many I have, but I don't count my extra body. Maybe it's because I don't intend to keep the body. It's not something I'd really thought about before!
    5. I don't have any dolls or floating heads yet, but in the interest of a full description of my collection I would give my actual doll count and then a floating head count.
    6. I do count them as dolls if someone asks me how many I have, but that is only because I count the # of heads I have and not their bodies to know how many dolls I have ;3

      But I will only really like them when they have a body. Right now I have 6 floating heads and I cannot wait for them to all have a body as they are not fun to photograph, and those without faceup (as sahoma said for resin matching) are hard bond with xP
    7. I generally I say I have six dolls, and four floating heads, since they aren't full dolls. Unless I'm talking to someone who doesn't understand what floating heads mean, then I try to keep it within the range they'll understand - whether I explain it to them or not.
    8. When I did have a floating head (or two, I can't remember anymore) I do remember saying "I have x dolls and a floating head."

      But generally no, I don't include them in the 'Dolls I play with' list, because to me dolls are no fun without a body ;)
    9. I agree with the above statement....I don't really include floating heads in my doll count until they are complete dolls!!!
    10. LOL I count them as halves, so I'll say for example, I have 10.5 dolls, etc.

      I know I am wearied.
    11. No... unless they are sharing a body... But it DOES make the doll count confusing!!!! *_*
    12. No, I don't count them.

      I've got a few heads floating around but to me they're not really substantial enough to count.
    13. If I have just a head (especially if no eyes and no wig) then no.
      If I have a body (just the body) I count it.
    14. Yes, I count them.

      I have heads that I actually don't plan to get bodies for, just busts for display only. They are still part of my collection, even if they ain't got legs!

      (for example, I have a DIM MNM Legolas head that was scuplted so large it has to have a 70cm body. Turns out, I hate dolls that big, so I sold the body I got for him and thought long and hard about selling the head. I decided that just because the body size wasn't right didn't mean the head wasn't beautiful....and I certainly wasn't going to have an easy time finding/commissioning it in a smaller size!)
    15. I do. I also count a Taeyang in the group. I guess it's because he's the only other ball jointed doll in the house? Wait, that's wrong, I have a Volks Dollfie, so I should count him if I count the Taeyang. But I do count the heads. It's only three, but they have wigs, eyes, and a faceup. Just lack of money keeping me from a body for them!
    16. In my own head, I tend to count them if the head has a character - for instance, I've got three heads that share one body, but each of them has a distinct character and their own stuff. On the other hand, I've also got "spare" heads that I don't have any plans for - those that came along as extras - and I don't count them.

      However, when talking to others, I do like several of the previous posters, and list "X dolls and X floating heads"
    17. i only count the heads as a doll if they are painted. blanks with no bod... sit in a box. outta sight, outta mind...
    18. In my head I count them all as full dolls as I do not intend to have any floating heads. If a non-doll friend asks me how many dolls I have I give one number (counting full dolls and floating heads) based on my intention to buy them all bodies, and being outsiders a "floating head" sounds weird. To doll people I say "X amount full dolls, X amount floating heads" for accuracy.
    19. Nope! I call that "denial". :wiggle
    20. Nope xP I only count them in my doll count if they have a body of their own.